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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear America,

Yeah...It's a party in the USA...
go Miley...go Miley...

you'd get that if you clicked Dear America already, that is if you even know me at all; G's gift that keeps on giving, everyday...

Happy Hump Day.

This morning I am filled with giddy joy.

And all I can say is thank you!

As a fraternity of extremists takes the keg and drinks it too comes out from under the rock they came, attempting to squelch the good times of simple folk all over the country -- official party poopers have donned a brand new robe; but again, all I can say is belch, pardon me...now where was I, oh right, thank you!

Thanks for the alibi http://www.crashtheparty.org/

From here on out, all we have to do now is say "it wasn't me."
Or  "I'm with Stupid." 
Or just simply point our finger, cock our head, roll our eyes and call them cuckoo. 

No matter who goes to the Tea Party Protests, anything so much as a hair out of place or casts the appearance of anything relating to bigotry, racism, sexism -- anything  moronic, stupid or otherwise out of character -- can be just scoffed off as, oh it's one of those people...it's not us...it's the crashers...the party poopers...the people who are UNINVITED, but come anyway...

But since we have, by all admissions, a president who likes to call people out on such occasions, I believe that what would be highly appropriate and quite refreshing would be to see Obama jump into the fray and express his "immediate concern" or his "unprecedented shame" -- perhaps even go so far as ask people who watch the exposure of the Tea Party events to keep a discriminating eye, and not jump to conclusions, as he so often likes to say; that the onus is on each one of us to decipher what is real and what is not, what is truth and what is not, what is stupidity in motion and what is not.

But really, this morning my heart is just so full of gratitude I can hardly believe it; who'd a thunk a group set out to "dismantle and destroy" another's spirit, by tampering with their voice of reasonable protest protected under law in this country, would even go there?  Who would venture to attack their credibility like this, masterminding the violation of such -- the open, peaceful, forthright and well justified protest that it is -- with such unfathomable, unsubstantiated, unconscionable deception?  This is happening in America of all places!

Who would do that and still show their face?

But whatever, all I can say is how splendid. 

Way to make it so easy for us. 

Have I said thanks?

You know, looking back, we should have seen it coming.  It was just last summer when SEIU and ACORN were transplanting their people amongst the Town Hallers, trying to throw a few seeds of discontent, turn up the heat, stir the pot, and otherwise make all those fair minded, red blooded Americans look like...what was it Nancy said...."AstroTurf" ...."Nazis"..."carrying guns and wearing swastikas"...

You attempted these sort of antics before...
How do you do it?
What's your secret?
Who pays for it?
What's in it for America, dare I ask?

Oh Obama, are you listening...your people are getting a little out of hand, can you please control them or something?  Be a man, a president, and come out with both guns a'blazn (just talkn' about your arms) and tell them to stop, will ya?  You know they are just making you look bad....they are all yours, you know.

Denounce and Decree for God's sake; tell them such behavior is wrong -- that such acts of intolerance will not be tolerated! 

Of course, you can go ahead and script your teleprompter with a bit more eloquence maybe, fill it with the masterful Obama-isms you fall back on in times like the Ft. Hood "incident" or the underwear bomber's mishap, when the crime is speculative because the bomb busted and really didn't kill anyone -- and besides, he deserves representation, too...right?

We've broached this subject many times before, but I can't help but question how the "party of tolerance" can actually feel good about themselves with these kinds of antics going on?  If the president really wanted to help bridge racial division, and prove bipartisanship, and actually become the ultimate "uniter" not a divider, wouldn't he speak up? As you know, according to the rules of the left, any such ill action -- done by one or one hundred and one -- speaks for the whole.

But I wish I was at the podium right now, for I would have to say thank you to all of you, every single one of you party crashers amongst us and the money from which you rode in on -- for I am totally overwhelmed here in this moment... getting choked up... hold on...

As the way I see it, from here on out, any attempt to discredit the Tea Party movement by such infiltration by the crashtheparty people will go unnoticed, it will be a blip at an event in which at the first sign of bad behavior we'll always claim, "it wasn't me"; it will be like, don't pay any attention to that idiot, look at me...no...up here, on stage..

We will do what Obama does best and change the subject; we will be using the skills honed by radicals in diverting attention and changing the conversation.  The real message will be up front and personal and on the record -- continuing the good fight, pulling the clean punches, and knocking this administration to it's knees without so much as one act of violence, one racial slur, or anything of the kind.  We will stand up for what all of America is really thinking, for what all of America really, really wants, and for what all of America still rises to the occasion to uphold -- our everyday freedom to speak and congregate and to make our voices heard and above all, no taxation without representation!

The message won't be hidden in the crowd somewhere, it will be in the center of the ring.

With blood, sweat and tears, we will be saying...

Listen to what we really have to say, up here, at the mic.

Listen to how we respond with our votes come November -- and again and again; oh dear ones, for this era will not be in vain nor expressly forgotten.

Listen to everyday Americans who wish to take our country back with pride (not prejudice) and with a whole lot of prosperity and liberty and freedom and justice for all (not just those who think Obamacare rocks, all twelve of you).

Listen to how we will base our protest, and support it's rightful argument, on the merits, and merits alone -- not ridicule or intolerance, for that's just child's play (I mean, we can go there if we have to but that would just make us look like you -- a slurring, babbling bunch of yahoos with nothing better to do but make trouble up in the nosebleeds).

You see, we're adults -- we have our I.D.'s, we don't need our parents permission, we can stay out late and walk into 7/11 to buy a six-pack anytime -- oooh, make that a bottle of red, the best year you've got on hand.

The thing is,

now pay attention for a minute
you crazy kids,
try to stand up...
up here...
no silly, come on...
up here,
you can do it,
use the wall if you must...
okay now,
to all you crashers out there,
you've got nothing on us
so knock yourself out --
And here's a coaster.

Make it a Good Day, G

Oh, and hey, in keeping with the culture warriors of the day, the boxing analogies thrown around towards the end are not insinuating any racial assumptions or depravities -- surely Rocky rings a few bells, no?

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