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Monday, January 14, 2013

It's About Keeping Good Going Thing

Dear America,

it's all about the two new buzz words...gun and control.

as if...

Wonder how that's going over with the bad guys?

What about jackass control?  How about congressional corruption control -- or perhaps, ordering a little self-control on pushing the Executive Order button, currently running out of control?  No, no, here's a good one -- how about fiscal suicide control, massive intervention and prevention of America going belly up before the next presidential election?    Or what about simply showing just a modicum of restraint, self-control and allegiance to keeping some kind of moral backbone for today and tomorrow -- or operating under the Rule of Law as intended by our founders under what's called the Constitution?   Could we possibly see some movement on any of that before the end of the day?

oh my.

We have proven -- in America -- that plenty of us own guns for protection, hunting, and target practice...having shown complete self-control, not to mention, full knowledge and responsibility to carry and respect guns.   America owns lots of guns.   States have laws regarding gun ownership that are designed to prevent  people who cannot be trusted with gun ownership from getting one, let alone amass a small scale armory in the basement.  And yet somehow we seem surprised that tragedy can still happen;  accidents and even the unimaginable murder of innocents is still possible.

There just seems to be a great disconnect going on between the perceived increase in gun violence based simply upon the prevalence of gun ownership, specifically "assault weapons," and the increase in gun violence as a result of massive levels of dysfunction within our society.

Certainly, at the risk of sounding like a broken record -- it's not about the gun, no matter what kind of gun we choose.

Even if I owned a gun, as a loving human being who respects life itself in every way, never would I ever open fire upon a school, a theater, a crowded restaurant, a stadium, a park, a bus, train, subway...you get my drift.  If I owned a gun -- and currently considering it -- it would be for protection...and I would gladly take whatever number of classes required to feel secure in it's operation and be legally entitled to use one.  

How do I know this?  Because I am pretty sure I am sane! And, I prefer to do things by the book and hold myself fully and solely accountable for the handling and ownership of such a great responsibility  -- as I believe most of us do.   Otherwise, wouldn't we be witnessing some kind of wild, wild west, east, north and south?   But this just isn't the case, is it;  because the majority of us actually do the right thing when it comes to guns.

So what should this tell us?

It should tell us that it isn't the gun's fault; it isn't about whether it is a .38 caliber or nine gauge, assault weapon or handgun, or the size of the magazine -- whatever the heck that means.   These things are neither broken or need controlling (in the way this administration believes, that is) for they are inanimate objects.

It's the broken hearts and minds that need the fix.   And, as with most everything under the sun, the fix starts at home.  Where is the motivation to look there?  Where is the pitch, perhaps, to focus our energies into the place and circumstances and environment where we might actually see the good and tangible and inspiring results of our actions?  Maybe we need a mission statement or a motto...

For me, my motto is a lot like that of the company, New York Life, which aligns a simple thought with it's ambitions to "Keep Good Going."    As soon as I heard that, I was like, hey, that's like me, G! venturing to spread the good everyday.  Of course, the more the merrier; there is plenty of good to make to go around, right...    But who knew this idea of keeping the good going would envelope my entire world?   But now, hindsight being what it is -- this pithy advertising genius describes my parental aims in three words.  I just never had a slogan for it until now.

What a beautiful, beautiful world it would be if our number one goal as parents, as humans, was to simply "keep good going".   For rich or for poorer, it doesn't matter; we can all be and do and make good.  It's non-discriminating.   It's powerful.  It's brilliant.   It's instant!

Where am I going with this...
the thing is, if we have issues within our own families, then it is up to us to fix them.   If there is mental illness, substance abuse, a member of a gang, a person making a living off of criminal activity, etc. living within our domain, then we need to tend to them.   We need to face the sins and troubles of our own  -- calling attention and resolution to the cries for help within the intimacy and boundary of family -- and mend the broken hearts and minds.   If overwhelmed and need assistance, get help; reach out to your local churches and charitable organizations.  Just take aim to keep good going and do something.

The truth is, Washington has little affect upon the day to day realities other than get in the way of progress; while the message they send, all but ignores personal accountability and duty.   This twists apart America's most basic tenet, carefully crafting responsibility and duty with every right and privilege.

The nation's security and future was founded -- and compounded -- with the arrival of every generation, whether native born or immigrant, to uphold the continuation of a culture built upon good character and virtue. 

And  very quickly we realize, we ALL rely upon the sane, taking care of the insane, incompetent, as well as, our young and vulnerable, on every level.

How about this news coming out of The Heritage Foundation?  It's simply titled, "When the Government Fails Completely"...  

Hmmm.  Head Start, as it turns out, isn't actually getting the job done. 

Wonder what's happening in the home?  Don't hate; it's a fair question.

Make it a Good Day, G


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