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Friday, September 8, 2017

It's Being Awash with Spirit Thing

Dear America,

"God whispers to us in our pleasures, 
speaks in our conscience, 
but shouts in our pain:  
it is his megaphone 
to rouse a deaf world."  

just so you all know, this girl didn't just pick that quote out of thin air; it dropped into my blog in what I would call Wizard of Oz fashion -- after a good spin and taking out the wicked witch -- and thereby paving the way for another day down the yellow brick road of life with me, G!  Thanks to a post @Fox News, by Joshua Rogers, titled "What did Jesus say about natural disasters?";  the idea of just never knowing what's around the bend is where its at today.

Oh and lookout, for here's a turn now -- 

Referring to the consequences of the Trump presidency, Jennifer Lawrence made this remark..."You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath..."  yeah, Jennifer, that's what's happening. right.  [and beware, that link right there is a funny Reddit feed...]

Equally hilarious, were her continuing comments, weaving perilously from how upsetting the polarization of the country is now, to how foolish it was for America to vote for a guy who doesn't bow to the climate change bunk science of the Left.  Wonder how she explains the umpteen typhoons, leading to landslides, taking out multiple villages of Asia, and the vicinity, every year, -- or the 8.1 earthquake in southern Mexico just in the last twelve hours?   

Do you, Jennifer, consider all of this to be part and parcel of nature's way of showing the entire world's "rage and wrath" against Trump --  be it his logical skepticism of made-up science to feed an agenda, or his natural approach to problem-solving via twitter storms, and simply, because because because because because, because of the horrible things he does?

you are an entertaining filly, aren't you.
[wanted to say horse's ass, but that wouldn't be lady like, now would it?  oops, my bad]

Next up, we will bend and sway with the decades of what I like to call reality, through the eye of a weather wizard, Joe Bastardi.  First, read this:  Is This Really the Worst Ever?  (May 2017, posted on my favorite place to plant myself for a day's delight, @The Patriot Post.

it's so good, huh.

Just love how he wraps up...
"If you are not acquainted with the past, then perhaps you think these are not the best of times, and maybe even worse than ever. But if you expand your vision and look, you will find that if you know other times, it puts it all in perspective."  

and adding,

"There is a common thread to the extremes in life and nature. The elusive mid ground is apt to be just a stopping point for wild swings. You are euphoric when your team wins, but sadness sets in when they lose. Yet somehow it all balances out given time and man’s ability to adapt and progress."
Which sums up how, when speaking of the adversities and pleasures of weather occurrences, we often speak in averages.  Take for example the Old Farmer's Almanac -- its entire purpose is wrapped up around regional averages and statistics as a way to gauge what may lie ahead and understand the full scope year over year, helping to assess plantings and harvest times and what not....surely, Dorothy's Auntie Emm knew all about it.   

Here's an earth-shattering fact to whack us off the yellow brick path:  Things are just not the same from one day to the next -- whether we are talking about the weather, emotions, finances, blessings or challenges.  But somehow or other,  it all averages out over the years...or so we hope, with great gusto, right?  right!

Sometimes weather is a whisper, a soft breeze on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do but take it all in with glee and free abandon and perhaps an ice cream cone on the side.

Sometimes weather speaks to us deep inside, reuniting us with wonderful memories -- like snow days, blazing hot days on the beach, or that rainy night that somehow ends up (nine months later) with brand new life to show for it.  [teehee, joy to the world!]
Sometimes -- like after a fire or flood or freeze oh my  -- it feeds us with new information as to how to better protect our things, and of course, more important, our loved ones.  Our conscience tells us not to leave that dish towel so close to the stove, to fix the leaky faucet, to leave a trickle of water running through the pipes during extreme low temperatures...Our intuitions kick in just in the nick of time, calling us to listen to what common sense and common experiences and Almanacs tell us.

And just as C.S. Lewis notes at the top,
for believers, 
that thing call intuition and conscience 
is God 
speaking to us in the everyday.

This fast and furious activity, this personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, comes as natural as blinking if we are open to Its graces.  Sometimes it is a whisper and sometimes its a smack across are that God-like, child-like, shining face.

God does not plan natural disasters -- for they truly are, NATURAL disasters, generated by the perfect storm of all the ingredients coming together at once.  Natural disasters are as old as time....and have naturally occurred looooooooooooooooong before leftists began to use the term "man-made climate change" as a way to rage it's wrath against the right -- oh,  that is politically speaking, Jennifer, just in case you don't get my drift.   And by the way, those averages of polarization -- albeit off the charts --  is also nothing new, be it rain or shine.

My Science of Mind offers us another aspect to consider, when speaking of the life force that we call water.  For besides the obvious -- our bodies being of 90% water, our daily need to drink water, and how water washes us clean after a long hard day -- water, itself, is held in rather high esteem.  (doncha just love that pun there)

From my Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes:

"The symbol of water is used to express the idea of a complete immersion in Spirit.  As water flows in and around, so we are immersed in an everlasting Spirit which flows around, in and through us.  To be immersed in water symbolizes our recognition that we are surrounded by pure Spirit.  It is the outward sign of an inner conviction."

But further, let us be forewarned like a damn good law of averages working with the Divine,  as Holmes continues in saying,

"But water alone cannot make us completely clean or whole.  We must be born of the Spirit, for 'that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.'"   

We can't take part in, let alone create within the realm of our Divine, and all that pure Divinity brings, unless we actually, and consciously, link to that which is Divine --  to GOD!

Ahh now swiftly approaching the last bend on the day, as this girl comes to a close.

All this water, all at once, is immersing us.  It is literally washing over all of us.

There are warnings in its flood waters, yes; but there is Grace in its pools.  It is calling upon us not in whispers, but in conscience running deep and wide and high and low.

Jennifer may have one thing right -- for it is a smack across the face, with rage and wrath; but when looking over the decades -- like good ole Joe Bastardi -- the lesson isn't about the one man everybody loves to hate right about now.  (...President Trump)

It could just be about the one man who saves us all when it really matters (and that's just a second nod of approval to Joshua -- Joshua Rogers, that is, of the link on the first bend)

Yes Houston is underwater, and yes, Miami is about to be; and yet, no one seems to care about how the nation is financially underwater, and on a trajectory that can only lead to bankruptcy.  We are fiscally so far away from solvency that it's no wonder the powers that be are now considering to eliminate the debt ceiling entirely!    Skies the limit, folks, skies the limit.  Happy days are here again.

Maybe Houston being underwater is showing us -- all of us -- that we have lost our way, that we have so lost our connection to Spirit as a country, that we may all be a bunch of goners;  that just maybe only one well timed flood may jog our conscience to change our ways, huh Noah.?  Leave it to the Divine to use a community of so many believers in one place, like Houston, to perhaps see us through to the other side with grace and gratitude and guts...

There are lessons learned and there are lessons not learned; and then again, there are lessons ignored altogether.
(Case in point -- When the news broke on Puerto Rico being underwater...it made me giggle.  Not that there was anything good or funny about it; but honestly?  And the kicker, Irma had nothing to do with it -- asking for bailouts and all, for quite some time now.  It's like, what else is new?)


The thing is -- America can't even afford to slip, not even another inch.  There is no magical wizard behind the curtain that can bring us all home, unless you're speaking of THE  Way and THE Truth and THE Life -- that which our founders referred to as our Creator, that which we have known in action as the Intelligent Design back behind Divine Providence.

We have things to do to get right with Spirit, and that's just bringing you the good news.
(You're welcome.)

Make it a Good Day, G

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