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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's About the RIGHT to CHOOSE Thing

Dear America,

  • "The fingers and toes and beating hearts that we can see on an unborn child's ultrasound come with something that we cannot see: a soul," former U.S. President George W. Bush said Jan. 23, 2008, as thousands of people met on Capitol Hill in an anti-abortion rally.
The year was 1973, and little g was all of eleven when Roe v. Wade altered the landscape of America and made a moral exception for the nation based upon a woman's Constitutional right to choose. Abortion was immediately made legal with certain stipulations and under certain conditions, none of which included the other half, the other party intimately involved, mind you (just where is the evolution on that one?).

Even though abortion has been decidedly made perfectly legal since 1973, the religious conscience continues to voice not only opinion, but a confident opposition to the act.

In my personal experience, in the time since 1973, it has not been uncommon to come across women who have chosen abortion, and we can still have a conversation about abortion without myself agreeing with what she felt compelled to do for her own personal reasons, nor has this person ceased speaking to me.  It has become widely acceptable to agree to disagree, recognizing strong convictions exist among us and we leave it alone.

Religious Conscience is something inside us that tends to grow, much like a newborn baby, and to be forced to separate from this spirit, this soul, this feeling we know to be true for ourselves, is like having a sword swipe down the center of our body, splitting us in two.

The thing is, we are still having the conversation about abortion --whether right or wrong, left or right, liberal or conservative --  in America today, now 42 years later!  The Supremes may have written abortion into law, but it didn't change a thing with regard to personal convictions and beliefs and religious conscience....all the while the Catholic church may never come around, right.

Knowing the controversial aspects of the act of killing one's baby, all citizens are not only allowed to hold onto their personal beliefs, they are left alone to live according to those beliefs.  While according to state law (the state being the government), funds acquired through taxpayers are supposedly totally off limits (jury is still out on that one, right, Planned Parenthood?)  and are not to be allocated towards abortion, without exception (yeah, right, that's a good one).

Regarding gay marriage -- whether we stand with it wholeheartedly, or perhaps remain lukewarm about it, or even hold the stance of  'I couldn't care less'  -- the truth remains the same for each one of us, for the very same arguments holding to religious conscience and personal independence is what's at play.   And the conversation will continue -- and moreover has every RIGHT to continue -- until a brand spanking new generation decidedly gives it the grand nod across the fruited plains.  Or, then again, it may just never go away...

Please don't misconstrue the context of the conversation.  The domestic conflict is not intended to focus on the gay person at all.  It's entirely about the ACT about to take place:  this thing called same-sex marriage.

And just as abortion opposition doesn't make a person against all women, or even one woman, the liberty to not agree with abortion is fully left to the individual to decide for themselves, with no judgement; the argument against abortion becomes just about the act of killing the unborn baby.  And likewise, the argument against gay marriage is not against the gay person(s), but the act of gay marriage itself.

Capturing the groundbreaking right to liberty for all, allow me to hook you up to a piece on The Daily Caller that outlines the pending next big thing for the Supremes to mess up.  Whatever happens with the case from Jack Phillips, just know this --  every Jack, Jane, John and Jim or Joan and Jill Dough will be looking to the outcome of this nation's most sacred essential liberty with great hope.

How sad this day in America truly is, really.

That we have arrived at a day that calls upon the common man to make the case and fight for what is purely a religious conviction and conscience when it should be a given!

For something of another color to read today, go to The Daily Bell --  a libertarian love fest of a web site and easily a place little g finds herself fawning all over.  The Bell uses the Free Market argument to understand the changes afoot, and offers a fascinating look at the latest Supreme Court decision. Having said that, it is unfortunate the side of  religious conscience didn't enter into field of arguments; for what value can we give to religious liberty and the "free exercise thereof" if even the libertarians don't see it or even want to talk about it?  weird.

Now, the gay marriage community of supporters is hardly short on propaganda these days; it's really cool and quite common to trample upon religious liberty, rarely finding public outcry.  

 Enter Jimmy Carter.

"I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage."  But even Jimmy added he didn't believe churches should be forced to marry them. (And just because I respect Jimmy Carter so much, I wonder where he stands on the John Dough's who don't wish to bake the cake?)

Going back to The Daily Bell and our natural inclination as humans to discriminate in everything we do, we must accept the wide range of opinion on gay marriage to truly reign in order to save the day. And that calls for gays to accept the fact that some people may never come around; and to force those people to participate  in something that they cannot morally and fundamentally accept as their truth is simply wrong.   As well, it would make the gay community anti-religious bigots to judge them for it, and we can't have that, now can we.  

Discriminating as it all very well may be, we are all at liberty to choose, to decide for ourselves; and this liberty does not come from government, but from our Creator, under Nature's Law.

Gleefully, the bottom line is this: the gay community has won and it is done (well, sorta).  Gay Marriage is legally available to anyone and everyone AS OF TODAY! [With some exceptions, I guess.  See Kansas and how the litigation blow-back that has already begun.]  Oooh and make that as of June 26th, 2015; the decision is already a week old!  

Awwww isn't she sweet.

This historic event just so happens to share the calendar day with this little unknown wonder:  In the year 1870, "the Christian holiday of Christmas is declared a federal holiday in the United States."  

Oh and then there's this --  in 1977, Elvis Presley sang what would become his final concert, in Indianapolis.  

And in 1989, the Supremes declared that 16 year old's can get the death penalty.  
In 1992, the Supremes decided that fund soliciting can be banned at airports.  

In 1993, "Late Night with David Letterman" aired for the first time -- and it just so happens to share the day in '93 with this:
The U.S. launches a cruise missile attack targeting Baghdad intelligence headquarters in retaliation for a thwarted assassination attempt against former President George H.W. Bush in April in Kuwait.

Wow.  How times change and yet oddly stay the same-same.

And now this is where I CHOOSE to end the day.  Don't hate, procreate,

and --
Make it a Good Day, G

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