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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Persecution Comes in Many Colors Thing

Dear America,

[fine print on the day -- prepare -- I intend to be all over the place; and with good reason.  bon appetit!]
“Our strategy recognizes that no amount of military force will end the terror that is ISIL unless it’s matched by a broader effort — political and economic — that addresses the underlying conditions that have allowed ISIL to gain traction. … Ultimately, in order for us to defeat terrorist groups like ISIL and al-Qaida, it’s going to also require us to discredit their ideology. This broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas — a more attractive and more compelling vision.”
President Obama, yesterday  
And now, let's gain a little perspective and philosophy from 1747 from Benjamin Franklin:

"Were this Union formed, were we once united, thoroughly armed and disciplined, were everything in our power done for our security, as far as human means and foresight could provide, we might then, with more propriety, humbly ask the assistance of Heaven and a blessing on our lawful endeavors." (Smyth, Writings of Benjamin Franklin, plucked from pages of The 5000 Year Leap, Skousen)

Franklin, continued:

"The very fame of our strength and readiness would be a means of discouraging our enemies; for 'tis wise and true saying, that 'One sword often keeps another in the scabbard.'  The way to secure peace is to be prepared for war.  That they are on their guard, and appear ready to receive their adversaries, are in much less danger of being attacked than the supine, secure and negligent."

While this strategy of peace through strength is summed up by Franklin like so --

"Our security lies, I think, in our growing strength, both in numbers and wealth; that creates an increasing ability of assisting this nation in its wars, which will make us more respectable, our friendship more valued, and our enmity feared; thence it will soon be thought proper to treat us not with justice only, but with kindness, and thence we may expect in a few years a total change of measures with regard to us; unless, by neglect of military discipline, we should lose all martial spirit, and our western people become as tame as those in the eastern dominions of Britain [India], when we expect the same oppressions; for there is much truth in the Italian saying, "Make yourselves sheep, and the wolves will eat you."

As we swifty  Skip to My Lou  up to the present day.....here's Marco Rubio, while speaking at CPAC not long ago:

"Our allies no longer trust us, 
our enemies no longer fear us." 

And that's when it happened.


The observance of how the Obama Administration "fights" ISIL (or Iran...and any other entity considered to be an enemy of America's security) vs. how the Obama Administration confronts -- no, "degrades and destroys" --  Christianity in America; now, uncharacteristically and profoundly disturbing, making this faith public enemy number one.

Obama, circa 2007:

“Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers,”
And masterfully, paving the way and preparing the world for the pending multicultural America upon the horizon, the very destruction of her foundation begins.

Going back to the president's remarks on ISIL...perhaps tweaking it just a wee bit, we arrive at this:

Ultimately, in order for us to defeat terrorist groups like the Catholic Church or Fundamental Christians, it’s going to also require us to discredit their ideology. This broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort YET. Ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas — a more attractive and more compelling vision, which only the progressive Left can provide

In the eight years since, military chaplains are being scolded for holding Christian prayers, or saying Jesus by name; while also, an actual Islamic terrorist attack that killed thirteen patriots at Fort Hood, on American soil, is being labeled "work place violence."

Atheists groups are gaining the secular upper hand, being instrumental in removing prayer in the huddle before football games, or removing the Ten Commandments that were once considered written in stone, from the town square.

And to the most recent demise of our religious rights, and community organizing which blatantly prohibit  "the free exercise thereof," as individuals who decline same-sex marriage services become under assault, taking away not only their religious right to free exercise thereof, but their livelihoods, if not their entire fortune!

In response to Obama's comments on ISIL, here's an excerpt from Dan Gilmore, of The Patriot Post, that makes common sense:

"Clearly, we didn’t win independence from Britain with superior debating skills, nor did we defeat the Nazis or Soviets with speeches. Furthermore, debate works amidst a civil society, but not when one side is enslaving minorities, burning prisoners alive and beheading others, while vowing further violence against people with which it disagrees."

This works for the argument supporting military might through strength, as well as posing the appropriate context to support religious freedom and civil rights for all.

In THIS country, it's the INDIVIDUAL who remains is king, last I checked.

But not only has the LGBT community, along with the assist from the progressive Left agenda, shut down the debate on the most basic of civil rights, it has begun to make this religious, faithful, Bible thumping community the outsiders in their own country!

And yet, given the numbers -- the 60% of this nation who consider to be called Christian, along with people who are unaffiliated with organized Christianity, but think of themselves believers adding another 22%, and realizing the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu encompass a mere 6% -- the fact of the matter is....drum roll please....we are a CHRISTIAN nation, having been founded by CHRISTIAN values, all along!   Even those who love reality shows should be able to embrace this without issue.

Where are the authentic Christian believers, with the help from a few of the "unaffiliated"or not,  with the courage to back up our most fundamental right?

Where are you in this fight?

Um, I heard once, not that long ago, "make yourselves sheep, the wolves eat you,"

In this country, we have a right to bake our cake and eat it too and NOT take it to a same-sex marriage ceremony  and NOT be persecuted for it -- whether you agree with this or not; in this country, we are born with this right.  For the free exercise thereof supports the INDIVIDUAL religious belief and whatever actions they take, both public and private. The individual cannot be separated from their religion.  Whether in church, at home, at school, at work, it is all the same-same.  [Case in point, how the Muslim scarf has been allowed to stay wrapped in America, even in the workplace; or how Muslims are allowed to stop and pray, even in the workplace.]

It's why the First Amendment to the Constitution was written the way it was written.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or the prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." 

It's true -- we do not have an "established" Christian religion in this country -- just look around; we are not commanded to go to mass, or to a church, of any kind; we are free to do  whatever we want when it comes to believing or not believing.   But the truth is, we are a whole bunch of believers.

While the respect and admiration and hope of this very Omniscience that surrounds us - this notion of Divine Providence  written throughout the ages -- and thoroughly having It's way in the founding of this country is not only recorded vividly and profusely within and around our institutions and declarations and history, It was made with firm intention and looking forward with the totality for all future generations.

Some things don't just go away even if a ruckus crowd denies and degrades and aims to destroy it...

Even if five Supremes choose to deny religious conscience...

Even if some people choose to twist the truth into something dirty or wrong headed, or of the wrong ideology.

What has troubled me from the start of this same-sex marriage revolution is the lack of understanding back behind the real life conscience of the Christian believer [And Christianity not being the only religion with exceptions to these unions, while some even oppose to just being gay.].  For according to the actions, through the courts and otherwise, of the LGBT community and the Left, the civil right of simply keeping to yourself and one's own religion is ripe to be trampled upon to no end.

Oh which reminds me of some poignant and thoughtful comments I read earlier this morning, featured on the Huffington Post, and written by a Christian, Gay, woman...Whitney Kay Bacon.  Now, appreciating her experience immensely; I must say it was well written.   That is, up until the end.   It was in her final paragraph, while making her last point, when she said this:

"So, my dear fellow Christians, from one Christian to another, please mind your own business and PLEASE make sure that your hands are clean before you point your finger at me and my community. Amen."
Likewise, Ms. Whitney Kay Bacon.

PLEASE....Let the bakers, the florists, the churches, mind their own business according to their individual beliefs and walk away.   AND let the bakers, the florists, the churches, etc...speak up if they feel so inclined!  [a gag order, pulleeze.]  My, how persecution comes in many colors and flavors.

Wait a minute...wait a minute...
As a matter of fact, and for the record --- the baker in Oregon WAS minding her own business, Ms. Bacon!   Say what....

Now directing a few questions to the general gay community...

Do you really need to sue?
Do you really have to resort to name calling just because she shares certain beliefs as it pertains to marriage along with plenty of other Christians, mind you?
Do you really need to pummel Christianity into the ground and silence it's rightful civil responsibility to voice it's opposition, and act according to one's beliefs, so help me God?

It was the lesbian couple that went to the establishment and asked for services -- and it was the service of baking a cake for a gay wedding which the baker could not support; the homosexuality aspect was not the issue.  The Oregon baker, @Sweet Cakes, was simply minding her own business and it was the direct actions of the Lesbian couple who made it America's business.

I'm pretty sure another baker, or florist, or "unaffiliated" church would love to serve you with not only their full support, but with pure love.

How about you go to those people!
How about leaving those whose faith teaches them another definition of marriage, under God, alone. Is that really so hard?   For why would you want to force a business who cannot wholeheartedly come to the table of agreement with you serve you anyway?  Funny, isn't it -- for in this way the bully pulpit takes on an ulterior rainbow universe all of it's very own.

The thing is, reality proves a greater war under foot, upon American soil, and far, far away from the growth of ISIL in the middle east.

And sadly, it is a war against Christianity.

My mantra of late is four little words:  THY will be done.

And in this moment, I pray, for not only THY will be done -- I pray that we, as a nation, find a way through this.   Nothing is by accident. [And believe me when I say, you don't have to pray if you don't want to...just sayin']

THY will be done
[Matter of fact, it is done, already
in the mind of God.
Is that soothing to know, or what...]

I BELIEVE, we are assembled and united by a Higher Purpose, even now.

You are here, right now, for a reason.
I am here, right now, for a reason.

To question and become disturbed by things unsettling and troubling, is to question God -- and that is not going to get us anywhere.

It is time to pray for guidance, humility, love and peace for every single one of us and watch the magic that IS Life, that is God, in action.

Spirit has always proven to be superior to matter ....

take the spirit of overcoming Britain, against all odds, in the American Revolution...

take the spirit of overcoming slavery, against all odds, in the Civil War...[While it was the same Christianity which assisted William Wilberforce use his faith to change the world, for he believed slavery was wrong, long before America's Civil War was fought and won.]

take the spirit of overcoming Christian bigotry happening all over the world, right now, and tragically, even here, in the United States of America...

against all odds.

America has been here before.
And it will take every single one of us, as individuals, to work it out and see it through, allowing Divine Providence to carry us, for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all and ultimately protect this beautiful, spiritual, promised land.

Make it a Good Day, G

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