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Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's from One Light to Another Thing

Dear America,

let's think about science and the subjective mind for a moment...according to the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes:

"Subjective mind can deduce only; It has no power of initiative or self-choice, and is compelled by its very nature to retain all the suggestions which It receives.  The best illustration of this is in creative soil, in which the gardener plants a seed.  The soil does not argue nor deny, but goes to work on the seed and begins to create a plant which will represent the type of manifestation inherent, as idea, in the seed; from a cucumber seed, we get cucumbers, and from a  cabbage seed, we get cabbages...never does [the law] contradict the right of the seed to be what it really is...The idea of the full-grown plant must exist somewhere in the seed and soil, if it is ever going to materialize."

A thoughtful and intimate reflection, upon the life of Stephen Hawking, is worth another moment in time; Michael Guillen -- a learned physicist, himself, having also taught at Harvard -- was given the rare opportunity to not only get to know Hawking... the man, the physicist, the cultural scientific icon of our time, but also, the entire Hawking's family.   

Though short and sweet -- and now realizing that this girl is carrying over the theme of just yesterday, of stunning turnabouts -- what a surprise to find, through my own feeble mindfulness, a softening of my previously, albeit rather coarse, impression of the man.  Thanks to Guillen and his delicate, yet admiral, way of contesting some of Hawking's scientific mumbo-jumbo, the option to stand up against the incredible all-knowingness of a Stephen Hawking is justified, even scientifically supported by other physicists!

Oh the nonsense about this planet not being able to sustain its population for much longer...how one day, in order for mankind to survive, that we would have to seek refuge in other planets....between climate change, over-population, and just humans being human, we are cooked.  End of story.  

In Guillen's words:

"I’ve also pushed back on Hawking’s love-hate relationship with God and religion. Early on, he allowed for the possibility that God exists, but more recently he seemed hellbent on seeking ways for the universe to have created itself. 
That, to me, will always be the grandest paradox of all – that Hawking could readily believe in such far-out ideas as imaginary time and a nothingness that is actually everything, but not the idea that God could possibly exist."


What can it hurt, to contemplate the very planting of the Seed of all Seeds, and more importantly, the SOWER, Itself?

Ahhhhh to Hawking's often limited, highly subjective, sorely human, small mindedness -- God had no place in the universe of all creation...neither cause or effect... neither soil or seed...nor Original and Immortal and Infinite and Everlasting Thought.  Though neither elevated nor denied, It -- GOD -- was left totally abandoned in the great scheme of our human existence, according to the great physicist who lived a life without receiving one Nobel Prize.

But make no mistake, it was Hawking, led by his own subjectivity, marking the lines of limitation and separation.  It was Hawking, the man, who led with the making of God's role being inessential and insignificant, almost trivial.   Which makes me wonder right about now if anything has changed, since meeting his mortal end just yesterday...

And to the chatter about Hawking's timing -- dying upon what we call Pi day, celebrating the mystery between circumferences and diameters, of circles to infinity and beyond (3.14) -- isn't the Universe's sense of humor rather amusing.   Hawking is officially IN  infinity and beyond, right now...and surely his Maker is forgiving, loving, and most pleased with every ounce of courage and determination and strength of resistance against the frail and failing human body Hawking had come to know and reckon with in his everyday life; in spite of what Hawking may or may not think of God, he is still a child of God.

The thing is, believers of a God actually believe certain things to be True; believers live by faith, the unseen,  and not by sight.   And if one is a believer, then none of the things Hawking says of the death to the planet, the end of civilization as we know it, and the need for the colonization of other planets, has life nor breath to it.  For God so loved the world, He gave his only Son....

There will be a time for a second coming.
There will be a time for a revelation.
There will be a time for a rapture.
There will be a time for a gathering of souls ---  of whosoever truly believed -- and they will be saved by the Grace of God.
God will not allow the earth to be totally destroyed -- for it is a promise.

But of course, The Left would have us believe that all of that runs counter-intuitive, counter-productive,  to what the planet is telling us, to what global alarmists preach to us, and to what the global political elitists have in mind for us, albeit down the one-world-government-yellow-brick road; all the while, replacing God with a dependency on mankind, big government, and the powers that be.

Cultural propaganda is what seems to be winning these days.

I do like how Guillen finishes --

"Despite my disagreements with him, however, I am deeply, deeply saddened by his passing. The universe seems a bit quieter to me this morning because of his absence. And a bit darker, as if someone has snuffed out a bright supernova."
To which my natural reply is easily this: perhaps there is another switch?
As in a Switch of all Switches, a Light of all Lights, a SuperNova of all SuperNovas....
surely, it couldn't hurt to look, let alone believe there is ONE.  But the thing is -- you must start out, at the very least, believing in the possibility that there is One.

Being purely objective, teehee....perhaps Hawking's subjective mind was rooted in a fault, a false premise, a separation between soil and seed that resulted in one big fat void of all voids.

This little light of mine is not afraid to kindle that charge.


Make it a Good Day, G

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