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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear America,

"...[Republic] a government derives all its powers
directly or indirectly from the great body of the people,
and is administered by persons holding their offices
during [the people's] pleasure for a limited period,
or during good behavior."
James Madison, (Federalist Papers, No.39)

Okay.  We could go round all day on the many ways size does matter; but today, we will narrow it down to a funny little thing I found on Yahoo. this morning, something that ventured to explain why we exist.

Many of us could actually answer that without thinking twice about it, and It begins with the letter G -- but heck, let's just roll with this anyway.

Apparently, for years, scientists have wondered how matter and the antimatter do not entirely cancel each other out; how is it we can walk around, when all things point to the opposite affect, and to that end, non-existence for everyone, and every thing? 
Well, low and behold, according to a band of 500 rocket scientists, there is a one point advantage to the side of matter -- 1% separates us from being a thing or a no-thing.

Matter over the Anti-matter; conviction over apathy; honor over corruption; truth over ignorance; everlasting over the moment; we the people over congress -- good always comes out on top -- oh, thank God.

It may not appear so, it may take time, it may even take a generation to return; but the means to the end, holding dear to principles and values, wins every time.  It's just the way of natural law, of cause and effect, of how matter truly does matter; while without a doubt, the one-point edge is good to know now for certain.

I was enlightened by another ongoing experiment in the pursuit of understanding We the People yesterday -- Glenn Beck pointed out the realization that 17 out of the top 25 books being sought after for enlivening and enrichment (on http://www.amazon.com/), for answers and not rhetoric, encapsulate either our Founders, early Americana, or our Constitution --  we all seem to be looking at the one thing that continues to capture our imagination and answer the question, just how did we get here? Just how did America get here?  After all that's been said and done, how can this be?

And with that goes along something I find humorous within the media -- seems the journalists and commentators can't seem to explain the Tea Party phenomenon as easily as they would like it to be; it's a matter that for all intents and purposes, reckons to be something undefinable; even though the typical tea party group is never one in the same with another -- homegrown and vibrant, they are an enigma of political sway and circumstance. 

Neither party is safe, or considered absolute, under the looking glass of a truth-er -- a political scientist hell bent on finding the candidate that best subscribes and holds to the founding principles of this country -- those who best exemplify the men (or women) of honor like days of yore.

Yet the commonality of what matters to everyone acquainted with, or intimately tied to, a tea party is the same -- no matter where you go, there you are.  It is absolutely brilliant, really.

The matter, and what truly matters, is all the same -- restoring America's limited government, in keeping with the principles beholdened to our personal liberties and freedom for all, equally, under the rule of law -- not man.

Some try very hard to define, control, round up the data into one word, like calling it a "movement"  -- nix ay on the oovement-stay;  as if it is fleeting somehow, a fad, something that will go away -- here today, gone to Maui... 

When in fact it is way deeper than that; for it is simply the way -- the American Way! 

And every one born on these shores is made of this!  What's more, we embody this kind of matter, this American way of life, this conviction to our founders, and the intentions brought forth within our sacred documents -- like the Federalist Papers, our Declaration of Independence, our Federal Constitution, our State Constitutions -- we cling to these because it is our Truth.  It is what matters to ALL of US in the end.  And without it, we got nothin'.

Discovering that science supports matter above all else is cool; finding out that only one-percent separates us from what truly matters, and what does not, is even better; KNOWING what matters has the edge, priceless.

The T's have it today, and hopefully until the end of time.  For the tea party people have recognized, for quite some time now, the edge of our existence; and with any luck, it may be the one factor that pushes the doubters over to the believers in this instant.

Make it a Good Day, G

Someone who has clearly lost his edge is our President; but come to think of it, upon further examination, it appears to be more a case of being consumed by the anti-matter right from the start.  That is unfortunate; we had such high hopes., nobody questioned a thing.

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