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Friday, December 21, 2012

It's About the Way the World Can Stop As We Know It Thing

Dear America,

good morning

it's 12 - 21 - 12 and the world has ended as we know it.

For an added personal bonus, last time I heard this very phrase was right about this time of day on 9 - 11 - 01, as I was about to take my girl to Kindergarten.

It happened to be the first words uttered on the other end of the line upon a morning that started just like every other...until it wasn't.   And then there was my first word.......... what?  as I turned on the television.

Something wicked this way comes -- that was then and this is now.

But this time, the earth shattering is more like happening under the naked eye; it's merely the expectation and strange anticipation of something maybe, maybe not, in a rather morbid 'What If' sort of way.

For the Mayans predicted it, you know.

Little do we all realize 'it' happened already.

Yep, happy Friday, it's time to wake up and smell the Peruvian coffee. Can I get you a cup?

Just as the Left works in nudges and impulses upon human nature -- and by all evidence, pretty much having it down to a science -- there is something else at play.

Something else Not of this World -- and every bit as much Being of this world --  works in the same manner.  It's called God, Divine Providence -- the Universe of All-Knowing, Abundance and Love; it's the Thing that surrounds us and nudges us and divines our every move (if we let it), working with whatever it's got to work with ----- us.

We would have to be living under a rock not to recognize that both human nature and mother nature has left us in pieces over the last several months; and yet, depending upon our own personal gauge, set of  circumstances and environment, maybe we're talking more like years, decades even.

So living of this world -- let's face the facts, good and evil exists; matter of fact, if talking facts, it's the co-existence of good and evil that we wrestle with every single day, be it individually or collectively.

But for the sake of this conversation, let us be as current as we possibly can and simply look to this day, and with laser beam focus look upon just one aspect of this, shall we?

Plan B bombed.

The man-made fiscal cliff is here.

The greatest experiment of mankind is about to be thrown asunder and ripped into a 310 million jagged pieces.  

It's been more like a slow death, really, no Hollywood-esque bombs bursting in air or asteroids blowing up the city of Los Angeles altogether. No.  It's more like a frog being thrown into a pot of cold water and slowly bringing it up to a rolling boil; it's cooked before it knows it.  [And this just so happens to be one of my favorite episodes of the Glenn Beck program on Fox News...aired way back in the golden days, of course]

"There is a package to be shaped, and I'm confident that parties -- folks of goodwill in both parties can make that happen...But what I'm not going to do is to extend Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent that we can't afford and, according to economists, will have the least positive impact on our economy."  Obama, 11 -14 -12
so let's all go over the cliff.

all I really want for Christmas is more of the people's money to spend.

"...For any income over this amount [250k], the tax rates would go back to what they were under President Clinton. This isn't to punish folks who are better off -- God bless them -- it is because we can't afford the $700 billion price tag."  Obama, 9 - 8 - 10

because the government has a spending problem...and I've been given a mandate to feed it.
[um,  if the government can't afford a $700 Billion "price tag" -- then it can't afford obamacare -- a little something something that started out at around 700 billion and is now, even before full implementation, positioned to actually cost three times that (according to the CBO).  How about we give Obamacare the first pink-slip, Mr. President?]

[and here's just another reality check...because we have so many "millionaires and billionaires" ...Fewer than 1 percent of the U.S. population have annual income of more than $1 million].

[regarding that so-called "700 billion price tag" -- fascinating how the president refers to our money as if the federal government actually spends money when it can't get it's hands on our money to pay the programs it can't afford (grants, subsidies, bailouts, overzealous budgets, voting blocks).

Each year, since 1969 -- our government has spent MORE money than it takes in.  We borrow, to cover an asinine amount of debt; anyone interested in the amount we spend on interest?

And all this is just in regards to the economic end of the end of times --- hardly do we have enough time and space today to get into all the other ways we are falling apart.

ya see, a slow death.

The Mayan's were absolutely right on target.

Humans can be so daft sometimes.

America, the last frontier for the hope of all mankind is crumbling... some of us just don't want to look.

Oh the world can stop in so many little tiny ways; it all adds up.

A few weeks back, we started with some Christmas wishes:

Americans to be 'ALL-In'...More men like Thoreau...G in charge of the GOP for a day...World Peace...Just move the fiscal cliff (to 9 -22 -13)...wishing we never started things like social security...Wishing Michelle Obama did something about that fat in Washington...a trivial pursuit -- getting a copy of The Women, by Clare Boothe Luce...and quickly adding her to the list of "if I could have anyone over for dinner"...to giving States back the power...They were all there -- day after day -- lining up so nicely; ten in all.

My intention was to get to twelve for the twelve days of Christmas.

But then, Sandy Hook happened, and the world stopped as we know it (again).

How could I even think of making any more wishes? 

And on that note, G will be going dark all next week...the world according to a day in the life for an American girl will stop and catch her breath among family and friends and the baby Jesus.

So, until we meet again, may you and yours have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

Make it a Good Day, G

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