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Friday, January 31, 2014

It's a MO BO GO Thing

Dear America,

the thing is,
nearly every page we turn to dissects and illuminates the fraud in our midst...

speaking of Rules for Radicals, written by the Community Organizer in Chief for the ages, Saul Alinsky.

To understand how we --- America --- got here, is to fully comprehend, digest, and learn from Chapter 8...The Genesis of Tactic Proxy.

Beginning with this:

"THE GREATEST BARRIER to communication between myself and would-be organizers arises when I try to get across the concept that tactics are not the product of careful cold reason, that they do not follow a table of organization or plan of attack.  Accident, unpredictable reactions to your own actions, necessity, and improvisation dictate the direction and nature of tactics. Then, analytical logic is required to appraise where you are, what you can do next, the risks and hopes that you can look forward to...But I cannot overemphasize that the tactic itself comes out of the free flow of action and reaction,  and requires on the part of the organizer an easy acceptance of apparent disorganization."

America has been engulfed by the community organizer in some way, shape or form, for decades.

It has been free flowing and perfect.

It has been organized and disorganized, has created chaos from order, with precision.

It has played with us, all of us, at one time or another... while we were sleeping, totally oblivious to the actions in the dark of night, carelessly preoccupied in the light of day.

And just to be crystal clear, as the Chicago Sun-Times proudly admits on the back of the book  -- it is precisely these tactics, this cultural upheaval bible, the lovechild masterminded from the distinguished organizer, himself, Saul Alinsky, that shaped the young, impressionable minds of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Who would have ever thought; never in America would it be thought possible for any of it to take root, let alone take the very shape of  the things to come.

The power of tactics --  compounded with the power of position, promises, and principles -- by accident,  through action and reaction,  by "necessity," and with improvisation  in tow --  the politicking of policy making by ideology and by number is continuously in motion, in action [sometimes by pen and by phone, other times, just by a State of the Union address, but most of the time, behind our back].

And speaking of which, how often do we actually take a look back?

How often do we take a double-take, and double check the progress, the results?

Well, Mark Alexander, of The Patriot Post -- just a guy this girl holds in high regard -- took the time to do just that this week:  2014 SOTU The MO BO Show

Considering the review of TWO SOTU's,  and that Alexander has added a list of umpteen current stats, enough to make your eyes pop out .... little old me, g,  doesn't feel a need to say much more.  SO...MO BO GO! 

[And looky there, all of a sudden my theme for the week surfaces to the top -- my MO:  say a little bit, then pass myself off to the experts...genius] 

happy friday everybody...

and just because a few of us may still be feeling a wee bit off...lend me your ears to this.

Make it a Good Day, G

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    "How do you kill a million people?


    By Andy Andrews .... Explains how Hitler used lack of truth - Lies, to convince 11 million people to voluntarily board trains to the death camps ... anyone hear about USA FEMA CAMPS and 385,000 foreign soldiers based in the USA? ... and the armed DHS youth corps?