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Friday, February 9, 2018

It's of Truth AND Consequences Thing

Dear America,

"Obey God
 and leave all
 the consequences 
to Him."
Charles F. Stanley 
Life Principle #2

can I get a witness...

given a lifetime of making moves -- wrong or right, up, down and sideways -- the voice inside my head is continually questioning my direction, my moments - if you will, from one to the next. 

And what I've come to believe, as I make my way improving upon my connection with Spirit, with God ----- the more I look to this Almighty and Everlasting Resource BEFORE making my move, the better it all seems to be for everyone...

Now, when this girl thinks of consequences, it's funny how my immediate imaginations run deep and downward -- as in, something negative; consequences can never be good...  

...envisioning things like ramifications, repercussions, the stuff resulting in the aftermath.

And yet, truly as I say to you, as I give all the glory to someone other than myself -- the fine Reverend Charles F. Stanley -- he knows a thing or two about that mysterious correlation and relationship between ourselves and this Big, Mighty Universe in which we live and the God who MADE it.  [how 'bout them consequences, eh?]

The more we obey -- honor -- that which aligns with all that is Good, all that is God, the better the consequences.  And don't hate, for that is just a fact.

On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi did a terrible job angling to articulate this connection -- this soulful, righteous, self-less side of our Judeo-Christian roots --  when making her moves on the House floor (for something like eight hours...oy).  She was calling upon precepts of a certain faith, in the macro and in the general, in order to fight for legislation that ensures the safety and protections of non-Americans  (those who choose to break our law ...and consequently....become illegal immigrants, as opposed to going through the proper channels through legal immigration).

"The bishops go on to say, 'The church has recognized and proclaimed the need to welcome young people. Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me. And whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me. Mark 9:37.' That's so beautiful, because what they are saying is, when you reject these newcomers, you are rejecting those who sent them," the congresswoman said.

and not to be outdone, is when she retold the story of her grandson wishing he had brown eyes and brown skin, like his friend....Antonio...from Guatemala...good one.

[which is only reminding me of the time my mama recalled the story of yours truly, wishing to be black.  true story. I was three...]

It's fine, Nancy -- if you wish to basically force your own California constituents to deal with the ongoing onslaught of unintended consequences of open borders, sanctuary cities, and all the while ignoring the growing concerns of actual Americans -- the other people -- those getting trampled under the stampede of political correctness, the leftist agenda, all for the sake of building a political base of voters who continue to pave the way in the golden state with democratic idiots, I mean, leadership, like you, to stay in power, indefinitely. 

See also San Francisco's Mass Exodus report...surely, modern day prophesy meeting face to face with the reality world of unintended consequences.

On a whole 'nother tangent -- it is interesting that the former Speaker of the House is tying her own personal faith, Catholicism, with this agenda (illegal immigration) and not others... as in, not so with one of the biggies, like abortion.  See this post from Craig Bannister at CNS News.  So Nancy, why here, why now; why this and not that?

But more importantly, Pelosi must know in all her years following "The Word" (as she often calls it), that this very moment begs the occasion to call upon Ephesians 2:8-10 --

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift from God -- not by works, so that no one can boast.  For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
So even there, God calls upon all of humanity to fall in line with the idea of doing the right thing, the right action, aka the "good works" because it is just the right thing to do!  People are not saved by the number of good works we do, "so that no one can boast" (...or profit from it, right?)   God only asks of us to be humble servants.  God just wants us to do the good, because that is what is truly good for all of us. 

We are not saved by our works, we are saved by our faith in God above all else, in good times and in bad, for better or worse, in the ups, downs and all the sideways we go living this life. 

....By following the rules, following the law, don't you see?  Nobody gets hurt. 

All of this works according to Nature's Law, natural law, as our very own founders designed.  Our founders aligned the nation from birth with something NOT of this world, but of a Higher Purpose under Heaven.  Seeking guidance from the Almighty, invoking the spirit of God while forming a more perfect Union, was made the cornerstone, framing the foundation, that led to the peace that passes all understanding in everything --  and it was INTENDED to be passed down from one generation to the next.  

Our form of government -- this REPUBLIC -- became not only the light of the world, modeling freedom and liberty and rights and duties for all the world to emulate, but the exception!  Up until 1787 -- with the birth of our Constitution --  no land, no country, no nation did what America did. (Hence, these consequences...everyone from around the world wanting to flock here, wishing to live here, no matter color or creed)

The founders recognized the consequences of a life honoring and obeying God, and Divine Providence took it from there.  

You are right, Nancy Pelosi -- peace and harmony naturally prevails when we do good things, when we love our neighbor as ourselves, when we honor our father and mother...whenever we strive to do the good works like the Good Book speaks of.

The illegal immigrant bears the same individual responsibility, to abide, as any other human being on earth; obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.  Pretty sure it will all work out for the better if this is done by each and every one of us, just sayin'. 

From one of my favorite books in the whole wide world, The 5000 Year Leap, in the olden days -- Benjamin Franklin spoke of the Five Fundamentals of ALL sound religion, and that this understanding should be taught, specifically to our children:

"Here is my creed:  I believe in one God, the Creator of the universe.  That he governs if by his providence.  That he ought to be worshipped.  That the most acceptable service we render to him is in doing good to his other children.  That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this.  These I take to be fundamental points in all sound religion."

I love that part when Ben says, "the most acceptable service we render to him is in doing good to his other children"...
This relationship he speaks of...this just makes my heart go pitter-patter.

This spirit of love and good will --  that which we potentially share with one another, all the other children, when aligned -- it just makes way for better consequences all the way around.  Indeed.

An except from the president's speech, just linked above:

 Our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from our Creator.  (Applause.)  No matter what, no Earthly force can take those rights away.  (Applause.)  That is why the words “Praise be to God” are etched atop the Washington Monument, and those same words are etched into the hearts of our people. 
So today, we praise God for how truly blessed we are to be American.  (Applause.)  Across our land, we see the splendor of God’s creation.  Throughout our history, we see the story of God’s providence.  And in every city and town, we see the Lord’s grace all around us, through a million acts of kindness, courage and generosity.  We love God.

Results are the very things we put our mind to, the very things we imagine, bearing the likeness of the very things we think about all the live long day.  Self-fulfilling prophecy makes it so; while a close relationship with God makes manifest every good, every thing we truly need, every thing that life has to offer, as God works through each and every one of us if we so choose.

I believe, the illegal immigrant would find much better reception, here in America, by following the rules like any other person from around the globe who chooses to come to America through the front  door, and not over the wall.  Where is the honor in this?  

IF one is NOT One to follow the proper way, the order of things, and in turn breaks a law or two, or repeatedly, then there are consequences -- even if their arrival is purely by association, due to a loving  parent only wanting something better, something more, for their own children.  It is still behavior unbecoming of an immigrant, the prospective citizen.  To fight the system of law and order, the actual system you are choosing to live in accordingly, doesn't make any sense.  The question should always be, for one and for all, and echoing President John F. Kennedy -- what must I DO in order to honor this land, this nation -- regardless of origin.

Americans are dreamers, too.  Enough said.

Let us turn the phrase Truth OR Consequences into Truth AND Consequences; 

If we do the things that honor life itself, the things of God, the children of God, then all will work for the common good.  I believe, if we are diligent in the service to others, if we are conscious of every work we do, great or small, then the results will speak for themselves; the consequences will surely be amazing, and by the Grace of God, all life will live a life elevated.

Problem is -- in order to manifest this peace, this harmony -- all of us must find a way to obey and honor God entirely on our own; and given the God ordained order of things seen and unseen, the antics of free will of all the little children in a liberated world  makes this kind of utopia next to impossible. teehee...who says the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor?

have a nice day

Make it a Good Day, G

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