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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Nobody, and I mean nobody, Has the Monopoly on Women Thing

Dear America,

"freedom is never more 
than one generation 
away from extinction"  

not all of us agreed with the endorsement of Newt Gingrich by a certain someone -- someone who just so happens to have grown into becoming the iconic face of conservative women everywhere, the Queen B of all things grizzly, gritty, and running sometimes rogue; the very same someone who, honestly, and courageously, chose to go against the republican establishment, and even the big bad oil companies, long before it even became vogue...not all of us agreed with her.  [even though I still love you, sarah]

But don't look now, her chosen one is bowing out of the race -- so much for that idea huh?

cut to the chase, G...

so I happen to be a card carrying member of a group that declares that it is "the nation's largest women's public policy organization"  -- Concerned Women for America.  Recently, they published the results of a survey and sent a letter to the Speaker of the House with it's highlights. And a few things -- things that I want to share with you now -- made me go wow.

First is that, of the members -- 53% describe themselves as Republican, while 33% "generally vote" Republican.   But of the entire body -- 98% consider themselves clearly conservative, be it a little or a lot; while only 70% swing conservative with respect to social issues.

Putting these numbers together quickly -- even though we may consider ourselves "conservative" in general, and most times in the particular, we don't always agree with each other.  Generally speaking the group is really a group of independent women who lean conservative...in most every situation.

Yet, contrary popular belief (how the mainstream media generally characterizes the hot buttons of conservative women, along with the prevailing left wing/feminist/progressive party line) -- when asked to identify "the single most important issue" -- this is what we got:

42% "identified restoring the Constitution (up 12% from last year) -- 15% said "government spending -- and then we get a huge split...8% said "economy", 7% said "abortion", and 6.5% said "religious liberty."

so what does it mean --

It screams get things under control first and foremost and the rest will follow

Nearly 2/3rd's of the group says STOP, go back, do not pass go and do not collect another 200 dollars until we pay up and fix this; stop.  do not pass go.  go back to the basics, respective of the rules, living within our means, individually and collectively, restoring liberty and freedom for all, in accordance to the integrity of the game.

What conservative women recognize above all else as the culprit, the cause, of most of our issues we are dealing with today, is the slow and steady crack(s) starting way down deep in our foundation. Honestly, there are so many at this point, who's counting anymore, right? 

That after, perhaps, the last  hundred years, or so, watching our overzealous government change over time and with, let's face it, overwhelmingly sky high interest... along with the utter stupidity and corruption of our people from the inside out... with both, as luck would have it, running at the same time and totally incongruent with our first intentions [which, as a rule and a quick reminder, is defined as a firm grip on spending, a small federal government, and being wholly beholden to the Rule of Law (not man), according to our Constitution, blah blah blah]   has ruined us.  And surely, if a run-on sentence is going to be used, it might as well come in unadulterated free abandon...can I get an amen...

But lo and behold, the consensus is in, 'the general situation' we are experiencing today will require all of us to go back to our roots -- avoiding, if not totally dismantling,  the B&O Railroad if at all possible; fix the cracks in our foundation, and all else shall be added.

And it would help matters greatly if everyone would just stop calling conservative women extremists just for saying so -- especially for recommending the obvious -- and for consciously choosing not leave America's future to chance.

Women play games with ourselves, with our mate, with our children -- literally and figuratively -- all the live long day.  As a rule, we don't always agree with some of the moves we've made from one day to the next; but by golly, we keep on keepin' on.  We are independent.  We are brave.  We are strong.  While, admittedly, we hate to admit when we are wrong; and prefer to think of ourselves as perfect in every way.  For we are, heart and soul, top to bottom, in good hair days and bad, WOMEN, so hear me roar.

But heaven's to betsy, make no mistake, we are NOT all alike (just a heartfelt heads up boys, nothing more, nothing less).

My girl reminds me often, that when she grows up (which feels like yesterday), she will call herself "independent."   The last thing she wants to be is predictable; the most important thing -- growing into that one great thing that requires a constant gage and undivided attention -- is her natural independence and ability to think for herself.   True American girls are born with it; and with the proper nurturing, learn to expand it, relish in it, and create a life rooted in success, self-reliance, liberty, and happiness with it.

Sarah Palin is fully entitled to endorse any candidate for president she wishes.  Having done so, publicly, the results are now in; after nearly a year of campaigning, Gingrich is out.  Game over. Even the intervention and endorsement of someone as huge as Sarah didn't change the outcome.

The good news, independent thinkers are deciding this election and the future of this country.

We may not always agree on everything; but I heard Sally told Mary, and Mary told Suzy, and Suzy told me, that the very ideals and principles and values this country was founded on is making a come back.

It has been a laborious process -- and a long three years (give or take a hundred) -- ranging from declaring total bankruptcy to living many days hand to mouth, yet with many a few and then some (by the luck of the dice or just plum hard work)  doubling down as bakers and bankers to candlestick makers.

But in the spirit of the great generic WE -- conservatively speaking anyway -- we can pretty much all agree on one thing: we need to go back to the beginning and retrace our steps.   What we really need to do is read the rules of the game all over again and abide by them, otherwise we all lose and nobody, and I mean nobody, will have any more fun.

Make it a Good Day, G

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