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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Chris Kyle Day --- granted, a day late -- Thing

Dear America,


As a servant of the Christ you must never lack courage.
It is a temptation to do so, for the shadows
group around you and tempt you to be weary, 
to have no confidence; they tempt you to say,
'I am no use,' and to have what you call an 
inferiority complex.  
Never doubt the power of God to work through you.
To think you are no good is to doubt God's power.

White Eagle, The Quiet Mind

so the thing is, 
today I feel a day late and an MRE short.

it's a combination of things, really.  nothing really stands out; but clearly, this dysfunction within me is doing the work of the devil's share, working against any possibility of making forward progress.

Distractions easily mount and the next thing you know, I've lost an entire day.  Oh sure, I show up at my job everyday, that is true.  It's not a total waste.  But oh the time in-between!  I simply can't account, so don't make me.

My intention was to show up yesterday --  with the subject: Chris Kyle.  It was after all, a day designated "Chris Kyle Day" in the glorious state of Texas, February 2nd.  In memoriam of the 'silent professional', the Navy SEAL brought to the attention of the entire country and brought to life on the big screen in American Sniper

the thing is, I didn't even watch the Super Bowl.  My mood, as you would know if you caught up with me "yesterday" was a wee bit, oh how do you say....deflated.  I just wasn't into it.  And given this girl LOVES her football, that was a major blow to my spirit. FIRST TIME EVER in my memory that I didn't watch the spectacle.  You want to talk about a shake up; if I wasn't living it myself, I never would have seen it coming.

But lo and behold,
there I was,
all by my lonesome,
not watching it.

Now coincidentally, upon the Friday Night Lights just before, I was loaned a KINDLE! for one reason and one reason only -- to read American Sniper.

The funny thing was -- and considering the boatload of distractions I can create out of thin air and on the fly like nobody's business  ---I didn't get to it right away.  huh. fascinating, isn't it?  yeah, sometimes I don't get me either.  moving on.org...

But come Saturday Night -- I hunkered down.  And when I dig in, I dig in deep.  Nobody, but nobody could find me unless, of course,  I want them to.  And I didn't.

Oh my fucking goodness it was good.
And the F bomb firmly planted there in Chris Kyle's honor.

Let me just say ....What a dude, what a dude, what        a        dude.

And what a way to see the war. 

You know which one, 

It's the war we are in against ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS hellbent on being on the receiving end of umpteen virgins for killing every westerner on the face of this planet in the name of their religion.

You see, Chris Kyle was very clear of exactly who is was up against.   
He lived it. He studied it.  He understood it.  And he was fully prepared to have his day with it.

He saw it play out on a daily basis --  not in a movie, not for audiences holding Raisinets and popcorn with extra butter, but in a way  way too close and personal kind of way; for his life and the lives of the brotherhood of every arm of the military and Iraqi civilians depended upon it.

Accompanied with the framework "God, Country, Family"  [IN THAT ORDER, mind you] Chris Kyle was not afraid.  And more than that, he was not afraid to identify the enemy for what they truly are -- radicalized, Islamic Extremists --  oh,  and perfectly crazy mother fuckers  to boot.  Oh my, just how do we reconcile one child of God with another without judgement and still come away with our full faith intact?  how?

Yes, I did.
Another F bomb dem dare bombs away.  pardon my french.  no, not really.

whatever, as Chris might say.

You see...the long and the short of it is...I missed the Super Bowl because I found myself deep in the trenches with a real  American hero. I couldn't put the book down until I finished the one and only task in front of me.

I couldn't be distracted by petty things or even modern man's frivolous use of his time, watching football -- even if it included seven layer dips, buffalo wings with extra sauce, jello shots in team colors, pizza, of course, all chased down with enough beer to fill the Pacific Ocean during the biggest game of the fucking year.  I wasn't having any of it.

I was making my own heaven listening to the voice of Chris Kyle [along with his wife, Taya, who happened to flow in and out sharing her intimate thoughts throughout...and I loved that].

I am still taken aback, really.


In awe of what our boys and girls are up against, as always, having never stopped; but now!  holy shit.

I know I couldn't do it.
And so, I, needless to say, rely on other Americans -- Americans like Chris Kyle -- to step up in my place ....

to defend my right to live, 
and speak, 
and do, 
whatever I want, 
even if on some days it is nothing at all.... putt-sing my life away, perfectly distracted, and mindlessly falling off the path from my life's purpose and whatever comes next, after shipping my baby girl off to college leaving me with so many options I can't see straight... as if I had all the time in the world. 

run on with that run on sentence.

At least I'm not afraid to call it what it is.




Put it all together and what have you got?

Know your enemy.

Keep your sights on doing what is right.

Stay focused and diligent and patient.

Trust God to put you wherever God pleases and that it IS exactly where you need to be in that moment....for THY will be done.   Can I get an amen?!

And above all things, do NOT runaway. [how 'bout that "runaway" called out in Chris Kyle style...get the book...and you, too, will know]

yeah, I like running away, too, sometimes.  Sometimes, I even run with scissors, don't tell mom.

But I digress.

I am amazed that Chris Kyle survived all his days over there, knee deep in war games and shit (literally).   Read what he has to say, in his own words, complete with his own way with words, before you go see the movie, if that be at all possible.

Before I leave you today, this day, February 3rd and clearly the DAY AFTER  I wudda cudda shudda been here -- 

check out Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, here.  "Despite what your mama told you, violence does solve problems."
and   America's Mighty Warriors, here.  Pass it on!

and Lone Survivor Foundation, here.  NEVER QUIT!

As I have been catching some of the episodes of  Sons of Liberty in all my spare time (he he), I am reminded of the fight we have deep within our soul of America.

We are entering another phase of fighting the good fight, even while most people go about their lives totally unaware.    And I truly believe, 2016 will bring us an election that either seals America's fate in fundamental transformation in every way, never to see the light of self-reliance and opportunity and  wealth again -- OR, the summation of generations of actual Sons and Daughters of real Liberty take America back for the benefit of the whole, and for future generations to come...

....for all the right reasons

...with all the absolute determination to dig in for the rest of our lives, no matter what

...for all the happiness of the world to come, for we truly are exceptional and the guiding light.

It's a turning point that demands every American's full attention and salute, not to be distracted; demanding the kind of comradery that works succinctly,  seamlessly, patiently putting all the variables together and lining up the target;  perhaps working osmosis-ly, organically, kinda like a code of honor...  spread the word.

Last thing,

from the bottom of my heart, thank you Chris Kyle.  this one's for you.

Make it a Good Day, G

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