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Friday, February 20, 2015

It's a Guts and Glory with Gusto is a Good Thing

Dear America,

 you know that New York Post cover...
just a couple of days ago...
showing the President with a blindfold over his eyes,
poking fun at his inability to see the truth about Islamic Terror...this one....

"I just don't see it,"  it says in the caption.

We might as well have a NY Post cover made for every democrat, left-winged liberal, progressive -- whether a Senator, or Representative, or Governor, or Head of the DNC (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)  -- whether black or white -- whether man or woman --- the cover covers everyone and anyone who continues to stand behind this president with no doubt of his allegiance to America;  and the caption would read the same... "I just don't see it."

They just don't see it because they don't want to see it.

Barack Obama -- in his campaign(s) leading up to the presidency, in his actions as president, and no doubt, in his continued efforts in retirement to use his position of influence even further in hopes of fulfilling his father's dreams of  RE-organizing America  -- shows us a man (just a man...tirelessly clinging to ambitions larger than life, even larger than his own ego) in utter contempt of America's history every day.

This contempt runs deep -- having grown and been shaped and earnestly persuaded of a certain ideology throughout his childhood and young adulthood from multiple fronts:  his natural born father of Kenya, who he hardly knew really -- and the many influences of  Marxist, Communist, Socialist mentors and associations  (including his grandparents who raised him, his own mother's alliances, his pastor and mentor of 20 years, according to Obama himself -- Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis , Rezko, Ayers, Khalidi, Rev. Pfleger...and Saul!  Who can forget Saul Alinsky!  Rules for Radicals lovers unite!  Hillary....you, too....stand up...don't be shy).

And for the most part -- his childhood (the most impressionable years of a person's growth) was not on the mainland of America, but Hawaii or Indonesia.  This is a huge detail, not to be dismissed as just G being crazy.   (For more back story:  READ THIS well researched post @American Thinker...dated October 30, 2008)

The background on Barack was all over the place before he was elected.

But the mainstream media was silent; the MSM -- refusing to vet the man fully and to this day, highly culpable to the fraud -- was just so love-struck, they might as well be on a cover, all of them, with blindfolds, with a caption "I just don't see it" written in red and smeared across the bottom of the page.  I mean, my gosh, given the rise of the first "articulate ...and clean" African-American (am I right, Joe?)...what's not to love?  It  was like getting a thrill all up and down the leg, huh, Chris Matthews?

America was ripe for the taking.

We fell hard.


Even many of us on the right couldn't help but be excited of the thought of it.  It was contagious and bellowing up from our core, his approval appeared nearly unanimous.   America inhaled and now high on the loftiest of dreams, and ideals...... it was as if everyone's idea of an American president were being answered all at once.  boom.

We wanted Barack Obama to be The One, hence the pillars and surround sound following him wherever he went.

The media chose to sweep whatever suspect influences and alliances by association under the proverbial rug because it was time, it was worth it -- he was just what America needed.  And to be sure -- this African-American man who could speak (unbeknownst to us at the time, only by teleprompter) was going to fix race relations for the better, to be the end all of a long and brutal American history within the black community. With great hopes, we believed Obama was the fix for good.

I mean, honestly, people --  the American mainstream media -- can they really be trusted?  Really?  Brian Williams.  

Now, thanks to people like Sharyl Attkisson -- we now know how transparent things really are under this administration and the lengths they will go to control the information and more important, control the media and their talking points.  Desperate times call for socialist measures.

But now we've taken a far left turn.......

What the hell do you think "WE ARE FIVE DAYS AWAY FROM FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" truly means?    How many times have I had to embed that little youtube show of bravado?  Not doing it today. Just not going there.  If you want to hear it again, look it up yourself.

And what the hell...let's go here, too - - Michelle has made no apologies for saying this during the first campaign:

What, like change everything, Michelle, my belle?
Including  "change our traditions, our history?"

[And just gotta love that she's in Puerto Rico talking smack against America]

And just how do you alter a history?   Wow.  To promise to change American history as a campaign promise -- that's good.

[It's funny, isn't it?  It's not like Obama can change HIS history...IF Obama had a different history, perhaps more embed-ed with all things Americana, we would be able to find it.   But it's not there, is it.   And more important, he can't change it unless by means of deception.]

But let's keep going --
And to change our traditions, Michelle?

What the fucking hell?

Barack and Michelle are united in marriage and in their contempt for this country.  Otherwise, why would they feel a need to change our history (however absurd that sounds)  and our traditions with aplomb.

They both, in tandem and decidedly, hate what America stands for in every possible way.

I mean, come on --  Michelle was never proud of her country until hope springs eternal during the Obama campaign!   Seriously?

Now of course, with every new presidency,  and with each new administration, an air of confidence to bring forth a certain level of influence, leaving an imprint upon America, is a lofty and spirited and patriotic ambition.   I would assume, anyway.

Generally speaking, becoming president of the United States, and by default, leader of the free world, history begs for a contribution.  No doubt about it.

However, I'm pretty sure the joy of such a responsibility, chock full of umpteen possibilities, doesn't begin with a grudge -- a chip  -- a despise beyond intelligent reason -- and essentially, an inbred ignorance of how America got here in the first place.  

The secrets of America's success leading to the founding of an exceptional nation, under God, and within the guidelines of a limited government, trusting of a system of checks and balances to keep the power of an overzealous government in check -- is of no interest to Him.

Obama grew up believing in community organizing to bring about change and government syncing with the community to bring about a radicalized  new America.  Little by little, nudge by nudge, systematically regulating the culture, business, schools, immigration, healthcare,  bureaucracy, media, a fundamental transformation of America within two terms becomes almost second nature over time -- and when he gets to his last two years -- when there are no campaigns left, right, Barack?  -- it's time to bring out a new tack....and it's something I like to call going for broke.

Which is what we are witnessing now.

This president is shunning Bibi Netanyahu and Israel while negotiating with Iran.  [um ah-hem... we are up against a deadline, March 24th]

This president is slamming Christianity while sheltering Muslims; and don't even get me started of how he can't even utter the truth about Islamic fundamentalists...President Barack "I just don't see it" Obama.   Making a connection between the deaths in the Middle East at the hands of radical Islamists because, you know, the Crusaders did the same thing...are you kidding me?

I mean, who can be surprised given how this presidency began -- running around like a chicken with his head cut off, apologizing to the Muslim world about America.

This president called the thirteen deaths at Fort Hood "workplace violence" for goodness sake.

This president ---  because he can't figure out how to close Gitmo, he is just releasing prisoners... just a few at a time....not to worry.

This president unilaterally changed immigration law, without a mandate and without congressional approval...And now, under this president, we are accepting refugees from Syria into America by the thousands.  Security?  Anyone?

This president fraudulently created another entitlement -- Obamacare -- lying to the American people about what it is, how it works, and ultimately upending one-sixth of this nation's economy.  This president created a burden so great, by design, it will lead to either Socialist medicine and a single-payer system for all OR it  will be the last straw....you know the one... the one that breaks America's back.  (And just look how it's burdening the federal bureaucracy already..).

This president is hellbent on destroying free enterprise, our cornerstone of wealth creation -- advocating for such things as a $15 dollar minimum wage!  ....recommended by a bureaucrat with no business experience.

This president claimed he was a big believer in "all of the above" energy policy -- but doesn't believe in the Keystone project?  Hammers out reckless regulations to the coal industry?   Nearly stops drilling for oil on federal property?  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

This president wants to take over the INTERNET!  Controlling commerce and free speech just for the politics.

I have to stop.

This president doesn't really love America the way America is intended to be.   He wants to.  He really wants to.  At least, he wants you to believe he wants to, anyway.   But truth is, that would be going against the anti-Colonialism -- and everything for which she stands -- fight running mighty strong and iron rich in his bloodstream.

He loves what he can do for America.

If he had his way, this president would have preferred to have been given a clean slate altogether -- to reorganize, remodel, and fundamentally remake America from her roots.

I don't know.

Of course, maybe you just don't see it.
There is that.

He is  smart, you know; and articulate...oooh weee, yes he is....and  highly educated......oooh wee, yes we can ........and clean......and how great is it that he is an African-American....finally.    And this guy knows what we, the people, need before we even know we need it.  It's truly amazing.

Perhaps, with any luck, the natural laws of oppression will catch up to us once again.

oh....almost forgot to say, go G, as in Guiliani.  Guts and Glory with Gusto is a Good Thing for America.

Make it a Good Day, G

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