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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's a G-hahd Thing

Dear America,

"If you have a voice, use it."
Katy Perry
Cover of Vogue, May

and not to further disappoint, the article inside is sure to please by going deep -- revealing just what this little cultural icon thinks about "pop, power, and politics..."  Needless to say, it should come as no surprise that this girl didn't buy it, let alone read it; yet, for certain my imaginations run wild with a Katy Perry interview hooking up with the visions of a leftist's wet teenage dream with enough California Gurl firepower to blow up my afternoon.

I would also put my money -- maybe even 400 grand -- on the notion that Katy wasn't speaking to me.  But maybe not; maybe it isn't fair to jump to any conclusions on whether or not she would respect my conservative take on life and culture in America, giving me a kiss on the cheek with a whisper in my ear to, 'rock on, G! you go gurl! '   ........Oh, an American girl can dream, indeed.

Speaking of voices!  All together now: Hip Hip Hip O Crite! Hip Hip Hip O Crite!

And here in lies why I love politics and hate politics all the live long day....it's like an internal G-hahd going on inside me..... and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows. [On a personal G note: a new muse in my life unknowingly fed me that play on jihad; and at the moment, the gravity of this finding, this play of words, finds me completely dumbstruck on how to thank him....but no doubt, this girl will figure it out....teehee; but let me be clear...under the No Expectations Act of 4/22, muses come and muses go, so this girl stands completely, joyfully, fully independent.] 

But let's not dwell, shall we; back to Obama:  what a hypocrite with a CAPITAL BO. It stinks to high heaven with like seventy-two virgins waiting for him!   I when we talk capital -- besides the larger letters, that are a complete given --- we could also go capital, as in the sudden reaping of wealth, dirty money from the dirty fat cats he assailed,  during both of his dirty presidential campaigns and then throughout the dirty scandal of his eight year administration; what a capital idea!  

Oh, Barry, you've come a long way since your early days of community organizing; from the streets of Chicago, to the presidency, and fundamentally transforming America from the inside out, while making all of America vulnerable to the ways of the ummah (Muslim community) working into every facet of our government, large and small.   THIS IS STUNNING...San Diego news of pure abuse!

Katy Perry might just take issue later on the years, when all of us gurls need to wear a burqa....just saying.  But again, I digress, bigly.

That last link brings you face to face with the way CAIR has somehow or other become a legitimate voice for the Muslim community, and has quietly worked its way into our lives, while most Americans have had their face in the sand and allowing their efforts shameful validation. As they aim to corrupt our republic, little by little, even if it takes them another fifty to a hundred years, we might as well be so ashamed to cover our entire bodies and beautiful faces, leaving only a wee bit of room for the eyes.

Yeah, I stand for equality and diversity and love, too; but this girl is sure as hell not handing over America's foundation, built upon the Rule of Law [Totally incompatible with SHARIA], a law celebrating liberty and freedom, and guaranteeing every person, every individual, the pursuit of happiness, to a wild bunch of sharia enthusiasts with the intention of either converting or the killing of every infidel on the planet, starting with the western world -- kinda like a hostile takeover of the peaceful kind [Oh CAIR, you can kiss my ass].  By the way, you can find CAIR headquarters on Capital Hill; all the while, this link is a great place to start, in order to introduce you to the pure  deception that runs wide and deep with voices beguiling and charming and totally capitalizing on the ability to captivate and hold captive, literally.

AND NOW READ THIS VOICE:  counterjihadreport.
AND NOW READ THIS VOICE:  thedailywire

welcome to the end of the day, of G-hahd day....although this message has been said, voiced, in a variety of ways, many a days before, here on the old G Thing -- today, itself, is a brand new day; as we continue to evolve and learn and grow, we must continually adapt to the ways and means of the enemy, otherwise we may miss an opportunity to capitalize on what we know and when did we know it, and most important, struggle with the conflict of answering the question of what are we going to do about it....as in, how are we going to combat it!  For to stand still, is like sitting down and just taking it -- vogue, strike a pose, and die --  and that just ain't gonna fly!

We are in a fight for our life and our livelihoods just as great as they were in the age of the revolutionary war.   And dare I add, even a Katy Perry would have to agree with me purely based on the potential of being on the receiving end of real misogyny  argument alone.


Make it a Good Day, G

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