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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear America,

Well, at least he took all the guess work out of it now.

I'm with stupid has been kicked up to a whole nother level; for have no fear -- I'm with the government... I'm here to help and save the day! (say it like Bullwinkle).

It is just a wonder he actually said it.
 'we've been in charge since day one'

Talk about acting stupidly. If it wasn't enough to hear Carol Browner repeat over the last couple of days, the government is in charge, the government is in charge, now we have the man in charge telling us the very same thing.

Of course, it included a bit of tempering -- when forced to address the Katrina comparisons by reporters, who actually got a chance to throw out live questions to the man, a first in many moons.  He likened to say that in uncharted territory, as times like these are, the ability to answer to all needs, and all concerns, has it's limitations.  Basically, a mellow cry for hope and change, with a monstrous side of cut me some slack.

Bush is still living off many a sleepless nights after Katrina -- but besides Katrina being an act of God and the BP spill an act of man, the similarities to the cause are simply non existent.  What is cause for alarm, is the effects.  As a people, we always want the added security of doing everything possible -- and even then, it may not be enough.

Obama said today that the federal government is in charge, just in case we had any doubts -- and on top of that, they have been in charge since day one!   And doesn't that sit well in the gallows of our confidences.  Do you feel better? Do ya? Do ya?

It's like we've been collectively watching a car wreck for a month.

Going back through the last several weeks, nobody could even give the same answer as to how much oil was gushing; we watched days go by waiting for boom to arrive; one minute BP said the effects to the environment would be minimal, while the next, categorizing the spill as the worst ever; we waited for weeks to hear someone, anyone, take full control, to put our minds at ease, while plumes of oil uncontrollably leaked into the most pristine and abundant fishing resources of the entire country -- all the while, finger pointing was taken to an unprecedented art form.

And how about the use of COREXIT -- a dispersant known to be highly toxic to humans. (And wouldn't that also include fish and everything else we don't see below the surface?)  On top of that, it is "dispersed" upon the sea floor, it keeps the oil from rising to the surface where it may otherwise meet it's fate by evaporation -- the corexit basically holds the oil hostage at the bottom, uses a greater toxic to kill a toxic, and doesn't eliminate a darned thing (or stop it for that matter) it disperses it...spreads it out...seeping into the nooks and crannies and homesteads of all living creatures under the sea.

COREXIT was banned in the UK ten years ago -- and so why would we be allowing, being the one's in charge and all, a company by the name of British Petroleum to use it, pray tell?

COREXIT is four times more toxic than the crude oil itself.

Worth repeating,

COREXIT is four times more toxic than the crude oil itself.

Hello? Government?  This can't be good -- but what do I know -- I'm just the 122 lb fly on the boom.

Of course, in the spirit of the mother of all conspiracies, according to the let's "never let a crisis go to waste" administration we seem to be dwelling under these days, why not cancel out all oil drilling from day one -- and on through every day from this day forward.  Yeah, yeah, that's sounds rational; no jumping to conclusions there, no rash outbursts or testy backtalk will keep this president from fundamentally transforming this here United States of America.  No sirree.

The campaign monies from BP to BO notwithstanding, along with exemptions on itsy bitsy regulations under BO's watch to boot (get it..."we will keep the boot to the neck until the job gets done" Salazar), and  considering BP was in line for another award on safety just moments before the explosion...

...realizing we stand side by side on the reality platform where oil executives and lobbyists gush both ways, priceless.

Call me funny, but because we allowed BP to act  nearly on it's own right from the start (since they were paying for it, and all), we didn't even declare a State of Emergency until NINE days into it; in comparison, during Katrina, the State of Emergency was declared by our President three days before it even happened --while it still didn't protect the Commander in Chief from being on the receiving end of the "why haven't you done more" angry mob. 

The act of God was one thing, but in the second thing, with the levees breaking -- that was totally unforeseen-able -- unprecedented, as some might say; an entire Corps of Engineers could not keep them from failing -- surely just a man, his name is W, a day in the life of an American President could not be everywhere and everything to every issue and live to tell about it in his latest memoir...

But G cannot help but notice that this President continues to get the unprecedented pass by our very own propaganda  press -- even while he intermittently shoots hoops, plays golf, and headlines fundraisers to save a dying incumbent breed like Barbara Boxer. (hmmm risk democratic political damage or risk total economic and environmental disaster in the gulf ... ahh screw it, "just plug the damn hole" already Obama chose to protect political fallout).

But this morning, thirty eight days into it, he brazenly noted that his response to the gulf has nothing to do with politics; it's just about doing the right thing, getting it done.  Yeah, right, and if you believe that I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you (just never you mind about the ooey-gooey gobbledygook wading in along the shore).

Politics is not only everything in this administration -- it is precisely the most calculated, premeditated, and narcissistic-contrived theater back behind every action this administration plays out.

I'm just glad the wait is over -- the government is in charge; and unbeknownst to the majority of us, it has been the whole entire time.

Well, blow me down.

Now we know.

This is what it looks like; 
thirty eight days later, this is what our government in charge looks like.  And might I say, eew. 

That is good news, for now we know.

And likewise, now we know exactly where to point the finger --
and we will.

(and we might just raise one too)

Make it a Good Day, G

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