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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear America,

Pull Over!

Pull Over!

Said Cheryl Cook to Shirley Sherrod.

Pull over and resign your position immediately, per the White House.

And she did.

What began as a little twist of fate, a little media oneupsmanship through enlightening the public with the broadcasting of the everyday and inexplicable hypocrisy within the NAACP, has now turned into a full blown media circus, apology blitz, along with a rather large amount of egg on the face within the USDA and Obama Administration. 

You may recall, from about 24 hours ago, a single line at the end of my Obama bullet list in yesterday's blog linking you  to the beginning of the story.  At the time, not enough  information was out on the subject to add anything but "and then there is this."  And boy, am I glad I kept it to just that much.  Wow.

Oh my, for all the times they choose to jump in too fast (and for the times they don't when the should) they never cease to amaze me; and these are the guys in charge?

Now, Andrew Breitbart, of BIGgovernment.com knew exactly what he was doing; he was simply raising an eyebrow, with the help a few "that's right's" and "uhuh's" from the audience, to show the membership of the NAACP  as the bigoted, can't trust whitey, organization that it seems, startling enough, to be.

It wasn't about Shirley at all.

With the story of the NAACP churning through every media cycle promoting the pulling of the race card against the Tea Party People, Breitbart had about enough and was quick to step in; how could an organization such as the NAACP get away with trash talking this peaceful, patriotic, united front -- and people of all colors -- protesting the outrageous and arrogant and costly growth of the federal government.

The one who should be asked to resign is Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack; the people who should have a talkin' to should be the NAACP; and perhaps a little smackin' around of Cheryl Cook, who at the very least begged Sherrod to pull over before trying to text her resignation, and at best made the administration appear to have acted "stupidly."

The few minutes of tape highlighted on http://www.biggovernment.com/ showed Sherrod speaking before the NAACP in March -- just this last March.

Yes, she referenced a story for making the appropriate points of color in her speech that day -- yes, she cited a time, back 24 years ago, when she thought about it (you know, not giving the white farmer what he needed to survive...) but that wasn't the context, was it?

No, she used it as a way to reference how far she had come, what she has learned, and tried to use it -- with an audience like the NAACP, who, by their own demonstration, feed off of racial epithets from anyone who throws it  -- as a way to somewhat bond with the group.  But the reality is, after the whole speech is heard and done, it was twenty four years ago and part of a much larger picture painstakingly painted by Sherrod -- and now, as the story goes, she is good friends with this white farmer and his family, and iit is more a moment she used to express her own racial reconciliation -- and as the world turns, stands as an experience she is proud of, for reasons totally opposite of what the USDA, and this White House, gathered at the end of the day before researching the context themselves. For more details, go to this read,  "Racial Firestorm."

The thing is, Brietbart was merely pointing out how organizations like the NAACP are still attracting audiences who find themselves laughing and applauding when the black man is superior to the white man, end of story.  Making their own racial hypocrisies come full circle, and how.

So where do we stop in this merry go round?  Where can we get off and stop the spin, and get down to the real dialogue as to how we move forward from here?

Of course, another seedy part of the story was raised -- the administration wanted to beat Glenn Beck to the punch!  For essentially, Sherrod appeared to the media making claims that she was told, "ya gotta quit, Shirl, Glenn Beck is gonna eat you alive by 5 o'clock if you don't!" (or something like that)

Touche' my little chickadees, he (GB!) would have none of that!

Matter of fact, he made the immediate point to call out anyone who thought she should be fired, or "voluntarily resign",  as they should be the ones to have their own heads examined. (or something like that)

So, can we all get a big "u rah" for Glenn -- he was right and the left was wrong. 

I would be pretty happy about that normally; but honestly, these times are making me downright ill.

What's it going to take to bridge a brand new day of racial divide -- that seems to be growing faster than the deficit?

 I just remember singing, a little further back than 24 years mind you, "Jesus loves the little Children"...which goes something like...

Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world; Red and yellow, black and white,

They are precious in his sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world...

Jesus wants the little children,

To be careful what they do; Honor father, mother dear

Keep their hearts so full of cheer; Then he'll take them home to glory by and by.
Famous for being Pollyanna I am, I am, on most occasions usually, I have to wonder -- just how does a nation once grounded in the ideals of treating each other as ourselves get to this point...over and over and over again.  In the matter of race, we have continually done better than the year before since birth.  What gives?  What has changed?  Is the black empowerment phase, with an African-American in office, coming into play?

But more importantly, just where is our spirit of reconciliation, as learned by Shirley Sherrod, in all of us?
I am at a loss for words, really.
Our world is so reactive by nature, and things get heard round the globe so fast, it is a wonder we haven't all gone mad by now. 
Where is the love, people?
Where is Bob Marley when we need him?
Where is Martin Luther King when we need him most?
Where is our president using this moment to teach everyone to settle down? 
This is an occasion made for him --
and yet he doesn't say a word.  What is that about? 
(and I can only hope, that as I tap out my final thoughts here, the man in charge takes to his teleprompter to prove me wrong!)
This is the time for someone to take charge and fundamentally transform the rhetoric, and speak peace; while for the rest of us, we must try to ignore the fact that we have a president well versed with twenty years in Black Liberation Theology, and pray.
Make it a Good Day, G
on a totally different tangent, turning to the local funnies, the City of Bell, CA, has been outed for giving ungodly amounts of money to it's city's keepers -- City Manager is raking in $800,000/year!  Perspective: the city is only 40,000 residents strong -- and boy, are we witnessing at least 39,000 coming unglued.  Moral of the story, just one of the many reasons California is going belly up.
and anyone know what tomorrow is?

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