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Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Being One More Rainfall Away Thing

Dear America,

here's a good one....

“I will say, just on principle, 
the success of our democracy 
depends on the rule of law, 
and there is no public official 
that is above the rule of law,” 
according to the White House 
press secretary 

Earnest is as Earnest does.

he he he
happy fried-day, everybody.

What a week, eh?

What a week.

I love the part about "just on principle" --  as if, if it were to stand alone in a crowd like the idiot savant, people just might pay attention and pay their respect if placed on a pedestal....otherwise, it just moves around among us as if nobody gives a flying rat's ass most days.

yeah, we can have a Federal law that makes smoking pot illegal, in principle, as well as under the rule of law, and completely look the other way every single day...

yeah, we can have Federal Immigration Law on the books, unchanged through the legal measures in Congress, and continue to have sanctuary cities, along with rampant lawlessness of undocumented, illegal "immigrants" crossing our southern border, and look the other way...  No -- even better -- have a sitting president just stand up and say WE are just going to ignore what the law says, and by Executive Order usurp the law in every way, paving the way in gold for millions of illegals to come to America and immediately gain fortune upon the shoulders of every hard working American taxpayer.

yeah, and we can even have a law, fully intended to support traditional marriage  (1996 -  Defense of Marriage Act)   and have the Supreme Court alter the law, rewrite the law, along with having a president stand up and simply say, yeah WE are not going to do that anymore.    Congress has not re-written the law, by law.

yeah, and in comparison  -- let's look to what is protected by our First Amendment rights:

Burning the flag is protected.  (wiki law, here)
According to the Supreme Court you can burn the flag according to the law that protects the freedom of speech -- and yet, by that same law, a person who is exercising a certain freedom of religion is received with vitriol, virtually marked with a scarlet letter and hung in town's square for all to throw stones, while secretly wishing a good burning at the stake was still an option.

You know, Kim Davis had her job first.  [Hey, and thank God she is a registered Democrat, am I right, or we would never hear the end of it...]

Should our president be held in contempt for the middle finger he's got up against our nation's immigration laws, positioning himself squarely ABOVE the Law?

Should Hillary Clinton be jailed -- like, yesterday -- for being ABOVE the Law -- in principle and all -- while Secretary of State, in the unconscionable keeping of her own server -- which is totally ILLEGAL as secretary --  and moreover, using it to transmit censored, classified information in good company with her decisions on bridesmaids dresses, wedding photographers, and cake makers?   Seriously?

Should the entire upper echelon of Planned Parenthood -- hell, maybe even the entire organization --be held accountable for being ABOVE the Law and breaking FEDERAL Law with the selling of baby body parts, and be jailed right now, with no grace period whatsoever -- being held in contempt for every part sold on the market?

But now we are just getting carried away, huh.

The thing is -- CONGRESS writes the LAW; Congress giveth the law and only the congress can taketh away.  That -- in principle anyway -- is the law.

We do not WRITE law through the Supreme Court -- or in any court, for that matter.

The Court's sole purpose is to tell us what actions are according to the law and punish any actions, and all actions,  that go against the law, including deciding the Constitutionality of the law, and actions, thereof.  That's it.

Technically, there is no Federal Law on Gay marriage; there is only the opinion of the Supreme Court that we can no longer discriminate against it nah nah nana nah.   And now congress must write the law to support it.

But what up,
what up with the discrimination that squares face to face with a citizen's religious freedom -- and the FREE EXERCISE thereof??????!!!!!!

Like Kim said, 

“I’m very steadfast in what I believe. I don’t leave my conscience and my Christian soul out in my vehicle and come in here and pretend to be something I’m not. It’s easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” (Just like she probably wouldn't leave one of her babies alone in the car either, ba dump bah)...

Is she a perfect Christian?

Doesn't matter.

As a matter of fact, it goes to every imperfection of man that cries out to a Higher Power for guidance, love, and forgiveness in the every day.

And as it's been told -- she has only been "a believer" for less that five years; she became a soldier for Christ only recently, which then makes a whole lot of sense;  for the born-again Christian, the newbie, the Evangelist of the better-late-than-never-crowd is sometimes the most unrepentant, unapologetic, and most unshaken when sticking out and immediately coming under attack.   

The thing is, they are the ones who not only stand out, but stand firm because every living thing under the firmament is brand new and has meaning.  It is current; it is real; it is a Way, the Truth, and the Life, that not only sets they, themselves, personally free, it becomes a ministry.

The problem is we have a Left that chooses NOT to co-exist with this kind of Christian, with this kind of belief.  And not only that, it has united and grown to become a Left which stands fully committed to taking this kind of cultural phenomenon that has long been the cornerstone of America OUT.  And with great pain whenever possible.    "Co-exist" -- yeah right.

Again, do we  really have to go back to a certain Michelle Obama, on the campaign trail in 2008, preaching to us about how our traditions, and holidays, must all change?

"Barack knows that we are going 
to have to make sacrifices; 
we are going to have to change 
our conversation; 
we're going to have to change
our traditions,

our history;

we're going to have to move

into a different place

as a nation."

Now, I plucked that quote from an ancient post (2009), written by an up and comer in the conservative world, Glenn Beck, for the Fox News Channel; and it's a great piece in it's entirety, so go here for more.

Earnest is as earnest does.

We didn't really take the Obama's at their word, now did we?

We really didn't want to see it. 
 [Well, to be perfectly clear -- the G THING saw it coming -- it was black and white! and that's just about the man's character, never the color of his skin, or mine...  But who am I, right?  yeah, here I am, Lord,   Just a girl, her name is Gretchen, happily tapping into the blogosphere since 2009...]

We thought, my God, how in the world....America is untouchable, rooted so firmly in tradition, history, respective of the holidays that come with --- that surely no man is above the law;  what God has joined, men must not divide.

Through America's traditions and history and precedence -- we have made a certain vow (see "wiki vows" here).

Guess which one has become politically correct to put asunder?  [go mob rule, eh?  what are we doing to ourselves....going back to the dark ages?]

I believe there is a secular resolution that can be made, in the same vein that all people can co-exist and live in peace, and truth, and love of their own making, beholden to one's own religion under God.

 [And you know, God is of no Gender, so God should be considered really cool under the current hierarchy of  all things social, relate-able, and LIKED on facebook].  

AND  I also believe in Religious Liberty and it's free exercise  -- and it is made and written into a real law in America and it is just not acceptable that it be ridiculed and undermined with such contempt; we have one Kim Davis willing to let it all on the line for her God and evidently some people want to shoot her.  This oppression, coming from within America, no less -- and quite possibly, an America that is to be no more...

If you want to get a clear picture 
of any condition in life,
don't try to see things with 
your nose on them!
See them from the highest point,
from the plane of spirit,
and you will be surprised
at how different
your problems look.
White Eagle

But feel free to run out and burn a flag today -- for that seems to be protected more than other things once held in high acclaim, in perfect order of things,  under the First Amendment.... under "the law."  

Clearly, the law is on shaky ground; and it's not just in California anymore.  Personal passions set aside --- whether you like Kim Davis, or not --- one more rain fall of ignorance meets bliss and it's a slippery slope into oblivion goes the US of A,

Make it a Good Day, G

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