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Monday, March 26, 2018

It's My Right to Write About It Thing

Dear America,

"Writing is an act of self-cherishing.  We often write most deeply and happily on those areas closest to our hearts.  Valuing our experience is not narcissism.  It is not endless self-involvement.  It is, rather, the act of paying active witness to ourselves and to our world.  Such witness is an act of dignity, an act that recognizes that life is essentially a sacred transaction of which we know only the shadow, not the shape."  
Julia Cameron's The Writers Life
long ago I read Julia's book, The Right to Write.  It was like reading one big pep talk on overcoming every fear, every obstruction, every dilly-dallying tactic known to man, centering upon the tried and true reality of beginning anything worthwhile, begins here:  simply start.

somehow i let this book get away from me over the years, until now; only this time, it is through Julia's companion piece --  a scaled down version of the original.  This little gem is short -- better still, tiny; somehow, Julia seems to whittle down nearly entire chapters onto one, itty bitty page, offering insight and experience with such ease, it is no wonder she has authored umpteen books, and carries extensive credits in the film, playwright, poetry, and music industries and traveled the world with her natural effervescence and gracious insights, inspiring all the rest of us.  

given this diary has ebb and flowed to the rocking and rolling of not only America's news and happenings, but also to my own, the daily battle to bring it -- to just do it anyway -- is sometimes my greatest struggle.  I mean, honestly, is old news about a president's previous dalliances and flirtations really the most important thing to talk about?  Is that what will carry the day, with wanton chatter --  you know, over and above the decades of inappropriate behavior of the actions of a corrupt congress... the shady, inglorious swamp of smut that it is? 

Nearly every single one of them bastards -- no matter the sex or sexual persuasions -- should be held in contempt, for crimes against the Rule of Law, the security and general welfare of this country, and shamelessly leading us into utter ruin.

To have signed a 1.3 Trillion dollar omnibus spending bill is insane -- a dirty lowdown lewd act at the hands of the very people who are expressly employed caretakers of the common good, as public servant and appointee of the care and general welfare of the public coffers.  And yet, fiscal responsibility and solvency isn't even on the radar.

To add this kind of legislation, on top of our already twenty trillion dollars in debt, is irresponsible and reprehensible, a vile and vulgar act of cowardly and scandalous proportion.

And yet the nation is all too consumed by the salacious and tawdry porn star past of a current and sitting president, never mind that the dude was elected by the people knowing full well that he was no angel.   Little devils playing under blue dresses is nothing new at all.

But besides all that, 
please don't misconstrue -- two wrongs do not make a right, there is that.  We can write about that all the day long.

But the thing is -- Trump was elected president, in spite of his sordid past, because the other candidate sucked way more than he did.  How's that for eloquence?  

Matter of fact, Trump was elected president.... because he was the ONLY candidate not of, or even connected, to that thing....that thing commonly referred to as that seedy swamp-like creature rising out of DC, in the color purple on steroids.  That's pretty much nails it in one fell swoop.

In the primary, Trump became the last beacon of hope, a force to be reckoned with -- something uncommonly and seldom witnessed in and around Washington; he was the one candidate with any possibility of lighting Washington on fire, taking prisoners and making enemies all along the way. 

Hence, now stymied, my frustration with that darned thing being signed off by the president himself has left my heart feeling vulnerable and fully exposed; my confidence in this leader growing a pair, with the strength and tenacity to hit Washington where the sun don't shine, surely elusive.  Where is the stamina to last longer than a mere couple of hours? Isn't there a pill for this? 

Just when I thought the bedrock was rolling, slingshots were slinging, and that history was bearing witness to another version of David meeting Goliath, all things have come down to a mind-boggling maneuver by the one guy this girl thought had a real wing and a prayer to effect real change.

America has no time for more shifty, more slimy politicians.  America has no hope to recover while seemingly more embedded into the transient fixes, things closer to the fallacious and fraudulent, and endorsed by crony capitalists and a political agenda to transform America from her roots.

But such is life in America these days.  Such is life.  And it ain't even close to being pretty .

But what does it matter, right?  This is just a day in the life of an American girl, according to me, G -- only now a year older and praying a wee bit wiser on a number of things, large and small scale alike.  But like this presidency, only time will tell on that score. 

Make it a Good Day, G

today --  unlike most of my days -- there is not a link to be seen or heard.  In the macro, it means nothing, really.  Perhaps a clean sweep on the day is more a testimony to all the things I have personally released to the care of the universe in this past year;  out with the old and in with the new is so cliche, indeed.  But that simply means, the idea, the turn of the phrase, was revolutionary before it became commonly overused and somewhat trite.  But make no mistake, for a good cliche has its time and place, especially when it opens the flow of abundance to a brand new world, arriving at just something else to write about any old day now.

Hail to the right to write about any old thing I please.  And thank you, Julia, for the itty bitty reminder of such.  

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