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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear America,

Happy NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER; let us pray!

whether it be in meditation or in chants,
let it be.

whether it be in Hail Mary's or in the Lord's Prayer,
let it be.

whether it be in the Jewish faith, Islamic faith, Buddhist or Hindu,
let it be.

whether it be long or short, personal or for the world,
let it be.

whether it be for everything or nothing,
let it be.

whether it be alone or in unison with thousands,
let it be.

whether it be in remembrance or in anticipation,
let it be.

whether it be when we are lost or found,
let it be.

whether it be in love or in loss,
let it be.

whether it be in freedom or oppression,
let it be.

whether it be in happiness or sadness,
let it be.

whether you are a believer or not,
let the joy of this country's FREEDOM of RELIGION ring from shining sea to shining sea, uniting in prayer with one another on this day, for it is our RIGHT to give Him/Her thanks and praise -- not just today, but everyday.

Do I believe we must return to prayer, or a moment of silence, in our schools?  Yes.
Do I believe we deteriorate as a nation the more we drift away from being a nation of firm faith?  Yes.
Do I believe we must look to the Divine Intelligence more often, whether it be for governing a people, raising a family, or being of sound mind and body for our selves?  Yes.

How could such ideas be threatening to anyone, dare I ask?

This nation is under attack these days for the very things that has made us exceptional around the globe -- being a nation of faith, charity, independence, freedom, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, hope, values, Judeo-Christian work ethic and enterprise, capitalism, freedom to think and grow rich, freedom to go from rags to riches, freedom to share our blessings with anyone and everyone, freedom to inspire, freedom to think outside the box, freedom to worship whoever and whenever we wanted without a King or Queen dictating the Anglican doctrine (remember that's how it all began), the freedom to live and raise our own any way we wished (with a few surprises there...), the freedom to treat people fairly and wisely and with compassion (or sadly, not), the freedom to live the American dream as an American through and through (no hyphen needed, for we are ONE voice, one people, one nation, one birth... be it in 1776).

The honest truth is, the more we have gained in the secular world, the more we have lost in the spiritual; and I believe, whether they be indigenous people, learned men of all walks of life, or the masses of mankind, if we but stopped for just a moment, we would equally recognize the human error of our ways -- at great expense, indeed.

This rather odd disenchantment taking place today -- with such a Thing that used to be our most natural inclination, our most precious resource -- having so easily been assimilated and transferred from one generation to the next, as testament to our beliefs and universal principles which took hold in shaping this country's birth, of all things. 

Belief in the Supernatural, a GOD, was the very cornerstone of this nation; the strength of our faith led us into the Revolutionary War, through the Civil War, and created the very path we take for granted today, as if we could have done it alone, or had the will and inspiration even to start!

How could this softer side of ourselves, and our humanity, suddenly become so uncool, and under fire?

Here's a newsflash, anyone who preaches tolerance, must surely accept another man's loving God; for no person can judge another man's faith, nor keep them from their God-given RIGHT to express it.

"Congress shall make NO law
respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." 

First Amendment in Constitution

They taught us to let it be, ALL of  IT, right from the start.

A simple prayer is nebulous; it is undefined.  The only thing there is, is a faith, found only deep inside the one who is praying, mysteriously subject to the one praying with the One they are praying to.

An atheist cannot prohibit the free expression of one person's religion over another, including their own.

We've gone down this road before, A National Day of Prayer is open to all who wish to pray, or not.

It is not open for debate; nor is it precluding any particular religion to take part -- it is the pure antithesis of the lone renegade doing this Thing called Life on their own, without a belief in anything more than their own ability to create or tear apart that which Is to the rest of us.  How dare atheists demand conformity to such an empty world. My belief does not take away from your unbelief, so why do you care?

The National Day of Prayer may be the very thing that saves us today;
tomorrow, as with everything else up in the air these days, we shall see now won't we.

 Better make today a really good day, G

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