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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's the State of the Taking of a Major Step Backwards Thing

Dear America,

this girl is seriously looking forward to the State of the Taking of  a Major Step Backwards Speech tonight...for it rears it's ugly head everywhere we look.

given past performances, rest assured the president will leave half the nation gasping in applause, with the other, gasping for air.

and right on cue, methodically orchestrated leaks of what he will say has already lifted the hearts and minds of the masses -- the selectively uninformed, the gainfully underemployed/underachievers, and the bevy of low-information followers.  Those people AND the liberal elite, of course.

I fully intended to bounce in here this morning and begin picking apart a speech yet to be heard.

Having already learned of the president's intention to use Executive Order to increase the minimum wage of any brand spankin' new federal contractor, see here -- as predictable as the morning sun in southern California,  who are we kidding, it wasn't going to take much to get a rise out of me.

Some of this stuff just gets so old.

How may times do we have to go over this? 
A federally assured minimum wage across the board?
A cost of doing business reprehensibly manufactured from a stockpile of bureaucratic misfits, taking into effect from sea to shining sea, obtrusively indiscriminate of the subtleties of various industries or of the unintended consequences sure to follow?  I mean, c'mon, minimum wage usually equates to minimum effort, skill, or investment or all of the above!  And it's intended to simply be a starting point, not a career to raise a family.

But then, out of nowhere -- almost out of thin air -- came this sudden shift!   It was a stroke of genius, I tell you!  And brushing alongside my melancholy, like a prince lifting me up in his arms, my heart was rescued.  Sound the Gutenberg Press!

Just like that.

And you, too, can get some of this action by going to my secret garden.

And on that note -- given it's length --  this girl will spare you of partaking in any other juggling of words, or slight of hand and heart from this woeful commoner.   No, true excellence in the free market exchange of conversation awaits somewhere else -- fully illuminated and enlightened -- it's somewhere way better than here.


Look at it as a redistribution of wealth of ideas!  Thy kingdom is yours for the taking.

So without further adieu, may your fingers waltz to the pages of The Daily Bell, and a post written by Richard Ebeling, in The State of the Union Address Obama Should Deliver.

It explains everything.
Not even kidding.

It explains everything. 
May I also recommend that you take your time...

But you, dear sir, Richard Ebeling, along with everyone @ The Bell, are brilliant; a knight in shining armor, and dare I say, should be crowned king.   [But what do I know; I'm just a girl --  usually plum exasperated by the day and the life in America --  venturing simply to keep up with it all and record it once in awhile, give or take what seems like a fortnight.] 


Make it a Good Day, G

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