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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's About Whiners and Winners Thing

Dear America,

Physically I'm here, 
I'm in a Galaxy 
Far, Far Away

there's a part of me totally unaffected by the times, 
and then, 
there's also a part of me just waiting for the lit match, ready to blow like the biggest bang ever.

everyday we are bombarded with the most wretched news -- bad news, fake news, disgraceful news, partisan news, stupid news  -- the whole world is a mess.

to survive -- if only in heart and mind --  it calls for us to purposely think higher, striving to live better than this or that, and simply be better people. (unless, of course, the dark side speaks to you like the devil inside...there is that.)

this diary of mine, this day in the life of America, has witnessed much.  

and with certain, this girl can confidently add, that no matter left or right, young or old, rich or poor, black or white, male or female......no demographic holds the distinguished honor of having the greater moral character over another.  none.

it always, always, always gets down to one; as in ONE INDIVIDUAL.  

this is how America was made; at the core of every failure and every success is a citizen.

while we go about our days and make choices all the live long day, the reality is, each choice we make is intimately connected to the whole.

and no, there may not be one capital letter 
beginning a single sentence 
for this whole entire blog.  
not exactly sure yet; 
stay tuned for news expected 
straight outta the cosmos, 
the Source of Everything.

the good news is, nothing surprises the Great Source of Everything.

even the clear and present danger of the unconstitutional intent to buck a sitting president out of office, simply because the whole of the entire opposition ....(the entire left).... can neither tolerate nor co-exist living in an alternative universe, under TRUMP.

the only evidence of collusion is found ON THE LEFT -- through Obama and his STATE DEPARTMENT under HILLARY CLINTON -- and as bizarre as this may sound, the entirety  remaining unconscionably linked, to this day, to the CLINTON FOUNDATION.

profiting from the RUSSIANS is synonymous with HILLARY an HER FOUNDATION! 

the only evidence of obstruction of justice is ON THE LEFT -- through Obama and his DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and the FBI under COMEY!


oh me oh my, we have been here before, but where to begin?
...remember when OBAMA ridiculed candidate TRUMP, getting down to the final weeks of the campaign (October 2016)....stop whining, he said...like, if you can't handle this, you're not fit to be president --- 

"you start whining, 
before the games even over
...eh eh eh eh eh 
if whenever,eh things 
are going badly for you...
you start blaming someone else."

.... classic, right?

flash forward to What Happened next; and how ironic.

talk about whining....that girl, Hill, wrote an entire book blaming everyone else but herself, and yet, Obama remained silent.  huh.  wonder what that's about? (teehee)

oh OBAMA, you can poke fun all you want at the guy in D.C. sitting in your old seat--- but just look at this morning's news; just who has the balls to be man enough to be president?  #moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

who's whining now? eh?

keeping this silly diary, capitalizing on the day's news is just what I do -- and it's a rather small portion of my day, too; it's not who I am.  this THING --- merely offers me a means to reconcile the sides of me who run counterproductive to the whole of me; it's a way to use the cathartic method of writing things down in order to find my refuge, my relief -- as tapping it out, getting things off my chest and out of my head, at times with great furor, allows me to walk out my door with a clear head and a smile (goes double when it rains, being here in socal).

THING IS, in the great scheme of things, nothing that happens on this planet is really all that important, anyway -- especially in light of the fact that the things that should be important to us, are not, and the things that end up important and plastered across websites worldwide are routinely a big fat waste of time and precious energy and resources all the way around and back again.  it's like a constant, obsessive, counterproductive rotation around the sun itself...only to start up all over again the very next day.

we all play a role according to the whole; and while none of us get out of here alive -- it's up to each and every one of us to think about our own legacy, no matter who we are.  legacies are not just about what remains after four years of service to country, as a president of the United States of America.

whether of the moral or the immoral  -- our mortality leaves a mark, one way or another.

altogether it's a many splendored and splintered thing....and currently looks like a Trump, a Mueller, and a  Strzok --  a Clinton, a Comey, and an Obama.....and not to be overlooked by the naked eye, a you and a me...even if it takes a squint.  ;)

whiners and winners -- characteristically in constant spin --  making whoppie with truth and lies...that's who we are and we are the world. 

is it good for you? she said, with a wink...  

well, the answer to that would rest entirely upon YOU, now wouldn't it  -- as in what you do and how you do it matters a whole helluva lot -- just sayin'... 
.....as the Source of Everything whispers in my ear, 'shshshshsh baby girl.' 

okay then, it is finished.


Make it a Good Day, G

and please!
 say an extra prayer 
for the people who are in the path 
of the wildfires raging 
in southern California...
God Bless you all, and to our first responders,
as Santa Ana winds do what they do.

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