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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear America,

we thought he would be different.

we thought if anyone could do it, he can.

we thought wow, now there is change we can believe in.

Of course, I didn't; but enough of you did. Hence, the scratching of the heads all over America as we watch this administration tear apart that which used to be our strong suit -- our diversity, the riches of attracting the hearts and minds of immigrants from around the globe in search of a new life from our very conception.

America called out to people everywhere, come, bring your tired and your poor and come to America to build a new life.

America, as the shining light on the hill, beckoned each and every one of us to come -- all that was ever asked of us was to come with an open heart and a willingness to work and create something good and to be kind and tolerant and follow the golden rule.

Yet somewhere along the line, the melting pot philosophy from which we were made is now somehow unrecognizable; we are no longer simmering slowly, allowing the piquant and the savory, the sweet and the salty, meld into a delectable delight fit for kings but made for the common man -- oh no, but don't look now, for we have elevated the simple stir into a raucous boiling point -- bubbling over, toil and trouble.

This is our President speaking to his people, listen closely.

Now, I say his people, for that is the context he was speaking; he wasn't talking to me -- even though, last I checked I was still considered to be an American citizen, and he, being the American President, you would think that would include me. not.

"...It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.

It will be up to each of you to keep our nation moving forward; to keep working to fix Washington; to keep growing our economy – and to keep building a fairer, stronger, and more just America.

If you help us do that – if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November – then together we will deliver on the promise of change, and hope, and prosperity for generations to come. Thanks."

Break it down, now; and don't leave anybody out that you care about, Mr. President.

But G I hear you say, he included women.

(Right, like he was referring to this kind of woman)

Make no mistake, he was talking to his people -- he's taking ownership of the minority voters block, playing the race card, seeking to divide and conquer in typical liberal fashion, in order to maintain majority in Washington come November.

Never mind that he promised (to all the rest of us who voted for him, not me, but maybe some of you) that he would be different.

Never mind that what most Americans saw in him was pure hope -- including the majority of whites (otherwise none of this would be happening right now)  -- and most certainly not just his people.  What we saw in him was the ultimate opportunity to once and for all, to live that peace, bringing a sense of calm to a diverse and growing politically partisan nation through the closing of a chapter, by way of ringing in a new era and fundamentally transforming Washington (not America), and proudly electing our first African-American president.  The time was ripe and the willingness made easy, for in him we saw a future that all of us could in one way or another welcome in without regret.

He won us over and got the vote and a new age was dawned.

Never mind that what he said in the video goes against everything we thought he was; somehow, some way, it isn't about uniting Americans at all, while rather perversly he has had the opposite affect in race relations altogether.  And apparently, he is just the kind of president who believes he can pull that kind of stunt off, too...I'm having flashbacks to yesterday's blog, kinda creepy when I realize the simple fact that the W would never be allowed to reach out to just simple minded white folk, blatantly calling them out as his followers, as ignorance is bliss, and marking his territory like a hound dog brazen enough to get off the porch.

Are "young people, African-Americans, latinos and women" really that blinded by his aura, that they can't see when they are being used and spit back out when he is done? When has the left ever really worked out for you? But let's venture down that road another day...

Everything happens for a reason.

It is no accident Obama is in office right now, and no accident he finds it so comfortable to stir the pot with race relations -- for being half white and half black and never forgiving his mother for it, he has issues (his view, not mine, read his own words). 

You would think with his age and abilities he would have figured out how to live in the reality of his duality, and become a poster child to mixed race people everywhere, and finally live in peace -- a peace that all people would witness and grow to respect.  If anyone had this potential to teach the finer principles and values embracing racial atonement and the virtues of living side by side with one another in this peace, you would think it would be him.

But hey, we weren't the only ones duped, how about that Nobel Peace Prize selection?  Two weeks into office, having only signed the closing of Gitmo and perhaps shared a beer or two with the Black Congressional caucus, he gets this award out of the blue -- having masterfully portrayed himself as the peacemaker before he's managed to do a thing.  Well I'll be amazing grace, wonders never cease. 

ahh be still my pretties, trust in the peace that passes all understanding...already a mile down the road ahead of us...

If it weren't for this president continuing to be so bold and so divisive by nature, immune to the cries of the people (all of them), and emboldened by his own audacity time and time again, never would the people rise up out of their slow simmering life to protest vehemently and profoundly for restoration to the foundations from which this country was made.

and it's not like it was any one thing -- it was all of it, some even before he got here -- it was the whole kit and caboodle, the kitchen sink, it was throwing everything into the pot and spilling over: spending money we do not have, obligating our children to things we do not want, and making a mockery of the one thing we always thought we felt pretty good about, the beauty of what you see in the diversity of faces melting into ONE  America -- a place where most of us, except maybe this president, are proud to call home.

If it weren't for this president falling far short of the ideals of the trans-formative figure he led us to believe he was, never would we have moved a muscle.

If not for the acts of this president racially profiling just who he chooses to call his own as President (as current video shamelessly documents), being racially selective as to which situations he chooses to jump in with all conclusions made up already (...acted stupidly come to mind...let us not jump to conclusions (Ft. Hood)  but before I do, let me give a shout out to a fine native American sitting in the audience...giving Miranda rights to underwear bombers...giving the NY stage to terrorists...oh yes, the latest Arizona law -- day before it became law -- it is misguided and I will have my attorney general look into it...we can't call it what it is, radical Islam unite...my apologies to all the world on behalf of America...let me... bow ...down...now shall we move on.org)

...if not for the actions of this president and the weight of his words begging for us to fight back and get up out of our easy chairs and come into the kitchen, we would still be in front of our TV's allowing the world to happen to us.

And boy are we up.

You cooked up quite a storm now didn't ya...
Go sit down now, honey, the kids and I will clean up.

Make it a Good Day, G

"Nostalgia is a haunting call asking us to return to the past and not to get completely caught up in the lure of the future.  There is a spirit in us that wants to make progress and move quickly toward new worlds, but there is another part of the soul that offers a counter-force, an attachment to the past and a longing to return.  Our society is goaded by "futurists", who frequently charm us with images of a carefree time to come, but we also need the nostalgists to keep us mindful of the past -- not its problems, but its values and beauty."
                       Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
G added a new link this morning, seems appropriate for the day:
go to http://www.thekitchencabinetpac.com/ little does our president know, conservative women are the majority -- he may never get our approval, but you would think he would like our attention from time to time.

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