Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear America,

Back off Bret,

"everybody knows what's in the bill"
said Barack to Bret
...annoyed as all get out
did you see him?
...hand poised in a claw position,
pushing back at Bret,
trying to tame the mass confusion
and clear frustration
over why everybody
just doesn't get it.

...and then some moments,
he just pointed his finger
and said,

...talk about body language

But the left brain talking heads are out in force today -- popping up all over the place thinking that Bret didn't use appropriate presidential decorum; let the President speak for goodness sake; let him answer the question, geeze.

According my little wide world of G, we saw a glimpse of the incredible shrinking President right before our very eyes.

Simply amazing, if I hadn't have watched it for myself I never would have believed it to be true.

He was uptight, defensive, clearly desperate for his point of view to be understood -- as unclear as that may be, even after a year.  After all this time, he still can't explain it right.

But as sweet as cotton candy, with the scent of buttered popcorn wafting through the air, the show must go on, Barack cracked his whip across the fierce interruptions (Baier in mind, Bret's motto "...and unafraid"):

"now listen"


"I just told you"

"No, what is absolutely true..."

Now, this interview occurred about twenty four hours ago -- even Barack couldn't tell Bret what was actually in the bill, as it wasn't even finalized yet; this interview was twenty four hours ago, even he couldn't tell Bret how much it would cost and how he would pay for it, the CBO had yet to figure it out;  this interview was twenty four hours ago, even he couldn't tell Bret which special favor should stick and which one's shouldn't -- but not really -- because some special favors are due fair and square -- you know, due to natural catastrophies -- and for those states, we must uphold -- everything else, must go -- but I couldn't even begin to tell you which one's those are.

{Claw up] now, now, "Bret, let me finish...

'But Mr. President",
Bret:          "I've got 18,000  people who have sent in questions for you."
Barack:      [c'mon Bret, rolling the eyes back]  "I get 40,000 letters/emails a day." [top that]

Moving on.org to a couple of my favorite lines,

"...you keep on repeating the notion that it is one/sixth of the American Economy..."

as if this thing, this notion, is speculative -- just some kind of idea hanging out there, under the big top, over a hefty pile of peanuts; it's like he's saying 'Now Bret, this is a whole lotta something over nothing, c'mon now, please, what's the big deal?'

"...we're not transforming one/sixth of the economy in one fell swoop."

...like we really wanna do.

Now look, any vote against this health care reform is a vote for "the status quo." 
Wrong again.

Now look, it will "reduce the deficit a trillion dollars over the next ten years."
Wrong again.

Now look, "whatever they vote on
[for God only knows, we have no idea yet. Remember, it was twenty four hours ago -- the vote could very well be for who gets the next ride on Air Force One for all we know...]
that vote will be FOR or AGAINST my health care proposal."
Wrong again.


Bret:   "So is the Connecticut deal still in?"

Push back


Bret:  "Do you know what deals are in or out as of today?"

Push back


Bret:  "There's a whole lot of deals here, sir."

Push back


Bret:  "So you support the deem and pass rule?"

Push back


Bret: "one-sixth of the economy, sir"

Barack: "let me tell you something, the only thing that will change is more security under your insurance"...we  are saving the American people from "insurance company abuses." That's it.

If that were true, then why are we seemingly all holding our breath and closing our eyes, as if we can't watch?

If that were true, why would he postpone a trip to one of his favorite places, Indonesia?
[Live G News Update: I mean cancel the rendezvous altogether.]
 I mean, hello, if this were 'no big deal', he would have been gone already.

Look, this is his signature bill!
And yet, he waited a year and three months to fully engage himself; he exhibited more courage stepping in to the center ring orchestrating more troops to Afghanistan (although not a quick step there either) than he has shown for the star of his presidency.  Health Care has been just waiting in the wings, waiting to burst out of the canon or float through the air on the flying trapeze -- flying higher than the flag -- with oooh's and aaah's just cheering it on.

But the truth is, he looked uncomfortable right from the start.  He didn't want to do it; he didn't want to justify to the world that Fox News was, heaven forbid, a worthy news organization -- and worth twenty minutes of his time.

The thing is, he didn't want to give Bret even so much as a minute,
let alone two to twenty;
he wanted nothing to do with it, and it showed.

But allow me, if you will, to be a little more clear,
he was perturbed, annoyed, impatient, condescending, immature, and outrageously unrealistic in his expectation to get one question and simply filibuster for the next twenty minutes, as if he wouldn't need a teleprompter just this one time --
oh yeah,
and he made this whole process 
look even more sleazy, slimy, corrupt, and illegitimate
in the process --
my new favorite word.

So, send in the clowns, let the fat lady sing, the incredible big head is apparently perfectly fine making a total fool of himself, we might as well get this over with (so we can simply move on to litigation);  capitalizing on a life of illusion, the ringmaster has spoken -- on FOX  News of all places!
After last night, the greatest show on earth just got better.

Make it a Good Day, G