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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear America,

Your home should rise up to meet you...another Oprah-ism (I told you I was going to catch up to her more often).

It should please you, inspire you, send chills up and down your leg; our home should comfort us, sustain us, and shelter us from the world; it should be a safe place to return home to at the end of the day; and above all, be a sacred place that encircles our loved ones with unconditional love, mutual respect and protection.

Esthetically, spiritually, purposefully, our home is the cornerstone of our world -- and if it isn't, we need to make it so, pronto.

Any home can be it -- it is neither about money, nor status, nor things; the poorest of the poor can still bring a sense of home -- for it transcends the physical, our environment, our surroundings.  It comes from within us and radiates out.   It is the spirit of life, our motivation for creation, our inspiration to rise up and make our life everything God intended it to be.

The Oprah show featured Peter Walsh yesterday afternoon -- the clear your clutter, clean up your life guru -- and literally stripped a family of all creature comforts, gadgets, electronics, outside influences and anything else not nailed down, in order to restore connection with one another.  For a frame of reference, appearing like a typical family of four -- a mom, dad and two boys, ages five and teen.

In a nutshell, the family was ripe with issues pertaining to never speaking to each other, being busy into their own little world's, and basically letting the family unit degenerate and deteriorate right under their noses.  Disconnection became the norm, and they didn't even see it -- until Uncle Peter moved in for a week.

Now Peter, comes from the belief that everything we do and have around us is a metaphor to life  -- how we live, consciously or unconsciously, is how our world works or hinders us from receiving the bounty of life.  Most of his exercises stem from simply turning off the TV, computers, game boys, and phones -- and begin the habit of looking each other in the eye, and talk!  Interacting with each other becoming the new norm.

Let's face it, we've become a bit fried as a nation by our gadgets and electronics, and it is beginning to show.

With Peter taking away "the busy", the family was forced to sit with each other, and oh my goodness, did the metamorphosis begin to happen...within hours actually...and with lasting impressions and new modes of operation for all four.

What a gift; both for being able to watch this family transform and receive the blessings of an awakening right before our eyes, while naturally forcing us to look at our own lives.  Even for the lucky, self-actualized clans, already aware of the abundance surrounding them, there is always plenty of room to go deeper and grow even more.

The idea of stripping down the family to bare bones, cleaning out the clutter (as in a huge garage filled with years of crap instead of cars), ceasing the practice of "self-parenting" (using TV to settle the five year old down and keep him entertained), reinstating the ritual of family dinner, the picking up of our dirty laundry (and actually running a load from time to time), and the keeping of things that we truly love, wear, use regularly, all the while, lifting the burden of trying to hold onto things which clearly no longer serve us.

A funny thing happens when we straighten ourselves out -- to live honestly, find integrity, and live a life connected to the people we have surrounded ourselves with, along with the sacred place we call home -- all of a sudden the family machine begins to hum.

Now you would have to recognize the principles back behind the foundation of this country making it's way to the front door right now -- for within the bounty that is contained within the family unit -- connected to one another, God and to country -- the nation embodied all the nourishment and sustenance required to build generations of good character, honor, love, charity, faith, hope, encouragement, to make a home for all of us. 

For if we were to gather up all the homes, rounding up the families from within, we make a nation -- we make the United States of America.

If you take away "the busy," our founders gave us a gift; our founders created the opportunity where the road meets the world, and fully endowed by our Creator, and with Constitution in hand, were able to construct a shelter, a sanctuary, a sacred place  -- now world-renowned --  where our home rises up to meet us as a nation.

Even though I sense we have already upturned America in the day in the life of the last 157 days in the life of an American girl, truth is, we have only just begun.  We must continue to awaken our inner Peter the Great -- and honestly clean out the clutter, the corruption, the business of being busy from the White House on down and around the block...for in this moment, what is becoming crystal clear is the absence of our big white house rising up to meet us. 

It is time to strip our government down -- take away the busy -- the viral contagions corrupting the primary and true business of connecting with WE the people, and the very reason of their existence -- restoring our inherent duty to maintain a limited, free from bureaucracy, alive with life, monument of civility and integrity home.

Once we take away the busy, it leaves us plenty of time to get at the core values, the principles that not only sustain us as a people, but allow for plenty of room to grow, expand, and live beyond our wildest dreams.

I don't know -- and certainly, do not know everything; but blame it on Oprah, with the help from her apostle, Peter; for the thought of never really knowing what happens behind closed doors is annoyingly ringing in my ear.

Make it a Good Day, G

Dear America...click it....again and again...until you find yourself home...

By the way, the spanish youtube was just by accident, really...but when I realized the irony in relation to the neighborhood continually changing, I went ahead and opened the door anyway. 

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