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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's Put a Cork in It Thing

Dear America,

 “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. 
It’s another thing when Jesus 
talks to you...
that's called mental illness 
if I'm not correct."
  Joy Behar
responding to

just yesterday's headlines from the sh**hole, make that sh**UN-holy, sidelines -- 

and just for starters, thinking Christian's, like Omarosa, should stop judging other Christians, like Pence, about how Christians, like me, live in relationship with the Holy Trinity....that being, with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit...just sayin'

and chiming in as a child of God, what I've come to learn in navigating this life, in a spiritual context...the more I shut up and LISTEN to what God has to say TO me and THROUGH me -- in both word and deed -- the more magnificent go my days. 

And to that end, more often than not , and I kid you not -- this girl is on her knees muttering the words, 'oh geeze...what am I thinking...Lord knows YOU know what I need before I even need it, so have at it...pave the way for me, hit me upside the head once, twice, three times a little lady...whatever You must do to make Your Way and make my day...'

For it is true! We, humans, reflect the very nature of God through everything we say and do to the very level we turn ourselves over to It; the more we connect, and align, to that which we call God and to all good things associated with It, the better the human being we ultimately become -- for the benefit of not only ourselves, but for the entire world.

Oh boy, that Joy...how sad.  
Mental illness?  Seriously?

From this girl directly to you, Joy -- I believe you to be INCORRECT in your assessment of Pence's mental state.

Being pretty familiar, myself, with the love of blabber-mouthing my way through any given day, pontificating upon the days news to the best of my ability, as only 'just a girl" can do -- safe to say, that it's pretty easy for all of us do a wee bit of judging of our fellow Americans, along with the rest of the world; we do it pretty much non-stop, in a social media infused, obsessively unhealthy, fashion.  We can tweet and post and Instagram and Facebook all the live long day, and get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

The thing is, SOMETHING good, or SOMETHING not so good, is always at play -- from the things we say and do, to the things we think about and put our energies. 

I'll choose Jesus speaking through me every day, over not; I'll choose to ask myself, "what would Jesus do" on any given day, over not; I'll most certainly risk the ridicule to choose a life reflective of this Spirit morning, noon, and night, if I must.

Matter of fact, the more people like Joy, pick on people like Pence, the stronger and more Spirited I become.  It's like, can she honestly look back at that replay and think to herself, gosh, that was a brilliant thing to say? Citing mental illness,  simply because Pence not only chooses to listen to what God has to say, but actually gives God the Glory in the very things that come out of his own mouth?  

How is this any different than that football player giving all the glory to God after manifesting successes on the field?

Pence, by trade, is a politician.  It's all about the mouth, right?
Hence, Pence lives with a true purpose in life --  a belief that his  life's work IS predestined by God, according to his beliefs (not yours, Joy) lock step with his political ambitions; this purpose is intimately connected, and can never be separated, from God Itself.  The only vehicle that accomplishes his life's work, is by, and through, his mouth --

his mouth communicates his public policy and ideology;
his mouth keeps within the framework of his faith;
his mouth speaks of his Christian compassion and foundation, often and much;
his mouth acts through multiple positions of civil service.

[which is really kinda funny when considering how much Joy and Mike have in common, this connection with the mouth and their life's work....And whatta mouth she's got, eh?  But I digress, bigly...]

As a matter of fact, Joy -- no person, or governmental body, has the power over another to abridge or destroy the faith of our choice; operating through the commonly recognized, universal freedom, established under the First Amendment...respective of the "free exercise thereof" of one's religion...Pence chooses to live a Purpose-Driven life through Christ, while in the business of politics.  This relationship shows up through his own words through Christ, be it his connections with family, friends, community or co-workers, in constant, inseparable, unalienable, motion.  It's hardly a mental illness; for by the Grace of God, it is a Gift.

Pence deserves a medal, not contempt.  And yet, leftists from sea to shining sea thought Joy was just being so funny.  How did we get here?  Yeah yeah, let's just make America great again by poking fun at the Christian(s) yeah yeah haters gotta hate, huh Behar....

Alexis de Tocqueville is often quoted with this humdinger:

"America is great 
because she is good, 
and if America 
ever ceases to be good, 
America will cease to be great."

pretty sure de Tocqueville's mouth was in the right place.

We have to ask ourselves -- what is it that made America good in the first place?  How has America's Judeo-Christian roots benefited our evolution, as a nation?   And what explains --after all this time -- the reality that as America has grown less connected to God, and Christianity in particular, the more dysfunctional, and unkind, society has become?   It's not even hidden from view anymore; it pops up with the second cup of coffee like a bad case of acid reflux.  But, of course, not being a follower of The View, myself, naturally this girl will never give it the time of day now.

oy, Joy, put a cork in that mouth will ya

But there you have it.  This is the stuff that captivated a nation for about the last 24 hours, what a country, what a country.

And there you have it at the end of another day -- this day;
pretty sure love trumps hate.

And it's Valentine's Day to boot!  
Go kiss somebody you love xoxo

Make it a Good Day, G

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