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Thursday, April 12, 2018

It's Have a Nice Day Thing

Dear America,

this has been some spring break...
by just the sound of it, you would think it would be all pina coladas and lounging by the pool.

but no.
between pet sitting a fine little pooch named Simon 24/7 and my man having a little surgery...there is no such thing -- even an utter -- of spring and break in the same sentence.

[but of course, whisky is made for days like this, days like this]

I consider it perfect timing to be so overwhelmed I can't see straight --- for the headlines are so horrendous, and so all over the place...to narrow things down to just one little thing, or two, worthy of highlighting in this lowly little spin of yarn would be an exercise in futility, leaving this girl so spun tight, she would surely fall down in a wicked purple haze... so not even going to try.

So please, allow me to lead you astray....
Close your eyes, 
feel a cool breeze brushing over you, 
and in an instant, 
when I say "click," 

you say
yes please.

Rethinking Nice.

What a provocative thought...

and a perfectly nice way to start and stop on a day.

Cuz I gotta run.  Have a nice day. (mean it)

Make it a Good Day, G

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