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Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's a Public Thing

Dear America,


so in this context, how about we just pause for a wee bit and use a modicum of caution from here on out, shall we?

... it's only been a day, and already alarms are ringing, dogs are barking, and heads are spinning.

Welcome to making America great again, whatever that really means.

He's now, “open to doing something with” [minimum wage...per a conversation with Wolf just yesterday!] .... “I’m actually very different from most Republicans,” he adds.

can someone please direct this dude to some fundamentals of keeping and respecting and managing a limited government?

This is crazy --  for how can any true conservative entertain the thought of playing with free enterprise as if it's a reality show challenge?

NO, Mr. Trump -- conservatives are NOT open to doing something with the minimum wage.  And having said that, please tell me you understand why, or do we have to send you back to the drawing board?   Is this really how you answer to the threat of the rise of Bernin' Love and his 'creed of ignorance' -- not to mention the 'inherent virtue of the equal sharing of misery'?  And that smattering against the building blocks of socialism, my friends, is duly noted, in part,  from the plethora of Winston Churchill-isms that continue to enlighten the world (that is, if you are into that sort of thing, of course).

Flashback -- 
It was only last fall when every GOP candidate came together to agree on something along the dotted lines of a minimum wage hike.  And the answer: a resounding NO.   At the time, circa November 2015, Trump even made the point that "our wages are too high."  


And Rubio said this:“If you raise the minimum wage you’re going to make people more expensive than a machine."

The thing is, there is absolutely no comfort aligning with a candidate who flips on issues, especially the easy ones; it's got legs like a rabid dog off his leash and makes cray cray look like a field day.

just letting it all spill today

there is no time to edit

Whoa.  Wait a minute.  Scratch that, and allow me do a back flip.  Nevermind what I just said, there is a time for everything, right?  

This is a time of venting; the time of venting comes just after a time of boiling (you know, given the level of steam bottled up with a destiny to blow).  And while I was well on my way to crazy town with the events of this wacky primary season, this girl came to a rolling boil upon the declaration of the "presumptive nominee Trump" on Tuesday night.  I mean, maybe not like Mark Livid Levin, or GlenLivid Beck, but it was pretty close... Right, Nate?

So, Dear Mr. Trump -- 
we can't continue like this, okay?   
I beg of you!  Figure this out!  Get your head in the game and understand what you are saying each and every time you open your big bad-ass mouth.   Ask yourself -- does this align with the conservative country principles of which I say I am ideologically in cahoots with, and pragmatically willing to use as a jumping off point, or not? 

And Read THINGS.  Read good things about how this country was made and understand the difference between left and right.  It's really that simple.  Really. 
And above all --  please don't make The Right regret this. The American people of the Grand Old Party could have picked any of the seventeen, but in the end -- by the process of elimination, mind you -- landed on you with a kind of dumb luck nobody saw coming.
 How crazy is that?
May you heel, heed, to everything this means for the future of this Republic. [And here's a great video to explain what it means to be a republic].
 God Speed and God Bless, G
 so that's my day and i'm stickin' to it

there's more to say, indeed,
but lucky for you, this is where I leave you.
good dog.

Make it a Good Day, G

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