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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear America,

Near towards the end He extended the olive branch to the American people,
"Make your voice heard as well."  He said.

Funny, I thought we already did that.

Ahhh but "every argument has been made"  getting a little ha ha ha from the audience; "everything that needs to be said, I think has been said [with a smug look on his face],"  with again, a rousing chorus of ha ha ha from the audience.

There he stood in the East Room, a sacred place, a room predestined to hold formal announcements; a room where everyone stood a year ago to address the direction of health care for the first time within the Obama presidency -- and only fitting, the room in which we "bring this journey to a close." He said.

There he stood, with an array of white coats behind him (and sitting at his feet, hanging on every word), which for all intents and purposes might as well have been red (red coats, get it... and you thought I was conjuring up followers of Mao, shame on you).

Ahhh but the President pointed out emphatically and succinctly at the Health Care Summit, it's not about props; the time for "talking points" is passed; as he ridiculed Eric Cantor bringing in tow the entire 2400 pages of the health care bill, complete with Post-Its and dog eared pages (I don't really know how many pages exactly -- but, anything more than our Constitution has to be poorly constructed).

And everything that followed really sounded all so simple then, "now the proposal I put forward gives the American people more control; you like your plan, keep it; like your doctor, keep your doctor."

Essentially, it gets down to three things, it's simple:

1)  END the worst practices of Insurance Companies -- denial due to pre-existing conditions, dropping coverage, forcing you to pay out of your own pocket, and the unsavory practice of increasing premiums

2)  GIVE the UNINSURED/individuals and business owners the same insurance as members of Congress -- who get the better rates & services with more choice because, it's simple, the more people, the better you can negotiate the benefits (oh, and if you still can't afford it, we will offer you tax credits to make it work, projecting to offer the largest tax credits to the middle class in history!  Unprecedented, shall we say.

3)  IT IS PAID FOR.  (remember now, good is in the details -- or is that just when it comes to soup?)

Waste and Abuse, GONE.
500 Billion from Medicare, GONE, but not really gone.
Deficit, almost GONE, well...at least it brings it down, right.
Special Deals....Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida to name the few we actually know about, GONE.
People using the Emergency Rooms for everyday health care issues, GONE.

Matter of fact, for the record, He said, "(HIS plan) doesn't work if people still go to the Emergency Rooms."

But if "the plan" doesn't cover illegals, as you have on more than one occasion says it does not, I'm not seeing how this will answer the conundrum of waste and abuse from the billions of dollars we spend to pay for them and their babinos. just sayin...

piecemeal, step by step, fundamental differences between sides, absolutely GONE -- we just don't have that kind of time...even though our benefits do not start for another four years?

And to be sure, "More negotiations won't help" okay;
to "start over now...the delay could last another decade."

"I believe the United States Congress
owes the American people [got that right]
a final vote on Health Care Reform [wrong again]"

Rooooooar .....and we're clapping... and we're clapping...white coats smiling and clapping...every one's so happy...shiny, happy people, yes indeed.

We have "debated this issue thoroughly -- for decades."

IT deserves the same kind of vote; "just a simple majority" is all it takes.

(That's funny. If it were so simple, don't you think you would have done this last summer -- you know, when it had to get done before the Congressional summer vacation -- or like it had to get done before Christmas -- is this like it has to get done before Easter vacation -- oops, pardon me, can we say Easter anymore?)

Oh, but He added a couple minutes later, "if it was easy, it would have been solved long ago."

"We can't just give up because the politics is hard." (nix ay on the upid stay, YOU said it was not about politics and props and talking points -- this is about what's best for the American people...)

"How will this play out?  How will this pole?"

Filling up this last couple minutes with story time.  aawww

Finally, send in the violins, "in the end it will tell us what kind of country we want to be." (What kind of country do you think we ARE, Mr. President?)

"The American people are waiting for us to act.  Waiting for us to lead.  I don't know how it plays out politically, but I know what's right.  Let's get it done..." 

And He said, It is done.
And it is good. 
And so it is.

If, in fact, our voices are being heard, a resounding "we don't want this" should be ringing in His ear by now.  If this, in fact, is about the American people having more control (and not The Fed), the American people just say NO.  Can you hear me now?  The American people are FED-up, no, down.

This health care legislation should be GONE, bye bye. GONE baby GONE.
Read my lips. The party's over.  Even the fat lady with diabetes is singing.
This is not what we want and WE the PEOPLE are done.
The only thing that seems to be missing --
is an American President who truly understands.

And so it is,
or isn't --
but time will tell;
it will either justify the means to an end or the end of our means.

Make it a Good Day, G

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