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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear America,

"Do not accept anything by mere tradition ...
Do not accept anything just because it accords with your scriptures ...
Do not accept anything merely because
 it agrees with your preconceived notions ...
But when you know for yourselves—
these things are moral,
these things are blameless,
these things are praised by the wise,
these things,
when performed and undertaken,
conduce to well-being and happiness—
then do you live acting accordingly" 

I'm just thinking aloud this morning, wondering if the teachings of Buddha would find a more widely acceptable path of higher education within our widely held liberal education system of today?

Would the left brain thinkers allow for that?

Wondering if the airy fairy nature of it, the free spirited transcendence to higher thought, and the universal teachings of karma and suffering and connection to all of life as one everlasting soul which never really dies be found more palatable, by the liberals hellbent on indoctrinating our children their way or the highway?

As I go there, my mind also wanders off another direction, amused by the polarizing efforts of the main stream media, and the like, in an attempt to marginalize the tea party movement with the typical extremism fodder.  Amused completely, as apparently they entirely miss the purity of it's essence -- true Americana at play -- nothing more and everything less, in it's simplest of forms.

For the Tea Party movement is, at it's purest state, the re-birthing of freedom and liberty -- America Reincarnate, if you will.

Last I checked within the scope of my chakras, this isn't extremism whatsoever -- as a matter of fact, it transcends all party lines.  The make up of this brave, effervescent, honorable crowd -- the colors of red white and blue unite into violet -- encompassing all political ideology known to man; while at it's very core, is the opalescence of commonalities in which we all share, as Americans.

Please, someone, point me in the direction where I may find an Independent who shudders at the thought of real independence... living in a land where true liberty reigns in every aspect of their world, where less government regulation and more freedom to work and play and follow whatever religious practice of their choosing (or not) dictates without a tyrannical force telling you do this and not that, let me take this and you get that. 

Show me that American Independent.

Please, someone, point me in the direction where I may find a Democrat who shudders at the thought of living in a real American democracy...where everyone is equal under the law, where we unilaterally unite with one another under this law, and worship the ground we walk on as it is the only place like it in the world!

Show me that American Democrat.

I beg of you, all of you, tell me it is not just white bread, middle-class American, republicans who rally around this level of liberty and free thought.

Taking another twist this morning, I am awe struck with the actions of one person in Hollywood -- who happens to also be one of my favorites to watch, too, come to think of it.  Goldie Hawn.

The Hawn Foundation is responsible for creating a mind over matter program to elevate children across America through bringing attention to a higher school of thought -- the use of meditation in our schools!  She, herself, a self-described Jewish-Buddhist, leads the charity.  Her foundation developed a program called MindUp.

Hawn was in Washington last year promoting her cause and meeting with lawmakers, but more currently has met with Michael Gove, "Britains's shadow secretary of state for children, schools, and families', according to a brief article found in Newsmax magazine, May edition.  The article makes note that "Gove's education reform allows for charities, churches and parents' groups the freedom to set up schools in the state sector" and quotes him saying, "we need more schools outside local-authority control to challenge the bureaucratic monopoly."

Can you just imagine it?  Much of Hawn's program is simply based on teaching children, K-7, the qualities of meditation in order to alleviate stress, learn how to center oneself using breathing techniques, and tapping into this higher realm of being -- essentially increasing a child's ability to concentrate better, focus on learning, and even make them calmer, at peace with the world, with an added benefit of becoming less aggressive overall.

Looking beyond the entire scope of the MindUp program, however, one would have to be further enlightened by the occurrence of any of these children continuing the practice after they graduate.  For with a deeper look into the teachings of Buddha, we could probably stop at the first five precepts to find a path of creating a better life:

1.To refrain from taking life
(non-violence towards sentient life forms), or ahimsā

2.To refrain from taking that which is not given
(not committing theft)

3.To refrain from sensual misconduct
 (including sexual)

4.To refrain from lying
 (speaking truth always)

5.To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness
(specifically, drugs and alcohol)

"The precepts are not formulated as imperatives, but as training rules that laypeople undertake voluntarily to facilitate practice.[87] In Buddhist thought, the cultivation of dana and ethical conduct will themselves refine consciousness to such a level that rebirth in one of the lower heavens is likely, even if there is no further Buddhist practice. There is nothing improper or un-Buddhist about limiting one's aims to this level of attainment.[88]"   One caveat, this quote, and the five precepts, were discovered from the teachings of wikipedia school of thought.

I'm just wondering if the left wing liberal educators who have done such a bang up job orchestrating a hostile takeover of our schools would have any sincere gripe about this?  Isn't this stuff right up their alley -- the path marching to the belief system that we are one with the world, of redistribution of the earth's resources in every which way and backwards,  the kumbaya lovers, the save the whales -- save the children -- save the planet (taking advantage of plugging Earth Day as we speak) philosophy?
I would love to see our education system embrace every possible avenue for raising self actualized, self-reliant, spiritually gifted,Americans -- ultimately raising free enterprising industrialist in every which way, including green, children into responsible adults.  Oh my God, can you just imagine it?! 
Pure love... surrounded in the silence of pure love first thing in the morning until we close our eyes at night -- embodying every aspect of the Divine into our daily life, into our work, school and play.  Now, that would be a kind of bi-partisan re-birthing of America that I could sink my thoughts into.
We can be so much more than this -- this foreboding and underlying sense that all the world is failing us, the sky is falling, the end is near and to whom can we point fingers to blame line of thinking.  We are so busy pointing outward -- we have dismissed the only thing that will ever save us -- the inward search for meaning, the hidden path to understanding, the center of our own bad self as the cause and creator of our own world -- which collectively appears rather dismal at this point in time.
The secret to finding the peace that passes all understanding, through whatever path of your choosing, has been right here and inside of us the whole time.  The keys to a higher level of learning -- and living -- are equally shared amongst us under natural law (as carefully and lovingly prescribed by our founders) and hold all the answers to this nation's suffrage and despair. 
Natural Law knows no one in particular and everyone in unison equally and in proportion to each one's belief and ability to connect to the law.
"The first principle fundamental to the understanding of the operation of thought is, that we are surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence.  The possibility of healing physical disease, changing environment, attracting friends and demonstrating supply through the power of right thinking, rests entirely on the theory that we are surrounded an Infinite Mind, which reacts to our thought according to Law."
"At the level of our self-comprehension, we know and understand the nature of God.  This self-knowing, which is God-knowing, has the possibility of an eternal expansion."
Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind
I would love to know how Goldie can get away with advocating and preaching about a spiritual world which awaits us at the morning bell each day, while any other tradition masked in Christian mad science is continually down graded and dismissed, dissed to the highest extent, and made a mockery of it's teachings.  For in reality, all religions gather at the same communal wellspring of character and values, a moral compass to uphold.
Whether the golden child or the golden rules, can't we all be rest assured by that which defines right action, tapping into all that is Golden in and of itself -- isn't that really what it's all about?
The tea party movement speaks on behalf of all children everywhere -- red or yellow, black or white -- we are the same in His sight; we are all the same when we allow ourselves to tap into the universal teachings, a higher power, a spirit divinely available to us all, and connect to that one substance in which all children are made.  We are one with that. 
The tea party movement is like an angry crowd of parents, facing a Principle without principals, and making their protest heard before God and everyone, especially, the Superintendent, that being America herself.  The movement only wishes to create more peace of mind, as none other than the parents and caretakers of all the children who will be left behind, with the burden heavy on their heart and shoulders to repay for all kinds of transgressions under the sun.
G speaking into the tea leaves now, we, the perpetual students and current protesters that we are, have been there and done that;  we have seen the light and are, in a word, not-happy.
We are all together a school of patriots -- encompassing not just one party, but the party of ONE.
The American party --
one that we entrust to like-minded individuals respectful of our duty to one and all -- all are welcome -- no one is dissed into a corner or ridiculed of dress or code, all are invited to the table -- while everyone brings something of value to share -- we know exactly where we are and where we wish to go -- the world is our oyster and awaits our right action, our right thought, our sweet surrender to that which was made manifest by our forefathers  -- firmly grounded in principals, we will not falter this time, nor will we be lulled or teased into intoxication, forgetting of our  new found mindfulness reincarnate -- we will remain cool, calm and stewards of our Constitution and rest peacefully in it's protection -- the only thing we may harm, may be a fly, but that of course, would be purely transcendental accidental... 
and there is nothing more I can say about that, except that y'all just better hope we keep our clothes on.
Make it a Good Day, G

Daily Affirmation from Science of Mind, for today April 22, 2010

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