Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear America,

Well, top of the morning to you.

I hope you are all emailing and calling and faxing and revolting this morning; I know I am.

Through http://www.americanvoice.com/ you can contact your very own representatives for free -- and you can add any other congressman/woman at your discretion and for a nominal fee.  Might I say, worth every golden coin a plenty. 

Isn't technology wonderful -- how our world has changed.

I chose to contact my three people, and then included every, single dum-dum democrat on the roll, saying:

Subject: Health Care Legislation
My Dear Fellow Americans,

I implore your fullest attention to what is at stake here within this legislation; there are other ways to put this health care reform into action without creating a brand new entitlement program -- I beg you to please do that first.  There are far too many reasons to state here in which this legislation is the wrong way of doing things, be that as it may -- if this goes through, America will be economically and culturally upside down, and we will hold each and every one of you accountable.  The President seems to be putting everything on the line -- but most of all, the American way -- and he knows not what he does (or worse, he does) -- Please VOTE NO! Thank you very much.
Will it change the world as we know it?

Is it earth shattering or saying something we don't already know?

Is it shining a light upon anything new?

Of course not -- it is just one little American voice; but surely, we the people all know, it is one of a million voices which is concurrently being blended into one marvelous and magnificent chorus of countrymen standing arm and arm together and making it's way to the steps of the capital.

I am reminded of few words I heard come last Sunday morning; words of encouragement from my very own mama and papa, along with a link to Father Joe and his weekly radio show.

Father Joe included one of his favorite lessons from Francis of Assisi,

"always preach the gospel and, if necessary, use words."

I believe, much of what we are witnessing today stems from this very idea.  Up until the last twenty or thirty years, America's ability of walking it's talk had never really been in jeopardy -- that is, the majority of us have led by example; whether it has been only for ourselves, or for our children, or on behalf of our fellow countrymen or the people we touch.

We have always risen to the highest level;

We have always been driven to succeed in life and love and work;

We have always taught our children, under the veil of exceptionalism, the value of hard work and charity and liberty -- and not by apology or disgrace or regret.

Where did this prevailing attitude come bubbling up from?

Let me turn to Father Joe again,

 "if only we, as a people, continued to
 live our religion
(and paraphrasing now...)
... bad things would never truly come to harm." 

Our individual faith in something greater than ourselves was, and is, what we have in common; we lived a life affirming our inherent birthright given to us from our God, and not by government. This belief was not only the makings of a new government, it was a convenant made by the American people, with it's every intention to endure all time. 

It is from this mentality America was made; all people -- more often than not, naturally and successfully -- set out to be good citizens, good neighbors, good countrymen, good representatives, good teachers, good engineers, good astronauts, good policemen, good firemen, good doctors, good nurses, good Presidents, good ministers, good kids, good dogs, and even good little lowly birds who hung on every word of Francis of Assisi -- all of us strove to be better children of God -- for the betterment of the whole, for the elevation of an entire nation.

Even the atheists followed along (like a famous one by the name of Thomas Paine, hello!), as their belief in a higher Nothingness is truly Something -- and reinforces their own faith in the Absolute of No God. 

But in the end, the Nation grew from all that we had IN COMMON, from that which makes good and stand up citizens, fit for establishing a brand new commonwealth, preaching religious freedom and liberty and justice for all.

Many ideas, stemming from the natural laws appointed by God and learned by man -- are only illuminated if one takes the time to return to the wealth of the very words spoken back in the day when our nation was crafted. (see The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen or Christianity and the American Commonwealth, by Charles B. Galloway) 

Yet, according to the tune of these modern times, our enlightened civil duty to uphold the values and principles of the commonwealth -- along with our ability to keep it -- doesn't come from the wisdom of the ages, or sages, or saints, teachers, elders or a God of any color; matter of fact, and try as they might, it is plum drowned out, all under the guise of equality for all!

All preludes to a heaven, a God, a faith, a peace that passes all understanding is dismissed; no, correction, it is deleting the entire first verse --  as if tweaking with the American life and the American way, we the people could still follow along in sweet song, let alone succeed in hitting the high notes, without a refrain of revolutionary ideology providing us with the common man foundation!

The further we get away from being a people of faith -- truly LIVING OUR RELIGION in harmony, however different that they may be -- and following the American way, like fishers of men or a chorus of song birds following Francis of Assisi -- the more trial by nature we will find ourselves; we will be trapped by our own ignorance, disconnected to that which all things are made and from which all good flows. 

While in fact, the majority of us still follow the Way in some way, shape or form -- you would just never know it, if you are one of those distracted by all the background noise. Good thing we have an entire book of Psalms singing our praises and repenting our weaknesses, looking on High for guidance and strength, understanding all the days of our life...only by following theWay, as best we can, in spite of our poor choices or wayward wanderings, will our life work.

Today, we stand witness to the American melody being lost in the perpetual drumbeat of  lawlessness and corruption within the halls of congress, representatives not only off pitch, but completely out of tune with the rest of us; sadly, the longer we remain off key to the lasting principles that fortify a happy and soulful and successful and abundant and INDEPENDENT way of life, the higher our chances of losing the greatest nation that has ever lived; and certainly, the more we sing the praises of man over all things seen and unseen, the more we arrogantly branch out -- going solo -- thinking we don't need the accompaniments, the enlightenment, the muse or give even an ounce of credit to the raw, God-given talent to begin with, America will find herself alone in the valley of darkness.

Many words of faith were left unsaid; voices illuminating an undying gratitude and favor to the Lord were left unsung.


Because we LIVED our religion, what more needs to be said!

Such a duty and joy falls purely under the personal relationship composed by the individual man with his Creator; only in this way could a people remain free to sing their own song, drum to a different beat, and be entirely at liberty to do what we want without any other person sharing in the burden.

If everyone simply did this, true harmony would linger for generations.

Where is your American Voice today?

Make it a Good Day, G


  1. I think that if everybody had a portion of your sense -we would have no problems-great work keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the masses support you

  2. Way to g G !!!!! the world will see

  3. your points are strong but valid

  4. I think your all nuts

  5. The nut is you "Anonymous" way to hide - God's plan works- you must be a fool to be such a doornail !!!