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Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's I don't care what you say CNN, Rock On, BEN! Thing

Dear America,

just wish CNN was half as interested in vetting a candidate Barack Hussein Obama, back in 2007, as they are with one of the republican front-runners, Ben Carson...after eluding to Carson's extensive fabrication of a somewhat violent past in a recent journalistic hit piece.

Now little old g spent many moons, here, in my Diary of America, investigating Obama's questionable associations (Frank Marshall Davis -- take that! for a link into controversy... or  this one, Reverend Wright...) and the Communist/Marxist family background -- on both sides of his family, mind you.  OF course, given the birth of G dates back to summer of 2009, all of my searches and finds and story telling unfortunately came after the fact -- after the country was diabolically mesmerized of the notion of the first black president taking the oval office in hopes of all kinds of wonderful things in our future; all 300 million of us carried a different dream on our backs, but mostly in our hearts, of a new age.   As if.

And it's not like any of it has been old news -- or as if any of it went away either.   Just yesterday, one of my favorite places on the WWW, The Patriot Post, Mark Alexander came out with this post ....HERE...in which he also reminded us of a post from way way way back in '08....HERE.

And where was CNN then? Or better still -- NOW?    

Where is CNN doing it's great investigative journalism in wondering just where we all went wrong under Obama?  Or better still,  where is CNN questioning Hillary on her questionable past, perhaps telling a fib or two?  Really, now -- questioning ALL of her stories might take a decade just to corral the bevy of  unbridled lawlessness, let alone unearth the number of lies (that being, UN-truths, just to be clear).

But back to Barack:

The economy has never bounced back -- the world is coming apart at the seams, Al Queda is not the JV team, ISIS is committing crimes against humanity from sea to shining sea and from heaven to earth, IRAN still believes in Death to America -- the Obamacare exchanges are turning into billion dollar fraud schemes and have turned one-sixth of this nation's economy into a cesspool of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo and in spite of it all, we still have millions uninsured -- race relations have deteriorated, and have metastasized into a groundswell of hate crimes against law enforcement -- the cost of simply living, as in electricity will in fact "necessarily skyrocket..."  and the cost of basic food and goods and services have soared, while over 93 million Americans are not even in the labor force!

We could go on and on -- 

The thing is, long before day one of this administration,  THIS  president, and this first lady, have been nothing but perfectly clear.     

Their malicious intent was to change America forever because they simply hate America for which she stands. [Whatever...go ahead and hate me...it's just true.]  

  • America's traditions would have to change.
  • Holidays would have to change.
  • All of the inequalities of America's racist past would have to change and be course corrected, beginning with the return of the bust of Winston Churchill...
  • Foreign affairs would have to change -- beginning with making our enemies welcome associations, while our allies would become nothing more than chess pieces in the re-organization of a new world order.
  • All the while -- new energy policy, new immigration policy (more like domestic invasion), new education indoctrination policy, new domestic terrorist policy -- would all became immediate targets via Executive Order or by simply writing a new government regulation, coming in conjunction with a brand new bureaucracy of officials to make it so [See RED Tape Rising, at The Heritage Foundation, HERE]
No longer in the cover of night, what we have here is TYRANNY, as in one side takes ALL, and CNN isn't saying a word -- except, oh how 'bout that Ben Carson over there telling stories about a shady childhood and we can't find anyone from fifth grade to verify it.


And the left wonders why the panel of leftist attacks, along with the innumerable and unprofessional interruptions featured during the last CNBC debate didn't go over well?  Can The Right  actually get a question without the ideological zinger thrown in, or at least without the inherent condemnation?

Which reminds me of something else I read just yesterday on The Hill that made me roll all the way down the stream laughing,  It's from Brent Budowsky, and reads like so -- Sanders Trouncing Trump, Media Ignores

First off, Brent, The Left side, the establishment, wants Hillary; that shouldn't be a surprise. [Well, if we are really being truthful, the left establishment doesn't really want Hillary -- it simply gets down to the law of pay back -- it's just her time.  The Left owes it to her.]

Second, Brent -- loved this part! --

My view of Trump is similar to my view of Matt Drudge, who is the most powerful influencer in modern media history when it comes to what is covered by the news business. Drudge towers over the media like a colossus. News leaders read The Drudge Report like Talmudic scholars poring over ancient scrolls. News stories blessed by Drudge flow like mighty rivers from his keyboard to television screens and daily newspapers in living rooms across the nation. 
As a liberal Democrat, I am overwhelmed (honestly) by the green monster of jealousy that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats have never figured out that they should assemble their Democratic super-donors to finance ventures to challenge the literal monopoly of news aggregation power that Drudge — who is never accused of liberal bias — has achieved for what he does so brilliantly.
Are you for real?

Is it not enough to have the Liberal bias simply everywhere -- on the net, on TV, including in the everyday conversation in schools -- are you kidding me?  Are you that blind, deaf,  or dumb?  What -- because conservatives have a nice neat little list to go to every day, you think the Left sits at a disadvantage? Are you f$@&& kidding me??!??! 

...yeah because places like the Huffington Post, and Yahoo, in the mainstream, is just not enough...

.... the liberal dialog quoted daily by the likes of really cool people like Facebook's Zuckerberg or Sandberg or turned into a funny comedic rant by Jon Stewart,  all with the liberalism persuasion being magnified and multiplied and re-directed a top priority daily through the Google machine is simply not enough... 

....to the powerhouses of the big three -- ABC, CBS, NBC -- finally experiencing a wee bit of competition with the rise of Fox News is not enough.....

...As if -- as if George Soros doesn't sit behind a curtain all the live long day masterminding the propaganda and bank rolling a fundamental transformation through think tanks and liberal websites, complete with the wealth of liberal elites in Media, Hollywood, and Government at his beckon call...is never enough.

yeah, Brent.  I feel for you.  You should be jealous of the likes of Drudge.  How crazy powerful Matt Drudge must be against the army of millions in liberal media available 24/7 and dominating the voice of America for so long.

Let's see...

I have nothing else.

The liberal hypocrisy of CNN is what began the day, but it's the liberal ideology the rues the day in America.   And it sure ain't your grand-pappy's liberal ideology no more, no more; no sir ree bob.  It's so far left they simply want to abolish all other thought!  It's so far left, they want to censor any and all opposition.    It's so far left it has turned into a tyrannical, totalitarian subversion of the American Dream, turning us inside out and upside down without CNN, or any one else on The Left for that matter, so much as blinking an eye.

Oh Brent, you know not what you say.

And finally,
rock on, Ben!

Make it a Good Day, G

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