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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a Thankless Job Thing

Dear America,

With the so-called man-made "War on Women" going on around us -- this week may just be all about mom-ism.

As a mom, my Monday has already been flooded with things to do that have pretty much nothing to do with me really......oh ...and lookie there, it's now Tuesday. waaaaahhhhh

But this is what happens in a mom-pom world, isn't it.  Sometimes, the very thing you want to do most gets set aside for another day because you are in need somewhere else.  And so it begins; the day bounces from one thing to another in a rhythm we can play in our sleep.  ughhhhhhhhh

And how that's for immediately running off with the wrong impression -- foot, mouth, have you met?  

In motherhood -- in all of it's gloriousness, in all of it's messiness, in all of it's self-less loving acts of kindness -- we become defined by what we do for our family and how they, in turn, turn-out (whether it be for a family of one or within the higher realm of '19&Counting').  And in reality, it's beautiful -- even on really bad days, the days when "you want to eat them and not because they are yummy."  (just a quote and a nod to a cuz there...go B!)

Indeed.   It's a thankless job; no really, it is.

Especially if you go by how the Left wants us all to think about full-time moms -- and especially if they be filthy rich.

Hilary Rosen, you're up:

"Guess what, his wife [Mitt's] has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we — why do we worry about their future.”
right, rosen.  and we have no idea just how much money we have in the check book either.  Is this envy talking again or just the all too familiar all-round feminist disrespect run amuck?  Which is it, the money, or the lack of ambition outside the home?

And if you care for more fabulous feedback on this left-winged narrative that keeps on giving back to motherhood far and wide -- all the way back to the middle ages, like the fifties -- read this from Redstate...it's really good.

So speaking of moms, I had to call mine over the weekend...to vent...to chat....to hear her laugh about something silly... when something that she said continued to sit with me for the rest of the day (which is often the case).

She was simply tired of all of us getting "chopped up" --  you know --  sorted and sub-divided by demographics, predominately by the democrats -- pretty much getting us down to a process 'by color' or 'by special care'.   As if we all come with a different set of needs.

and yes, dirty laundry does come to mind, doesn't it.

In a Politico article, Rosen and Romney were tweeting apparently -- when Rosen summed it up, going something like this:

"I admire Ann for getting in the mix," Rosen told me tonight, via email. "But she didn't answer my follow up tweet to her! Which I thought was respectful and sincere."

Rosen's tweet read as follows: "I am raising children too. But u do know that most young american women have to earn a living AND raise their kids don't u?"

this is Rosen with respect?  seriously?

ah Rosen, you do know that the Romney's finished their undergraduate work at BYU while living in a basement apartment -- at around 75 bucks a month -- when their first born son joined the family.

and Romney worked up the ladder, as they say -- he didn't just create Bain Capital out of thin air and all of a sudden they were on easy street making millions of dollars a year.

and you know, it's not like the little mrs. just gave up getting her degree -- she went back to school after the couple moved to Boston, attending night school (Harvard, thank you), and ultimately graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree.

and while we're on the subject -- it wasn't like Ann had it easy, what with having Multiple Sclerosis and Breast Cancer get in the way AND all the while raising FIVE boys. honestly...anyone who raises five boys, and turns out boys like that! should get an award, hardly a diss.

Where is the respect of the path that simply says, I CHOOSE to be a full-time mom?   Does Rosen have any idea how many women choose this path no matter how much money the husband makes?

Because a budget is a budget is a budget.  Home Economics 101 plus 2.0.

So Ann Romney can't relate to real economics because she has money now?   really? how old-fashioned is that?!

You would think the opposite would be true.  She has seen days without.  She has lived through the days of watching the pennies, feeding the family, clothing the kids, going to the emergency room, tithing to the church, giving to charity, keeping the family spending within a budget -- and moreover, has successfully managed those days with a bank account and five beautiful boys to show for it.

How is it possible in this day and age, that someone like a Rosen can dismiss any intelligence behind the apron whatsoever?   I am just so disgusted by this kind of continuing knee-jerk reaction!  Hello, feminists, you do know you share the planet with other kinds of moms, right?

As a woman -- is my value to society only defined by my career outside the home now?  Is that it?

Because maybe that is our problem.

Is there no longer a value  in putting our whole heart and soul and good energy into raising good children?   Because if you look around, our children define America's future outlook....and ah, from what I see...we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. but  maybe that's just me.  [feminists never want to talk about the stark ugly realities of the traditional family roles a'changin', do they...they never want to look at how it has changed the early childhood experience -- the lack of security, the latch-key kid traumas, the abundant and unchaperoned free time...shall I go on....]

And what about other kinds of moms -- what about "moms who have never worked a day in their life" on the dole?  If you go to one extreme, Rosen, then it is only fair to swing the other way.   So is the welfare mom's understanding of home economics better or worse than that of Ann Romney?   For again, a budget is a budget is a budget.   [Not to mention, what about night school?  for there are all kinds of ways, with free tuition and all...of course, provided by the government, childcare included...but I digress]

From the way you tell it, I would gather from your argument that you believe these women -- those not working outside the home and getting something for nothing and surviving by simply receiving federal funding from tax contributions from those of us who work  -- have a clearer understanding based upon their economic needs -- or that you just can't bring yourself to honestly talk about it.

It's a different kind of dependence, isn't it  -- based not upon a husband and built up around the traditional family unit, per se -- it's Dependence 2.0...upon the government.  Is it because they generally "need" more, they know more than Ann?

The question is:  isn't that an attribute equally as loathsome to you?  Women bearing children and becoming moms when they are in no position to care for them?

And even -- do I dare say -- doing so enthusiastically, as if it was their business?

And doing so -- do I dare add -- while paying very little attention to whether their kids even attend school, or get good grades, or understand right from wrong, and thereby missing the very opportunity of giving them the gift to life -- the very foundation required to grow up into adulthood and be a productive partner in society.

You see, Rosen, if you can generalize about the filthy rich, with emphasis upon the women who have "never worked outside the home", then we can surely do the same for the filthy poor.  And therein lies the rub.  Ouch.  [hold up -- let me get you a band-aid]

oh that's right. you're a mom, too.  you probably have your own.

I guess the thing is -- where is the respect, Rosen?

As a conservative mom -- I RESPECT your right, even as a lefty, to raise your children anyway you want to -- whether or not it's in union with a husband (or partner), whether or not you choose to work in your own career or not, whether or not you and your partner make thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to millions, to billions.  It's a free world and a free market, and you are entitled to support your family anyway you wish.

AS AM I.  I have a right -- just as Ann has a right -- to be a mom anyway we want to and to do so with the full respect of others.

SO I ask you again -- is it  the ENVY talking or just the all-round feminist diss beating the shaman drum?

so just what is your problem, Rosen...I just don't get you at all.  you think you know better than Ann because you are a mom with a career?

just because -- as Bill Maher put it -- you know how to show up and answer to a boss?

you take away from all of Ann's life and work experiences --  at home and in charity, as First Lady of Massachusetts before and after, in sickness and in health, five accomplished boys later, and glean absolutely no use for her?

I would bet you have no idea how much it costs to feed five big boys...tweet Ann again...bet she can tell you, as I would only be guessing.

table for one.. ms. narrow-mindedness, right this way...

I have no problem with who works, and who doesn't, in the home AS LONG AS it doesn't adversely affect me, my neighbor, my community, and my country.  As long as we are all moms to the very best of our abilities and choose to do so with our best intentions, for not only our own but for our whole community, we should not have any issues with each other. And I would think  -- as a fellow mom, as a family with TWO moms, as a woman -- that you would agree and we would meet at the heart. [how lucky are you really...getting the extra mom to help you...but again, we quickly digress don't we]

We can learn a lot from moms -- especially from our own; and that's my point.

And thus this brings us face to face with our country's first intentions.  America was consummated in union with our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Our founders created a government out of all things INDEPENDENT -- all things SELF-RELIANT -- all things FUNDAMENTAL beginning with the power of one and ending with our personal power to duplicate our success.

One Nation Under God, Indivisible.

Being chopped and sorted by color, by need, by extenuating circumstances or disadvantage is tearing us apart.

America was made to come together as one body -- with the sum of it's parts creating a better, stronger, more resilient, tolerant, fully assimilated whole.

Man, Woman, child, adult, black, white, brown, old, young, gay and straight -- our duties and responsibilities, our rights and privileges, were designed to be all the same.  Over time, we've worn the instructions so thin, it's faded, and we have lost all sight of even the basics.

that's my story today, on behalf of  the Monday lost and the Tuesday found -- and I'm stickin' to it.

Make it a Good Day, G

if you ask me, hilary, me thinks it's the traditional family unit -- with traditional roles -- that you hate.  so let's get real, shall we...or then again, maybe it's the money....the coveting...the envy...that stands in your own way.  hard to tell, really.  but keep talking and maybe we can all learn a thing or two in the end.

if you have any more time: this is a funny.  8 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom...

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