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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

It's About Thoughts and Things

Dear America,

Thought Crimes, the saga continues

From The Hill, both of them:

“Let me repeat: Nothing in the Bolton revelations, 
even if true, 
would rise to the level 
of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense. 
That is clear from the history. 
That is clear from the language of the Constitution...
You cannot turn conduct 
that is not impeachable 
into impeachable conduct 
simply by using words like 
'quid pro quo' and 'personal benefit,'"
Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz


The thing is -- this is about giving Congress the license to bury an administration simply on grounds that they do not like the policy, foreign/or domestic, or based upon personal likes or dislikes...and that simply should never happen.  In this country, all grievances of an administration are settled by the people, at the voting box, not by the feelings or agenda of the House of Representatives.  

The phone call, itself, is crystal clear.  There was no deal made, no quid pro quo for dirt on Joe.  Did the president wonder what in fact happened between Joe, the private investigator, Burisma, and the Ukraine officials?  Yes. Indeed he did, as any president should, given the optics of nefarious deal making with a foreign entity, seemingly only benefiting the Vice President's family.

Bottom line: Ukraine got the aid. Who really cares if it was even put on hold?  It's American aid to a foreign country.  And besides, it's not even the governments money -- it's the people's money.  Perhaps we should consider putting holds on all kinds of foreign aid across the globe, like, stat?  

Hate to break it to y'all, but we really can't afford it.

Speaking of which, how does Bernie -- now the democratic front runner -- plan to pay for all the benefits he is promising?  Free college, college debt paid off, free Medicare for all, yadi yadi yada...with what seems to be a price tag of 60 TRILLION dollars over ten years?  Something like that.  And this isn't even taking into account all the boomers hitting the Social Security rolls over the next generation, or the number of people who will surely be added to food stamps when they lose their job under a Sanders Administration.

This is insane.

And Bernie doesn't even want to discuss it.  He's like, I don't need to tell you how it all pencils right now.  Because he knows, it doesn't.  It will never pencil.  There is not enough money in all the world to pay for it.

Reality check:  America is already over 23 Trillion dollars in debt, and climbing.  See the clock.

Just love looking at this clock...
Please note some of the other numbers -- like, the total UNFUNDED LIABILITIES.  This is referring to things the American government has promised to pay in the future....things like Social Security, government employee and veteran pensions, benefits negotiated for Medicare, Medicaid.

To cover just the unfunded liabilities from here on out -- with nothing new added -- we are currently at over $127 TRILLION dollars.  This equates to roughly $387 THOUSAND dollars per person. PER PERSON!  DO you have that kind of money?  

Let me answer that for you, according to the US Debt Clock, personal debt in this country totals over 20 Trillion dollars, equating to just shy of $62,000/citizen.  

If we put this indebtedness together -- the unfunded liabilities, per person, along with the personal debt, per person, we arrive at a total of nearly $450,000 for every American citizen!  

And Bernie wants to add to our indebtedness with a whole lot more of "free" stuff????

This stuff doesn't come free; it is anything but!

This indebtedness, these promises, only burden every man, woman, and child into perpetuity, and whatever comes after that!

It's called ball and chain vs free rein.

It's called lack vs abundance.

It's called unimaginable weight upon every shoulder vs peace of mind, body, and soul.

And more than that, history proves, socialism does not work ....literally.  Physically, it does not work.  Figuratively, it only works in our imaginations.  Economically, it does not work, let alone add up.  And more than that, it does the opposite of what anyone, including Bernie, says it will do, individually and collectively.

Socialism has never worked.

Other than that, it's a great system for 330 million people of all walks of life, to dream and imagine that it will solve all our problems.

And can you just imagine if all of this nonsense actually goes down?  Take, for example, this dad hitting up Elizabeth Warren with some unintended consequences of her plan to pay off college debt...after he has worked two jobs to put his daughter through school the right way.

enough said.

We can return to the story of the first grader coming home with a pillow case full of candy after his first Halloween, and he's asked to distribute equal portions of all of it to each of his siblings who didn't trick or treat the night away.  say what, he says, grumbling with every loss, from the pack of Skittles to each and every break of that KitKat bar.

In other ramblings on this day, this girl used to like John Bolton.  I used to think he was solid, mindful of war and policy and negotiation with both friendly neighbors and ruthless enemies. 

Boy, does that boy have an ax to grind; how juvenile not to wait until after the election to market his new book.  As if.   As if he could change the facts of the matter.

Let's refresh.

Here's the phone call that supposedly started it all (again).

It's a lot of thanks, equal admiration between countries, equal perceptions of other countries (like Germany, and France), a lot of can you find out more, let's talk again, let's find out about what really happened for the benefit of both our countries, we will talk, it's all good, thank you so much...

There was absolutely no muscle, no threat to withhold aid, no cost of doing business between the two countries, in any way, shape, or form.

And second, Adam Schiff is a compulsive liar.  He lied to the media/public right from the start.  First about Russia and the dossier, and now about this.  He not only created the narrative, he managed to invent all kinds of things in this phone call that did not even happen, and the media just accepted it as truth.

This House Impeachment is on TWO counts:  Abuse of Power and Obstructing Congress, culminating months of hearsay from the whistle-blower after the so-called whistle-blower blew the whistle to Adam Schiff's office.  (Same Schiff who has repeatedly lied that they have no idea who the whistle-blower is.) 

If any president, or person, for that matter, can be found guilty of high (thought) crimes and misdemeanors -- and in this case, making him guilty of impeachable offenses, simply for thinking about committing a crime, or contemplating actions that some may deem an abuse of power, or entertain a fleeting thought to secretly undermine our nation's security through ways of bribery or extortion, corrupting the integrity and honor of this fine nation --  then where are we really as a society? 

The Left continues to wage war upon President Trump's intentions, what he was really thinking, what he really wanted to do, how he really wanted to get the dirt on the Biden's at any cost, or else.  The truth is, reality didn't really play out like that, did it?

Is it really time to bring out the thought police? Is this where we are at, really?  really?

The thing is, Congress is obstructing its own body by acting in ways unbecoming of a congress, and i turn,  not getting a single, meaningful thing accomplished for the American people.

In the second thing, the true Abuse of Power is this gigantic waste of time called an impeachment trial, given that it is based upon nothing more than hate, and lies.  Lots and lots of lies.  The House simply hates who is living next door in the White House, and they won't stop the abuse until he is totally, and ceremoniously, vacated.

That, my friends, is called interference with an election.

Bolton, guilty.  Schiff, guilty, Pelosi, guilty. Schumer, guilty.  And the beat goes on.

All of them should be impeached so we can move on and get back to the business of making America great, again and again.

But then again, 
You cannot turn conduct 
that is not impeachable 
into impeachable conduct 
simply by using words like 
'quid pro quo' and 'personal benefit,'"

so that's this day in the life, over and out.

Make it a Good Day, G

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