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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It's a Good Day to be Back Thing

Dear America,

Happy Belated Birthday to the ATB...
 America the Beautiful...
with love and admiration, bae, from the G

so this girl was gone for a good chunk of the calendar...hit the wild blue yonder and never looked back, so it would seem.  Hail to the gap between June 21st through the 10th, yo

But surely, all's well that ends, as my mama says --  so here I am, finally, and all the while still stumbling for the right words in this process of getting all my wheels on the ground and coming to a complete stop before unbuckling my seat belt and jumping back into my life full steam ahead.

Yes, long gone is the steam engine.  good point.  

speaking of steam, oh to celebrating the nation's holiday of America's Independence in the city where it all happens -- in Washington DC!  It surely did not disappoint! 

Timing is everything and talk about fireworks. 

Yikes to the Nike's for caving into a false narrative of our founding and making a total mess of a certain HERstory -- namely, of Betsy Ross (and that link there, is a good one...love my Star Parker, you go girl).   Truth be told, although there were many women doing their thing way in the background way back when, Betsy was, like, you know, the one and only true symbol of women taking an active part in the American Revolution.

Colin, like, I thought your beef was with police brutality against the black man?  How did we go from that to this -- a full blown, knock down, war against America herself?

TO be clear, and to be more bold, offering up a little context that many of you might understand a wee bit better --  this Betsy flag --  the one celebrating our thirteen fire breathing colonies posturing to wreak havoc upon the king and queens across the pond.... that flag...that flag was like the first Rainbow flag!  k, ya dig?  You get it now?

Shame on you, Colin -- and how you got away with it, I have no idea. 

Every women's organization should be throwing down shade one after the other, every which way to Sunday and back,  upon this disgraceful show of disrespect...talk about misogyny!  Where's the ESPY award for that, cuz Nike and Colin are all tied up right about now and it's gonna be a photo finish.   And especially as we are coming into this new season,  of celebrating a woman's right to vote -- the 100th anniversary in August 2020 no less! 

Oh, but to diss Betsy like so, to diss the first flag, to diss our long struggle of fighting for the freedoms every single one of us ridiculously enjoy every day...this first flag, celebrating the 13 colonies joining forces against pure oppression, against England, meant something so much bigger than Colin is even capable of recognizing, let alone understanding.  And same goes for that Nike guy and CEO, Mark Parker.  If you hate America so much, then maybe you two should consider living somewhere else.  Maybe, just maybe, you should stop exploiting Americans by making money off of such lies and steam engine fodder and go live the rest of your days, say, in Venezuela. 

Colin -- would it have been better if the revolution didn't work out so well?  If perhaps, this land and your land, in the company of so much of the royal colonization around the world, was STILL under the control of Great Britain and the Church of England?   Would that have been a better ending to the war that ultimately revolutionized the entire globe? 

Oh let the good steam roll...

You, dear Colin, are an idiot -- an ignorant, left-brained, small-minded peddler of nothing more than perversions of  America's truths, not only dating back to our founding, but including and up through the current day's climate,  which virtually binds us and buries us in untruths and fake news all the live long day.

it's exhausting already.  Calgon take me away.

And in other news in the hot and steam department -- how about this hummahummadamndinger:

picture a girl in a t-shirt, (not wet) and across her chest reads this:


rich in irony, right?

but quite poor in substantive proof, you know, given what actually happened after the doors were blown off, revealing more wealth and sustenance for more people, for more the world over, through the makings of industry outside agriculture with the industrial revolution!

As one good and steamy revolution turns into another...and another...

Here's hoping capitalism is so unsustainable for y'all who made the shirt, that the shirt doesn't sell!

But seriously, hail to the nitwits bashing capitalism while enjoying the benefits of capitalism, using the tools of capitalism, and marketing through all the capitalized social networks available to sell this kind of nonsense, right?

If bashing capitalism is so woke -- these yokels should at least start with everything "made in china," just sayin' --  at which point, full steam ahead with making your point to Apple, Google, Microsoft, um GEICO...um, Mickey D's....um what else, oh yeah, Nike, that should have been numero uno.....Adidas, Levi-Strauss...then there is Starbucks.... Ford, Chevrolet, Amtrak, United Airlines....yeah yeah.  the list goes on and on and on and on and on. 

let's just stop making everything and live in tee-pees and begin eating off the prairie, starting, like, yesterday.  I'm in.

oh let the good steam roll...

The thing is, THIS is why teaching history, HERstory, is so freeeking important!  CONTEXT is everything.   The era, itself, is meaningful.  The culture of the day gives credence to the day.  And fortunately, all things continue to change over time itself.    Betsy Ross, being a Quaker, was a fighter against slavery; she was on the right side of history, even while history revealed serious faults throughout the struggle of equality for all.

The thing is --  we learn so much when we are learned people and understand from which we all came --  the good, the bad, and the ugly notwithstanding.  (Oh to witness the books from Thomas J's personal library, all I wanted to do was break the glass and smell the pages of a book he once turned; an incredible place the Library of Congress, put that on your bucket list if you have not gone already. but I digress.)

Hail to the few and the proud who purchased the Nike Betsy Ross Sneaker before it was pulled; going to their capitalism war chest of tools and ammo, some scored $2000 on the after market collector's market instantly created upon her loss.    Isn't capitalism rich?  indeed.

This girl had a Fourth of July to remember back in the District of Columbia, leaving footprints all over the city, from DAR Headquarters and Constitution Hall, crossing the ellipse umpteen times, to visiting our National Cathedral, to the Library of Congress, to the rooftop of my darling daughter's first apartment (a roof with a view that spans all the way from the National Cathedral, all the way across town... where steeples peek out from the treetops, to the nation's Capitol building rising up against the twilight sky, to the Washington Monument, to the Kennedy Center and the majestic Potomac, all with a fireworks show that lit up hearts and minds in equal portion, no matter rich or poor, all over town).

Although every day was met with an unimaginable level of hot and steamy temperatures, making it unbearably difficult to truly enjoy the great outdoors, I must say, capitalism is alive and well in this fine American neck of the woods.  Alive and well.  What a beautiful thing to behold.

so that's all I got.
time for a hot steam before heading to work; scratch that, gonna go to work first, then return to a hot steam for my reward.   oh life is good.

And the whole truth is -- America is good -- and the more we emphasize the good, the good-er we all get.

Make it a Good Day, G

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