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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Charmed Life Thing

Dear America,

really don't like being absent for no apparent reason...in reference to the slow start of this week...as in all of a sudden it's Tuesday.

Seems my life is calling for a little extra nursing these days...what with back issues, hindering my ability to leap tall buildings in a single bounce --- what with the unconventional side of my life winning over the traditional, more settling down side -- what with the weight of the world wishing for Michelle Obama to do something about the extra fat in Washington instead of destroying bake sale futures in Anytown, USA.

Nurse?  Nurse?  Nurse?

Bonkers, you might say Kate and I have something in common -- aside from the fact that she's a princess, just had a fairy tale wedding, and is expecting her first heir in line for the throne -- she is expected to be in the hospital for a few weeks, nursing an unusually difficult bout of morning sickness.   Poor girl.   Can you just imagine it?  Whether having a staff wait on you in a castle or maternity ward, what's not to love?

For the common girl, when life gives us lemons, we do things like hi-light our hair...no, really, lemons and sunshine truly works; that's just homegrown California girl one-oh-one.  But in the dead of winter -- aka partly cloudy skies averaging 68 degrees -- circumstances call for more desperate measures, like getting it out of a box.  Ta da!

Of course the nursing bit seems to be where Kate and I break from our little mother realities, for as a full-time mama and in the business of being a part-time nanny, not to mention the two boys just waiting in the wings when the blended family sets sail --  my life is less princess and more old women in the shoe, in comparison.  All over the place doesn't come close to describing the whirlwind of energies competing for my loving care whether it's for someone borrowed, something blue, or something of my own making...while somewhere in the mix the time must be made for me.



Then there was this bit of advice, included in my horoscope over the last couple of days:  "...there will not be any type of follow-thru communication...that phone call or email is not going to make its way to you today...so do yourself a favor and focus on other things that you can do something about."

Translation: color your hair...make time for a nap...cook! and make a yummy dinner that makes your heart sing.

For your blogging enjoyment, let me add a wee bit of perspective from out of the mouth of my little peach:

"when I grown up, 
I'm not gonna have kids, I'm gonna have condos
all over the world."   

...just a random thought, blurted from high atop the bluffs at Torrey Pines in tandem with the hang gliders.  wonder if there was any connection?  ...to think, we were having such a great day, too...

So in other news in Southern California -- one of the busiest ports in the nation is shut down.  The Long Shoremen are supporting their local clerical union, currently striking for a better package.  As things stand, they are enjoying a wage and benefit package totaling 165 grand.  They want a package worth 195 grand, including ELEVEN weeks of vacation.

So let me run through this again -- the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been brought to a standstill, losing a BILLION dollars a day in production and commercial activity, until such time that the form-fillers and paper-ushers get nearly 200 THOUSAND dollars in wages and benefits approved.

No, we can't just make this up like the princess and the pea, read more here.

Noted in another article we get this grievance:

"Among the issues in the strike is the loss of clerical jobs due to outsourcing. The executive director of the Port recently claimed that they are losing their 'competitive advantage,' pointing to the diversion of ships to Mexican ports. The Obama administration’s response to 'outsourcing' has been its plan for 'insourcing,' which amounts to the reduction of US wages to the level of Chinese or Mexican workers."   [Say what? I didn't vote for that...pretending to be part of the 51% who did...]

Perhaps we are getting to a "loss of clerical jobs due to outsourcing" because nobody in their right mind can continue paying paper-pushers a wage and benefit package equal to the average business manager or CEO.

We're on like the ninth day, by the way.

And people wonder about the fiscal health of the state California?  Don't strain yourselves, let me help you out:  we are cuckoo for cocoa-puffs out here.

And on that note, on the docket for the rest of my day:

the chamber maid will pick out my clothes and style my freshly hi-lighted bouffant.   Staff will serve cucumber sandwiches, salmon pate canapes, and huckleberry tarts, finished with a plate of grandma's toffee.  Oh right, with tea, Earl Grey with cream and sugar to be exact.  I'm gonna eat and drink and be merry all by myself.  It's gonna be great.

Not to be confused with my real life.... 

A healthy package complete with an afternoon overseeing a seven year old do her second grade homework, taking the older sister to soccer, and returning home to feed my own baby bird before allowing the rest of the evening to unfold as it will -- and most likely ending somewhere around midnight when the daily grind goes by way of the port of long beach and comes to a screeching halt,  finding itself nip/tucked for another night.   I wouldn't trade it for the world!

[note to self: check  for peas]

while this ...seems to be just the beginning of a week (albeit starting on a Tuesday)  more focused on the things we can do something about and quite possibly finding ourselves totally mesmerized upon living the charmed life in America.     Stay tuned my little rump-a-pum-chums.

Make it a Good Day,  G

did you catch wish number seven? 

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