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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's a Camelot Thing

Dear America,

yes, Virginia, it is a charmed life...and for you, too, Georgia...and for you, and you, nodding to the Carolina's...but if you are inside the District of Columbia -- every day is a ball, a celebration, a reason for the season to spend lavishly upon thy self.

hence, 54 Christmas trees -- and all approved by Bo Obama...
Oh, you doubt? Just scroll down to where you see: Bo Ho Ho.

For another account, go to Andrew Malcolm, at Investor's Business Daily, here.

The way the Obama's live is a touchy subject these days; it's one thing to call for "everybody to pay your fair share, and do your part," while it's totally another to rise above the fray in a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of way.   At least the Bushie's went to Crawford for vacations and down time, instead of opting for twenty day extravaganzas on the islands of Hawaii; can't seem to recall Laura taking a bounty of family and friends to Spain for a hefty purse and taxpayer price, especially at a time when the rest of us were buried with a 9.5% unemployment rate.

In light of the playground of the current liberal elite -- under the dire circumstances, with both sides pressing the fiscal cliff precipice to the hilt -- dare I say we don't have a revenue problem.

In the real world, we all make an income.  We formulate a budget around the amount of money we bring in -- otherwise, we must risk reputation and solvency, purchasing any extra things on credit.  It's a choice we make.  Bottom line is, we have a bottom line, and if we don't stick to it, respect it, abide by it --we have issues.

The Federal Government has abused their authority to buy on credit, going far beyond the boundary of revenue.  Reconciling it's poor choices with increasing the debt limit, borrowing from the treasury, printing money, kicking the can down the road, making promises it can't keep [or making the habit of moving the goal posts at the last minute].

If the Federal Government simply stayed within it's limitations of revenue, perhaps even operated from a real budget like the rest of us, this fiscal cliff would never have risen to the level of absurdity that it has.

And what is Washington doing right now?

The GOP is removing true fiscal conservatives from the conversation.

Oh to be a lawmaker in the good ole US of A -- what a charmed life they lead.

None of this really makes any sense if you actually pick apart the numbers they are throwing around like pennies on the dollar.   Can I just remind you all what this revenue hike amounts to at 800 billion dollars/over ten years?  That computes to $80 billion a year.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Even the president's idea of hiking the revenues to the extent of $1.6 trillion over ten years seems just as suspect....Oh okay...let's double down on the 80B's and see where that gets us.  What a joke.  [read this: from The Patriot Post: Stop Playing Games]

This isn't a revenue problem.   We could hike taxes to the moon and back and we still wouldn't have enough money.

WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM.  And until we realize this, we will continue to meet partisan politics on top of a man-made fiscal cliff fit for kings.

we like spending money.  gobs of it.  we spend money like it's not even real....hail, Michelle, and the 54 trees.

we have forgotten what it is like to do without...hail, Barack, recognizing at one point in his life he ate dog.

In America, generations before us have paved the way -- and what have we really done lately, except feed off of it like a moss on the castle walls, growing brand spanking new generations of parasites of the kingdom [that goes for rich and poor alike -- the liberal elites spending the people's money being the worst of its kind -- next in line, the expectation of entitlement first, duty second -- falling back to anyone else who fits the bill].

It's like a giant conga line heading for a fall.

Our life is so charmed, indeed.

What is the real tragedy amongst us?  The loss of perspective.  The line has grown sooooooooo long, we don't even realize the music died decades ago, as we blindly just follow along to our death.

Make it a Good Day, G

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