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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Ascension and Fall by Assumption Thing

Dear America,

happy tuesday.

don't assume that I am really here for long...as it's still spring break.  actually -- last week was my break, while this week is my girl's break...and two breaks make it right in my world.
so really, I am not here. 
Well, I am here -- but only in spirit; one foot is running out the door already.

But allow me to lead the conversation this way for just a moment before I go --

if you know me, I get a chuckle over the little things;  and frequently, it's the more absurd the better.

So, I was watching NBC on Sunday, when a "The More You Know" campaign was mixed in among the commercials.  You know what I'm talking about -- it's those snappy snippets of advice to the public, being provided as a community service, usually taking on issues of race, tolerance, education, that hopefully lift the spirit of everyone within ear shot.  It's all about the more you know... the more we all win...you know.

This one just so happened to hone in on something rather sketchy, given the times -- and given the deliverer of the public service message.  For within an instant, we were being spoon-fed advice on how NOT to assume things when it comes to "other people" (ergo people not like yourself) from a suspect source.

Which is hilarious really...
...in the wake of the utter [albeit self-served] destruction of a career -- after consciously choosing to air mind-blowing assumptions on NBC for all the world to hear.
...you would think they might have chosen a  "more you know" of a different color, at least until well after the egg on a producer's face was sufficiently washed and dried and stored away from anyone's recent memory.

The guy who took "creative license" to produce a rather slimy recreation of the truth from the recorded 911 tapes out of Sanford, FL -- the segment that made Zimmerman out to be a racist, by selectively omitting the questions posed by the 911 operator -- was fired over the weekend.   Instead of heeding their own advice, NBC -- masquerading as bona-fide news -- chose to run on bias and purely by assumption (and a number of them, at that).

Oh yes, the more you know, indeed.

The thing is -- this is the kind of stuff that drives me absolutely stir crazy.   How could this segment even be allowed to air in the first place?  How many 'other people' thought that this segment was a good idea?  How many other stories have been twisted and shape-shifted to fit an agenda, a bias, to match an assumption with mass-market appeal?   For it was NBC who jumped out in front of this story from the get-go -- influencing the minds of not only the public, but other news agencies as well.

Talk about an opportunity totally missed.

We, as a whole, had a chance to run with the truth first and foremost; and now look at us.  We are being forced to lean forward through a spectrum separated by whites and yokes -- and unnecessarily separated, at that.

The reality is -- once whipped and scrambled into a frenzy --  it is nearly impossible to settle back down.  The frothy substance that was once pure logic -- methodical, patient, factual, anchored in reality with the unseen potential to hatch new life into a worn world -- becomes that which destroys us from the inside out. 


and this highlight just in:  "the producer, who was not identified by the sources, is Miami-based."

funny, isn't it?  NBC keeps on editing at the expense of the whole story, I guess protecting the content of someone's character, if not everyone, in question. The more you know, the more we don't really want to know.

Anyone remember this from a blaaahg long ago  --

"To save time, let's assume I know everything."

whether I led with it or ended with it, whether coming or going --   the outcome [the ass, the u, the me] would still be all the same.

Make it a Good Day, G

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