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Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's a Day to Pray Unceasing Thing

Dear America,

so really, we haven't talked about the whole trans/bathroom thing...
and really, don't really want to start.  really.

However -- let's take a leap of faith together and get through it, shall we?  And even having said that, I giggle...for we have not enough time in the day to actually get through it, right.  We just might very well get right smack in the middle of it, and get stuck, not knowing which direction to turn or quite truthfully, have half a chance of getting to the end of the discussion.  But let's just talk about it for a wee bit and see where we go.

Let's begin with taking a look at one approach --  a group of OKLAHOMA republican lawmakers are

And that's where I was, exactly, when everything came to a screeching halt...
that's as far as I got before my computer was assaulted, violated in every way,  and begged for mercy...
that, and the Geek Squad.

IT took days for them to get rid of it.  Days!  And you can only imagine how truly important a day is around here, where just a girl aims to carry on about a day in the life in America with reasonable continuity and amor patriae ante meridiem.  (That's love of country sometime before noon).

So whatever, right.
Here we are, on this day, now May 26th and it's a Thursday -- one of my favorite days of the week.

And given me thinks it's best to finish a thought before starting a new one, let's do it.

In Oklahoma,  yes -- indeed -- that Oklahoma -- where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains, a group of state lawmakers are seeking to impeach President Obama over the White House "directive" to allow transgender students to choose the bathroom/locker room of gender identity.  As well, they "introduced a separate measure that would allow students to use religious grounds to have separate but equal bathrooms to segregate them from transgender students."

This is good.  It is being honorable and equally fair to the students now feeling rather disenfranchised of their natural gender rights to privacy.

And yet, in my humble opinion, would it not be a time to consider something even bigger for once and for all?   Why does the Left get everything they want while the right gets nothing?

Let's go one step further.

How about we go back to the egg, so to speak -- if only to balance the scales of power and it's effects upon cultural transformation....because that is exactly what this "directive" handed down from on high, the president, is all about.

Every conservative -- and every American of faith, any faith -- must demand another "directive" (the same kind held to the terms, kinda like a blackmail, of the federal education funds).  This directive should call for a Moment of Silence in every classroom, every day, in a return of honor of the Divine (or not; the choice is yours! as they say, how grand!).

It's just a Moment of Silence, and whether the student uses it for prayer or a minute of reckless, rudderless, empty thought that is attached to nothing; it is purely independent, individual choice returning to it's rightful place.  A Moment of Silence can be endorsed by the whole  without endorsing the Source of all Good, by leaving that decision -- the free exercise thereof! -- fully elective.  Not only that, the moment itself is entirely gender-free to be... irrelevant, really.  How beautiful is that?!

If the Left wants this, the right wants that....even steven.   Every time the Left asks for something, the Right should make a deal in return.  Fair is fair, right?!

What amazes me though -- given the width and breadth of the limitless capacity to change America via Leftist Ideals -- is the endless supply of hypocrisy, apple to apple.

So on the one hand, the Left is determined to protect the Transgender's right to choose by how they feel, in accordance to the gender inside, with opening the door to a mix and match approach in the public arena; and yet, when it comes to being an ILLEGAL and transgender -- the Left protects the Transgender, giving them  a safe place to be detained and fully separated, segregated even!

Preferential treatment.  Their own facility.  And actually -- it is a special facility for the entire community of Gays, Lesbians,  Bi-Sexual  and Transgender.  Oh the shame!

And don't let a little thing like hormone therapy stop the madness -- let freedom ring!

“With respect to treatment while in detention – the medical care standard – the standards guarantee a right to hormone therapy for individuals who need it for treatment,” Landy continued, “and even in facilities that are not covered by that standard.”  

That is ICE official, Kevin Landy, confirming the existential reality -- a Los Angeles Detainee center exists for the express purpose of the LGBT community, catering to their every whim, no holds barred. Catering seems to be the perfect fit, no?  In every liberal sense of the word, even the sensational and provocative, the American taxpayer is being taken advantage of, beginning with the erosion of American sovereignty at the border and continuing through the perverse actions of an administration hellbent on bringing America to her knees.  

Welcome to America in a new age -- the age of existential threat by transformation.  It's everywhere and our new reality.

And no matter now, but shocking is the age of the article itself -- found on Western Journalism and posted by B. Christopher Agee; it date backs over a year.  Who knew?

So if a separate facility is not only good enough -- but required, actually --  after personal assessment of the needs and vulnerabilities of the lowly illegal immigrant and card carrying member of the LGBT community, who after crossing the border illegally -- BREAKING the LAW -- is eventually detained in one of these facilities catering to their every need and fancy........just why isn't a separate bathroom and locker room good enough in our public schools?  In public offices?  And what not?   No mess, no fuss.

Apples to apples, the Left is treating the LGBT community with pure agenda-driven discretion.  It's all about two terms, multiple personalities and agendas, summing up one transformation.

For the purpose of articulating just what that is -- let's go to a comment from Tim Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association:

These people, led politically by President Barack Obama and his administration, are basically at war with 1) traditional Americans, 2) the Judeo-Christian value system, 3) common sense, and 4) millennia of history. Progressivism is a worldview fundamentally based on the philosophy of humanism. Humanism is based on atheism or agnosticism. That is to say, there is no God to govern the individual or the community on planet Earth. Or, if there is a God, He has no concern for human affairs. Therefore, it is up to humans to make our own rules for life. And we make those rules up as we go along. 

It explains so much in no uncertain terms.

The cultural mores and values of America were born in a day beholden to the Divine Providence that made us -- the Creator being an Absolute.  The progressives continue to whittle away at our foundation for they realize that without one, nothing stands.  And when nothing stands, transformation has ample room -- an entire country, really -- to remake itself.

The thing is, can we agree that a body needs a right hand just as much a left?

This is why our government, according to original intent, was designed to limit the power of the government, in order to preserve the peace and power of the people, the governed.

It's time to put our hands together and pray for an answer more suitable to the betterment of the whole, whatever that may be; reckless edicts, "directives,"  federal guidance tied to federal funds, handed down from a president, not only characterizes an abuse of power, it is unconstitutional.  And needless to say, it is just not right.

Make it a Good Day, G

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