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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's Is the Pope Catholic?...and other Things

Dear America,

Is the Pope Catholic?

... beginning the year of mercy, for abortion

...beginning to "embrace" the divorced

...beginning to make annulment cheaper, easier

What's left?  
Wonder what would happen if he declared a year of mercy for murder, homicide, the taking of a life of another?

But he doesn't stop there, now does he?

Now please don't misconstrue, the list might as well be written in stone, for most of them make a whole lot of common sense.  Especially that one that says, "We are not God. The earth was here before us and it has been given to us" .....The point being, Be Humble.


"We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels  -- especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas -- needs to be progressively replaced without delay," so speaketh the big guy.

Love the use of the word "progressively" there; that really hits a sweet sun spot, no?

Of course, we recently opined on the president's nature walk in Alaska....you know, to prove the Exit Glacier is melting right before our eyes...you know, all because of the evil use of fossil fuels. [Here's another good "Climate Change" read for a quick refresher course on my point of a couple days ago.]

Going back to a post @ CNN, in March, in regards to the planned visit between the Supreme Being One and Supreme Being Two coming up, it was noted:

Obama has often expressed his admiration for the Pope's ability to call attention to issues including income inequality, even while admitting they disagree on certain social issues.

To which I have to mutter to myself, do they?  

C'mon,  They seem to be cut of the same cloth; it's as if Obama is not just a Christian anymore, he's as good as Catholic as anyone else.

However, a Cardinal with mid-western, Wisconsin roots begs to differ with what we might as well call one thing, the Supremes (of no direct relation to the Supreme Court of these fine United States...that is, yet) --   Cardinal Raymond Burke has thrown caution into the winds of the Vatican, saying:

“One must be very attentive regarding the power of the pope...The pope does not have the power to change teaching [or] doctrine.”

Unless, of course you believe in a certain kind of Hope and Change doctrine -- one that reigns supreme, perhaps at a place that is "under God" but above mankind -- and goes forth, progressively, steadfastly, indoctrinating the malleable, with a force of nature so great, who would dare not agree?

Now taking a cue from an email muse over the weekend, if Christians -- currently holding at about 70% of the population in America...which means, amounting roughly to 220 million people -- were to commandeer the vote come 2016, the direction of the country, and thereby quite possibly the rest of the world, could immediately, in my humble opinion, make way for a certain reformation for the new, new ages.   And how magnificent might that be for every little child of God, for rich or for poor!

What's wrong is this clear intent to take us back to the dark ages, with the help of the Pope, no less -- to a time when the oppressed stayed oppressed, a time when one's class, one's place in society, one's ability to create wealth and pursue happiness was thwarted by all things elitist...big government,  big church, economic controls, crony capitalism, outrageous regulations, and so on and so on, creating the very conditions that hinder true liberty and freedom for all.   [And how crazy is it that the Free Exercise of Religion gets ironically thrown out, too!]

Is this really where we want to go?    Seriously?

Remember how much power the early Catholic church had?  Do you? 
Remember how much power the Church of England had, circa Just Before America Made History?  Do you?

Or how about the power of Islam, of Mohammed, and what people are willing to do for him to this day?

Remember the image of a certain man, who, while vying for position of President of the United States, came on stage looking like a god?

He got the nod and nomination from the Democrats and set foot on the stage as if he truly was America's one       last       great       hope.

After the writing was on the wall on behalf of his bride, Bill Clinton was asked to say a few words at the temporary, man-made temple of the up and coming leader:

"I say to you: Barack Obama is ready to lead America and restore America's leadership in the world" and adding, "People have always been more impressed by the power of our example then by the example of our power."
Today, this administration -- this power --  all goes by way of the climate change argument -- it's a power manufactured out of thin air, it's facts and details contrived for public sway and amusement, it's methods contemptuous in the pure redistribution of wealth and power, it's divisiveness thoroughly malicious, and continues relentlessly, mocking the laws of nature and man, fully engaged to create a new world order, And now, perhaps, complete with the Pope's blessing.

If I didn't believe that this is all part of a grand plan, then perhaps a long walk off a short pier might just be the next step.

But I am not afraid; nor weary; nor disillusioned; nor lost.

Make it a Good Day, G


  1. DAR.........n Great Perspective

    Knowing your history, personal and corporate, creates the perspective to observe and teach by example!

    MTLBYAKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ....Consider the NASA facts on Earth temp last 500 years, varies plus and minus 10 degrees F of 62 degrees F. See article NASA Earth's Fidgeting Climate, current Earth temperature has been an average of 52 F for the past million years in ice age period. Over next 500 years Earth is most likely to reward 10 degrees to real Ave 62 F. Sorry if NASA facts make look stupid!

  3. Makes the Pope look stupid. The NASA website has been online since the year 2000. The Sun is now entering a multi-decade of minimum sunspots like the Maundar Minimum that drastically cool the planet and reduce farm land and shorten growing seasons. Wake up!

  4. OOOPS, Correct the NASA Time Graph, 2nd Comment ABOVE, to 500 MILLION YEARS where Average Earth Temp is 63F. Today, Avg temp is ~9 degrees below the 500M YR average now, thus ~53F. Latitude of USA where aviation was invented, avg. T is in ~ 59F year round ... thus the when airline pilots calculate the loads plane can carry, takeoff distance, etc., they use 59 F as the standard, and then increase Takeoff distance as the temp is higher (air less dense), or shorten takeoff distance if air is colder (air more dense) than the standard 59F. Thus, including the N and S Poles, avg. Earth temp today is about 54 F, and NO AMOIUNT OF POLITICS CHANGE IT ...so there!!