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Thursday, March 12, 2020

It's a Pandemonium Thing

Dear America,

"There are some days 
when I think I'm going to die 
from an overdose of satisfaction." 

and yet others, it's the coronavirus.

yeah, not even sure why I'm jumping into this blog today, of all days, and especially after a couple months of utter silence.  But it is, after all, the Day After an Oval Office address to the nation.  There is that. (Go ahead and fact check it.)

The critics are harsh this morning, alive with fresh fodder, and picking apart Trump's every word, limb by limb.  I'm surprised they haven't added sound affects.  It seems the Left, from journalists to congress, would rather have this president and leader of the free world fail than applaud his efforts, even if that were to mean giving the upper hand to a global pandemic

Cue up pandemonium.
Ah! but they forget how Trump gets things done.   He's like,  oh, it's on.

Russian collusion?  Nope
Election interference?  Nope
Quid pro quo with Ukraine?  Nope

Ah, we got him now -- covid-19 -- this should put a nail in his coffin.

Of course! the media wants you to believe that all the president did last night was add confusion among the prevailing winds of woe and anxiety.  W.H.O.'s on first, what's on second, let's just end the day on the fact that complete and utter disaster is looming and even our president is stoking the fire for alarm. 


Yes.  Market volatility is to be expected.  Basically, after the initial shock and awe, it's like a big, big whoop within six months time. And besides, most people who play in the stock market are in it for the long haul.

Yes.  A little inconvenience and extra cautionary measures is self-explanatory and just plain proper, the right thing to do when living in community with one another.

And one day, this, too, shall pass.

Does it really rise to the level of rushing out to stock pile toilet paper? seriously?

what a trip to be in the head of one Salvador Dali...

Did you know there is such a thing as The Dali Universe

Here's another Dali-svengali-esque guote -- 

"Wars have never hurt anybody except the people who die."  

yeah, it's a little dark for such a cheerful morning. 

The thing is, in the wake of all this woke global pandemic, from academia to sporting events to any gathering where two or more are gathered for whatever reason, one thing's for sure and for real -- the contagion of fear is highly mobile, crosses oceans, and spreads news, whether true or false, faster than you can say boo.

What is the narrative our media -- let alone the entire universe of the W.H.O. --  wants you to hear?

What -- or who -- is the force that we should be most afraid of?

What's so wrong with having a fighting spirit, to not only meet this pandemic face to face, but crush it, even if that means total suspension of entry into the United States from places where the epidemic has run amuck?
Is it still okay to be happy in our day to day, even after hearing the news of both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson coming down with the illness?

When it's this hard to make heads or tails out of any of this, all I want to do is crawl under a rock and stay there.

oh it's just another day, a day in the life of an American girl.  

Make it a Good Day, 
for it might be your last

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