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Friday, July 26, 2019

It's Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing Thing

Dear America,

Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing, 
even if it's capitalized.


which explains why this collusion hoax, and all that came with, has turned into a 34 MILLION dollar nothing burger on a platter, a patter splattered with nothing more than a vendetta against the incoming president of the United States.  Making more than 300 MILLION Americans served up a complete, and utter, embarrassment.   It should go down as one of the worst crimes against sanity ever.

It's also organized harassment, and more generally recognized as bullying.

It's also, a dereliction of duties, with regards to the lack of follow-through on the actual evidence of election interference by a foreign government from the opposition party, and previous administration, under President Obama.    

It's also conspiracy between the Deep State, the FBI, many high echelon Obama officials (if not Obama, himself) with regard to setting up the entire hoax in the first place.   

They just couldn't believe he had won.

Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing, even if it's capitalized by deplorable action, on multiple fronts, in concert with only one idea -- impeachment, in every possible form, of a sitting president. 

It's a complete nuclearized, super sized, gastronomic mess; and surprisingly, rather disgracefully, it's still warm -- there's still signs of life left in this nonsense!    Can you even believe that?   (Speaking of astonishing things and burgers,  just love this story ....almost as much as I love In-N-Out.)

But let's be clear, alright, 
In-N-Out is nothing like 
a nothing burger.  
It's. like, the best burger on the planet. k.

ugh,  Nadler  just makes me sick to my stomach.

Bear in mind, the Senate Intelligence report, linked above in The Hill post, notes:

"The Senate report says the investigation found no evidence any vote tallies were changed, vote-tallying systems manipulated or voter registration data changed or deleted..."

which, of course, is not new news -- we have known this all along.

SO if in fact  no votes have been changed, which we have known all along, Trump was elected president without collusion, interference, of any kind.

Even Mueller -- appearing like death warmed over -- couldn't say there was collusion.  

For what it's worth, this post @ Vox  [narrowing things down to 5 Losers and No winners]  isn't a bad read on the matter....BUT, not surprisingly, the review of where things stand --  sans Mueller's day in the hot seat --  decidedly neglected to show a nice flow chart on the opposition party involvement, the faces of those responsible for creating and circulating the false dossier, which led to the FISA judgement, arriving on a silver platter through actions of collusion with the Russians by the Hillary Clinton campaign!   There is that.  

Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing -- especially if it's capitalized by partisan manipulation of what amounts to nothing more than a false narrative right from the start.

again, 34 MILLION dollars.

This government wastes more money on crap...OR read this, from Dave Ramsey -- just takes three minutes.  OR read this one, it's got pictures, from MSN.

we can add this 34 million to the menu

and still -- over twenty TRILLION dollars in debt.  Where's the heated discussion about that reality, CONGRESS?  

Visualizing this hot mess is where it's at.

This is what should stop our hearts and ring the alarm.

Our debt is something so outrageous, no one gives it the time of day.  It's too abstract, too out there, too it's not my problem...let's kick this can down the road to the next generation.

Sure, paying down debt is not fun for anyone; there is that.   

But continuously doing nothing about it ultimately creates bankruptcy, because nothing from Twenty Trillion dollars leaves Twenty Trillion dollars collecting interest, and on and on and on.   While all the while, continuing to spend more money than we make -- whether upon frivolous things like 'the secrets of college drinking' or 'studying glaciers from a feminist perspective'  to funding our military to secure and protect the American people and the sovereignty of this beautiful nation, which, in other words, is the ONE thing the Federal Government is mandated to do per the Constitution....eventually, something, as in many things, has gotta give.  And give bigly.  very very bigly.

This is why all this new chatter about the latest, greatest version of socialism on a social platter, serving billions of dollars to millions of Americans, is the real issue for this upcoming presidential election.  

If socialism wins next time around, nothing good will come of it.  Nothing.

but again, who am I...
but just a girl,
an American girl

and this is just one day in the life on the old G Thing... 
nothin' but a G thang baby

come back again real soon
and if you must know, this girl is now on her way for a something something burger mmmmmmmmmmmm

Make it a Good Day, G

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