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Friday, August 30, 2019

It's the Prick Pit Pray Day

Dear America,

"His smarmy act has failed to conceal 
that he’s a sanctimonious prick. 
Make that a sanctimonious, dishonest, basically corrupt prick, 
who subordinated his duty to his country 
to selfish and shallow political and personal motives. 
He is a disgrace, 
and it’s a disgrace 
that he’s so far escaped 

Reynolds was responding to a piece at the New York Sun, It Seems Trump Was Right to Fire James Comey, posted just yesterday.

Just for the record, this girl didn't feel comfortable repeating his choice of words there...but just had to do it, you know, for the love of country, right Comey?

would love to read this piece, at the WSJ...
but alas, I can't.  As this girl doesn't have a subscription.  Guessing it's pretty good.

And yet, that boy comes out and says this stunner:

“I don’t need a public apology from those who defamed me, but a quick message with a ‘sorry we lied about you’ would be nice.”
Thank you, Nate Jackson @The Patriot Post.  And you, too, can receive a wide variety of post, and it all comes to you free! if you just sign up on THE PATRIOT POST  mailing list....

Okay, so Comey is asking for a non-apology apology... after leading a total defamation investigation of his own, against a sitting president, lasting two years and wasting 35 million taxpayer dollars?  Seriously?

He cannot be for real.

My hope is that this IG report is holding back on the real treasure trove of illegal and obscene abuses of power yet to be revealed, and allowing this pompous fool to step in it for a wee bit.  

yes, this girl can dream.

Where is Comey's apology to Trump?   

After all is said and undone -- after purposely, and mindfully, setting up the president for a fall following the infamous Trump Tower meeting, after collecting data on the president, after telling the president to his face that he is not under investigation WHEN  IN FACT THE INVESTIGATION WAS WELL UNDER WAY  --  AND after finding that there is NO evidence of collusion, or obstruction of justice, and  after Comey's entire case was based upon a false dossier, paid for by democrat operatives....Comey expects the apology? 

Just gotta love this from The New York Sun:
Mr. Comey shouldn’t wait up for The New York Sun. We’re completely comfortable with our own concerns about Mr. Comey, which are sketched in a number of editorials about him in various jobs going back 15 years or more. They include, among others, “James Comey’s Chutzpah,”Comey’s Original Sin,” and “Comey’s Overreach.” All our concerns echo in the latest report.

Chutzpah meets original sin meets supreme overreach meets Trump IS RIGHT to FIRE Comey meets prick. it's a good day in America, no?  

Exactly, no.  No it is not. 

Can we all shake hands now and admit that America and the Office of the President have been taken down a rabbit hole surpassing all other rabbit holes, to date?   

Talk about insanity.

Talk about defamation.

Talk about the loss of unbiased journalism.

Talk about the elaborate framing of a sitting president that almost worked!

Talk about a lot of pricks in the ole pork-opine.

it's all dirty....
a lousy, stinky, dirty corruption of power in the worst way. 
prick prick prick prick prick.   so many pricks and so little time.
Seems I've somehow fallen into a pit of pricks...

I can totally see why Glenn chose this word.  
It kinda feels good to say it.  
It almost carries the power to relieve the knot in the pit of my stomach.

now. let's talk about meeting up with the end of this day, shall we...
this day in the life of an American girl.

all that's left to do is pray.

It's the prick pit pray day, hope you enjoyed it.

Make it a Good Day, G

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