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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear America,

Congress has an 11% approval rating.  Lowest ever. Ever.

hummmm wonder what's going on here...

Oh but, as the President made very clear, in his taped appearance using his handy dandy teleprompter, addressing his flock at the Netroots Nation convention, basically a body of left wing journalists, media, and bloggers who met in Vegas last weekend, he said this to appease the crowd:

"[for many Americans] change hasn't come fast enough,
ahh, hasn't come fast enough for me either."

I guess, being under the impression that he was addressing the 11% who still approve of his policies, he needed to prove he was far from done; of course for the rest of us -- the 89% who despise everything this administration, via this congress with the honor of the lowest approval rating ever -- we are left with merely hope...that things will change soon.

And I'm disheartened really, for a president making such a statement addressing a fringe group -- who for all intents and purposes, was created only about five years ago in order to elevate the protest against the previous administration and help boot them out -- like, you know, sort of like coming together at the grassroots, to affect change on the political horizon, for the nation's future is at stake, sort of thing.  It would be almost as bad as a sitting president to lounge with the ladies of The View -- oh wait, that is happening tomorrow.

hmmm but this political activism, starting at the grassroots, makes me think of what else has spawned simply from the urge to change Washington across America?  Tea, anyone?

The Tea Party has thousands rally, millions actually, when you put us all together; and as grassroots (or astrotturf, according to nancy) that it may be, it doesn't matter if we gather together, or not.  For inside the typical tea party American, is a root belief -- one that doesn't sit on the fringe, but is fully and proudly embodied one and ALL.

Call the Tea Party whatever you want -- but most of us know who we are and what we are fighting for; it just so happens to be direct opposite of the liberal agenda.

There were 2100 people who attended the Netroots Nation convention -- to listen to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama -- with Van Jones  (who left the administration as the Green Czar in the dead of night, under controversy with his ties to the 9/11 Truthers and questionable connections to the Communist party) as the Key Note Speaker.

but here's a taste of what Harry had to say, "oh, we're going to have a public option, it's just a question as to when" -- with hopes to stir the base, even as he grapples with keeping his Senate seat.

and here's Nancy, "When you talk about reducing the deficit and Social Security, you're talking about apples and oranges"  -- added to the kool-aid, we would have a pretty good punch.

and here's Van, "I resigned. I did not want to be the banana peel that the president of the United States slipped on trying to win on health care"  -- what's with all the fruit?

The final speaker was Al Franken, but I will save us all from revisiting that frosting on the fruitcake convention, but it begs me to ask, if these are the best that the left has to offer, what does the right have to worry about?

Netroots is the fringe outlet.  They are the true extremists.

The Tea Party coalitions around the country simply exemplify the majority of Americans who just want our freedom back -- which 54% of all Americans lean, when asked if they are more aligned with Tea or the O, as in administration.

What is fascinating to note, given that this country is made up of 13% of African-Americans, six percent of the total Tea Party membership is black; that doesn't seem to fit in with the liberal narrative of blatant racism within the party.

Allen West, just one of 32 black republicans running for office -- and happily associated with the Tea Party -- makes the astounding observation that (Tea = racists) was all but made up by the media.

As the president himself pokes fun at the Tea Party, calling them "tea baggers" instead,  I would love to have the president meet an audience simply of black republicans.  What would he say?  What questions would they ask? Would they break bread together and drink tea, a beer, or coffee?  How would that go down?

Besides the NAACP conference of last month, we currently have the Urban League, having their annual conference in D.C.; I have long admired the Urban League, for a number of reasons.  Years ago, when I worked downtown, in San Diego, I became familiar with their activities and events in our area, especially in terms of fundraising and community outreach.

Most notably is the level of business acumen and innovation to enhance and grow their mission, beginning with changing the perception of failure in the black community -- always putting their best foot forward, working within the corporate circles, reaching into and finding resolution to local issues with both a heart, and a mind to move forward -- not keep looking back.

I am enlivened this morning, reading the thoughts and level-headedness of the current president, Marc Morial, given the last couple of weeks of racial dialogue, who knew where he would go with it:
"Race is still a challenge for us to talk about openly. It is still one of the most challenging issues that faces the nation, but the Urban League wants to focus on a productive discussion around issues like race and education and race and jobs. There's such a focus on talk, but we also need to focus on action."

"Sometimes people only see our advocacy voice, but they don't see the work we do in our offices around the country. We are not an inside-the-Beltway organization. We're an organization whose strength is outside in the communities around the nation."

(quotes taken from Urban League avoids turning up heat on race, by Krissah Thompson, a Washington Post Staff Writer)

The liberal media, and especially  fringe gatherings like netroots.nation, continually destroy opportunities to have open conversations about race, for they cling to the way we were.  They no more want the country to all get along than they want BP to fix the leak, for they would then no longer have an opportunity to throw the race card out when they need to drum up their base, or hit a nerve, or make the opposition out to be the evil villain.  The left can only thrive, and survive, by creating separation and division -- creating a case for why you need "them"... the government, I am here to help -- creating a case for building a bigger and better government (not).

The liberal media -- like netroots.nation, like journolists -- can be summed up as the new fringe group, with unfortunately the opportunity to affect millions, simply by running the same sad narrative over and over again with a host of networks at their beckon call.

I realize I am all over the place today...my mind is just trying to get around the last few days, weeks, months... between the story of Shirley Sherrod and Fox, between the NAACP and Breitbart, between this administration and the sound majority of 89% of us who no longer believe in Congress, between the mounds of sensationalism journalism pitting good, honest to goodness white people against good, honest to goodness black people, I am hoping that what happened in Vegas within the confines of netroots.nation simply stays in Vegas. 

But even if these "journalists" haven't a change of heart, 98 days from now, the real nation may have someone like Allen West in congress, and be in a position to change everything back to the way we were, but in a good way. 

For we know better.
For 'hear ye, hear ye, ' we are not fringe, we are not extremists, we are not even simply a movement -- we are simply the way, the truth, and the light, speaking on behalf of an American majority -- we know who we are.  We are Americans.  We come in all colors and sizes; and come as republicans, democrats, independents and libertarians. We are people gathered together, in union, who believe in the Republic, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the Golden Rule; print that.

We have better things to DO; and albeit sometimes wise, talking, in and of itself, doesn't get anything done.

Make it a GOOD Day, G

be good, do good, see good and good smiles back at you.

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