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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Called "a Solution That Won't Work to a Problem That Doesn't Exist" Thing

Dear America,

fascinating thought is coming to the surface due to the massive overreach @ the FCC.

This whole "net neutrality" thing is anything but.

What has captured my attention -- the arguments against the new regulation in and of itself.

The arguments, the language --  the encapsulating of what is at stake and just what might be lost -- justify total restraint.  And in the natural process of things, circle back around to justify just why our Rule of Law in America, along with the government attached in its care, has been designed the way it was designed --  but even more important, why said government doesn't work anymore, let alone even exist.

From Ajit Pai:

[Net Neutrality] "a solution that won't work to a problem that doesn't exist," 

Don't think you're special over there at the FCC, Ajit --  it's just the left-wing, hair-brained approach for everything under the sun; it just so happens to be the everyday run of the mill oppression meeting up with twenty first century ignorance.  It's just occurring in the light of day, instead of its usual cover of night.

No. Wait.  It is happening in the cover of night...

Let's go to an outfit called "Electronic Frontier Foundation"  -  a place all about "defending your rights in the digital world."

They say:

"Our message has been clear from the beginning: the FCC has a role to play, but its role must be firmly bounded."  [ooooh, kinda like good government]

Needless to say,  they are now digitally reconciling big doubts along with a mother-load of good intentions.

They go on with their lament --

Two weeks ago, we learned that we had likely managed the first goal—the FCC is going to do the right thing and reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service, giving it the ability to make new, meaningful Open Internet rules.  But we are deeply concerned that the FCC’s new rules will include a provision that sounds like a recipe for overreach and confusion: the so-called “general conduct rule.”


it's taken you guys this long to connect the dots?

As crazy as this idea may sound, you should get together with Ajit.....

What we are experiencing now is called technical difficulties.  And it's complicated.

No.  Not really.
It's called "a solution that won't work to a problem that doesn't exist,"
Or, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

In other words, it's just how progressives make progress reaching their overreach goals.

Welcome to the other side, EFF; welcome to the party of less government is more.  Take a number.  Your input and help is greatly appreciated.

And finally --
apparently, the FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler isn't even going to discuss it anymore.  He simply refuses to discuss the ruse before Congress on principle, being the principal decision maker for the FCC and the principles it keeps.  

Compromising on our principles is just what we do (now).

The vote is Thursday.


Make it a Good Day, G

PS.  ALL of my links today -- if not many days -- come courtesy of the Drudge Report.com !  You link, post, mock, revel,  in and around the world wide web everyday, Matt, and this girl loves you!   You make it so easy to link my thing with your thing and make something pure -- venturing to record and keep a diary of America by telling the Truth!   Thank you and God Bless you.

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