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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear America,

“The worst possible outcome is not making a decision….
There’s a genuinely weird paralysis I would not have predicted,”
said Ben Wittes, a Brookings Institution scholar
who has urged Obama to announce that there will be no trials for the 9/11 suspects.
“It’s disgraceful and they should be embarrassed by it.
There are pros and cons of any approach you take,
 but there is no good argument to let this fester indefinitely.”

With thanks to an Act for America article,
highlighting a column from POLITICO,
from June 20, written by Josh Gerstein:
"Chances Dim for Swift 9/11 Decision"

But tonight,
we will get the news we have all been waiting for:
LeBron James will be announcing
his big decision.

Please, please,  may he not choose  The Bulls.

As if we don't have anything more important to talk about.

Okay, but the really good thing coming out of LeBron's really big show, is that he is donating all advertising dollars raised -- within the hour it takes for him to make his big announcement, while the rest of us sit at the edge of our easy chairs with a frosty cold Budweiser in our hand -- to the BOYS and GIRLS CLUBS of AMERICA!

He is using the full hour, leading us up to the where his basketball will bounce, using every advertising minute featuring each and every one of his corporate sponsors, and giving it all back to, did I mention, the BOYS and GIRLS CLUBS of AMERICA!

If only San Diego had a dog in the hunt; this is a stand up guy.  No wonder everybody wants you!

But that's all I got on LeBron.  For now, we wait.

In the meantime, how about our slap happy sue slippery administration?

Things we want them to take to the bench -- like a military tribunal for KSM -- they don't; while things we never thought possible would be slam dunked by  our very own Federal Department of Justice; ahh such is the sinking of evidentiary new lows.

WE WILL hesitate, and wait, as long as we have to (as if we can't see through what they are doing), maybe even until just after the November elections, before announcing where we will hold the KSM trials...

But, we will immediately act, throw out actually,  a suit already won based upon the abundance of evidence showing the clear and indisputable positioning of armed voter intimidation, by a person who is also known to be an active member of the New Black Panthers -- somehow his being there was sanctioned by somebody ?? one fine [election] evening in November of 2008.  But based upon the color of one's skin  (racial profiling anyone?), the justice department fails to follow suit.  (oh, did I mention that this guy is the same crackpot who is not shy about proclaiming his personal disgust for white folk...crackers as he calls us...expressly asking his followers to take action... to kill "white crackers" and our babies) NOTE to President:  You need to fix this, like yesterday -- even if it calls for you to jump to conclusions -- and we know how much you hate to do that... jump, like you've never jumped before, before real mayhem happens. 

We won't do that but WE WILL make the announcement, through a slip of the tongue of our very own Secretary of State, while having a lovely visit in Ecuador, that the Department of Justice will be suing the State of Arizona (even while, other states carry some of the same laws on their books...like our dear little Rhode Island...South Carolina...Oklahoma...)

Apparently, the new America will wage litigation and all out war on anything that even smells like old America --  threatening to use methods masquerading as the law under the so called statutes of the "living constitution" the progressives keep hailing...while somehow that looks like going against the people's right to bear arms, of all things. And what country is this?

This administration's loyalties choose the feelings of Mexico's President Calderon, and the "rights" of illegal aliens, over a state and American citizens, is something. While this administration expands NASA with blatant slaps in the face deterring any chance to further embrace space, by reducing it to the official website for creating feel good programs for the Muslim community, is another thing. 

This administration could not give the time of day to Netanyahu a couple of months ago...and now claims our bond with Israel "unbreakable."

Rift?  What rift? We were "flat wrong" on that assumption, a whole nother thing, not to worry about.

This administration sold us out on Health Care by pleading it's case  -- that nothing would really change with the quality of care we would receive, as per the system already in place, and ranking the best health care system in the world, and all the while attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over in search of ways to help make them feel better (even illegal people); things would only change if we wanted it to.

ObamaMD all but told us we were crazy if we thought rationing would have any place in his health care legislation...death panels, poppycock!...nothing will change, everything you will need and count on will be there, same as ever, only better, cheaper, more cost effective, without waste and fraud.  

And just who is the newly appointed director, placed into office only under the duck and cover of recess?  Donald Berwick?  The guy who liberally toots the magnificence of the British Health Care System...oh, how did he put it?  "I'm a romantic about [it]" or "It's not a question as to if we will ration, but if our eyes are open...".


In the last year we have sued, or have been sued, or in the process of suing, or thinking about suing, or make the apearance of suing the auto industry (especially Toyota), Wall Street (especially Goldman Sachs), Insurance (especially AIG), small business (especially that Chamber of Commerce), soldiers instead of terrorists, American citizens instead of illegals, capitalism instead government regulation, oil independence instead of dependence, one of our own states instead of encroaching, usurping countries...the list goes on and on.

You know what's gonna get us before we go belly up in deficits and debt?  The bill for this administration...for all of this litigation.

But what do we expect from a President who only knows how to deal with life from the mindset of an attorney; who would have thought his expert testimony, as Lawyer-in- Chief, along with his well teamed and educated CONSTITUTIONAL Law posse, would bring us here?

And given his formative years were in another world like Indonesia, with family roots to Kenya, with his adult life deeply embedded on the education and thugocracy of the streets of Chicago, is it really all that unlikely that this is the way his ideology is played out, full court and center?  He doesn't know any better.
Do you really want to leave a legacy of litigation behind you, along with a trail of corruption and mayhem, or does it even matter anymore? 

You can't even clean up the gulf without heading to the court first -- your environmental followers (with the company of the rest of us) must be fainting in the nosebleeds.  Eighty days and counting from day one -- is a long time to wait for results....oh and what's this new news...the press can no longer watch what your doing, take pictures and record...zoom cameras in or out...interview disgruntled residents and council members, fishermen and countrymen?  Where are we Venezuela?

Well, Mr. President, newsflash: this is not Indonesia, nor Ecuador, nor Mexico, nor Venezuela; we are not, and never have been considered, nor closely resembled, a second or third world country.

This is America. 

We have real borders, a constitution for upholding our Constitution, with lively citizens who speak up from time to time; and for right or wrong, as the case may be, we count on the end game being always the same -- for we believe in our heart of hearts that we belong to the same team --  and home to the greatest nation of people on the planet. 

We are all about our home team, come rain or shine, we are loyal, faithful and committed from season to season, good times and bad, day in and day out unwavering and proud.

You are an American president, standing up for American citizens, on American soil, for America's sake.

In spite of the occasional globe-trotting, you play for US in our house.

Your jersey:  red white and blue
(You may possibly need to humble down a bit to get it over that big, arrogant, immature and thin skinned head of yours, but with practice over the next couple of years, it can be done.)
For you wear it, of all things, while playing for the whole team, with a big fat #1 right in the middle of it.  Undivided, there is no "I" in team; we are all for one and one for all (if in fact, you are lucky enough to be a long lived, born and raised, season ticket holder and citizen). 

Oh my, and while on the subject, and for added whimsy, big guy, we don't sit in separate sections -- Hispanics in H, African-Americans in A, Vietnamese in V, "white crackers" in W ...and so on and so on...you get the picture. 

Truth is, we like sitting intermingled and all together, all wearing the same colors.  It has just taking some of us a little longer than others to figure this out (a wink to Robert Byrd, one of YOUR new favorite people in Washington, God rest his soul...you and ole Billy Bob did him up proud, now didn't ya).

 What a man won't do for a vote.  But the clock's ticking here...

You play for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and nobody else.

Try that on for size -- and just maybe, with a little effort and over time, you just might be able to fill it out properly; and just maybe, Americans may find it in their heart to rally behind you, maybe so much so, we may choose to keep you when your contract is up -- and if you are really, really fortunate, going by way of LeBron, we might just fight over you (in a good way).

Otherwise, do yourself and Americans a favor -- stop spending our tax dollars litigating AGAINST America  when you should be all for it; America's well being, her livelihood, and her children's future for goodness sake, depend upon it.

And if you can't lead this team to victory, or at the very least play like a winner in every way, shape and form as this team expects you to play, then step aside.

For as your contract with America reads, by failing to follow suit, according to every little living and breathing detail of an American President is expected to be, you do not deserve to be either captain, manager, or even the mascot.

Make it a Good Day America, G
be sure not to miss what LeBron does tonight...

An excellent additional perspective,
far better than mine, without fail,  please read this at the Patriot Post ...
you've got lots of time before the LeBron newshour.  Feed your inner patriot.

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