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Thursday, April 26, 2018

It's about the True Source of our Strength Thing

Dear America,

"...[But] self-reliance is not highly valued by the Lord." 
 Reverend Charles F. Stanley

say what?

just a teeny revelation tucked neatly under the covers of this morning's devotional, under the title, "The Source of Strength;" it came alongside, for companion reading, a couple of Bible verses from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  Basically, according to my crib notes edition, the Apostle Paul explains how every weakness and torment in his life has actually cradled him, securely and lovingly, in the arms of the Lord, so to speak; recognizing that without the abundance of issues to deal with on a daily basis -- between his poor health, imprisonment, harsh treatment, and the like --  keeping his natural born ego in check and tightly under wraps would have been a constant challenge.  He would have easily grown conceited, full of himself in every way, and over time, certainly begin to neglect the guidance and direction from the Lord. [As in, I can do this all by myself...so there...nanny nanny na na]

His point -- having a certain amount of dependency -- having a "thorn in the flesh" and keeping our hearts and minds on the Lord in childlike faith, keeps us centered on the right things, the spiritual principles designed by God to keep us happy and whole and connected to the very things that truly matter.  [Mostly, HIM!]

But taken out of context, oh me oh my --  this itty bitty line carries the power to be so misunderstood; for in the downgrading of what would ordinarily be considered a natural strength -- this thing called self-reliance -- it would seem not only contrary to what God wants, but against how we, the people, have been programmed and raised to believe [...you know, according to America's founding principles bubbling up from the hearts and minds of our brilliant and enlightened founders].

America loves its self-reliance, right?

We were built on it.
Success requires it.
Life happens all around it, and through it, and with it.

Who needs God when I can do ------------

It is interesting watching the theatrics around this Ronny Jackson dude...once up for nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the same guy who has just bowed out of the nomination process, under the pressure of what may be best described as a pile on from every corner, and highlighting every weakness -- either of ones of his own making or of the broken humanity he treated, in total, reckless abandon, some would say.  

There is a part of me who wonders, just maybe this Ronny guy... just might have been.... perfect.  

For he is imperfect -- much like the restless, badgered, defeated, infringed, band of brothers (and sisters) who make up the mighty force of soldiers under the title of America's Veterans.

Sure, America's got an opiod problem; and Americans love their dependency on everything from caffeine to Dramamine, from ambien to provigil, from whisky to wine to pot.  We pop it, shoot it, bottle it, and make whoopee with it....all the live long day, it may also seem.

Let he without sin cast the first stone...right...

America can be so holier than thou, can't we now?

[But let us not get too wrapped up in that]
Let us scroll back to the top and to the place where we are to entrust our firm reliance -- because surely, mankind has its fair/unfair share of faults, to a fault. 

Mankind has its faults, large and small, for this is how the world -- under God -- was designed; free will and all. 

God wants mankind to come to Him; He wants our reliance to be upon the spiritual truths and principles, and not of THIS world, for this world IS imperfect; it is broken; it is fallen; it is dependent upon Him, even if we walk around totally unaware, or worse, totally full of ourselves and dismissing our inherent push to be in relationship with God, above all else.

It is in these times of brokenness and struggle, when true character and strength is revealed.  And very well can prove to be the kind of strength we quite possibly never knew existed.   It is in the brokenness we often fall on our knees and pray, humbly seeking direction, or just acceptance and forgiveness.  And this is all good.

But as brokenness and weakness comes and goes,  this girl has come to realize that this very same God also responds when we find ourselves coming to Him in praise and thanksgiving, no matter the highs or the lows; and the more we come to Him, whether broken or in our Sunday best, the greater this relationship proves to be the one true Love, steadfast in the bonds of living in relationship every waking day; keeping our firm reliance not upon self, but upon Him --  in the fallen world in which we live --- takes us to places truly unimaginable, almost out of this world. 

Under the covers of our human-ness, lies our greatest  limitations when we leave our experience within human boundaries; our humanity is a weakness, and we are surrounded with it every single day.  There is not one perfect soul in all the world.

 SO here's the thing --

our founders built this fine nation upon the firm foundation of self-reliance, and independence, and liberty, because THIS land, this crib, this nation -- and the very individuals who were beginning to migrate to her seeking shelter and security of every kind  --  were already a faithful people, and fully reliant upon the Lord.  This was not new to them; matter of fact, this faith was such an integral part of their daily lives, they left everything behind to make a new life in America entirely around, and through, and UNDER this God.

long story short...
they understood the first principle of entrusting one's reliance...and it was not upon self; whether talking about the cornerstones or the framing, our foundation recognized the One True Source of our Strength.

...and that, my friends, has made all the difference in the world.

It is only now -- within this deep state of deep conceit -- that we bear witness to a fault as firm and self-evident as the naked earth. 

Make it a Good Day, G

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