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Monday, August 29, 2016

It's a Day to Spring Up Oh Well! Thing

Dear America,

"Spring up, Oh well!
Sing about it..."
See Numbers 21, The Bible

forgive me father, for I have dimmed...it's been days since my last politico obsession, one worthy enough to call my own and pontificate until all the stray cats of Rome come home.

happy end of summer, everyone.  school is back in session; and while my nanny gig hours get cut back in half, the benefits outweigh the costs...believe you me and can I get an amen?

of course, given what's been missed, and given we are now deeply seated at the right hand of an election only ten weeks away, what is to come of our time here today, right here, right now?  What is most pressing?  what is most interesting?  what is most disturbing?

we could sum it all up to many a not so splendor-ed thing. U   G   H

Just this morning, add another Anthony Weiner sexting scandal (aka strike three), Huma leaving him (finally), and we got ourselves a humdinger ready for the trash compacter, or at the very least, sufficient fodder for the first fall fire once the evenings resume their annual chill.

Surely until about a minute or two ago, this little old gthing was prepared to bring up the sit down on the football field...oh Colin Colin Colin why have you forsaken the jersey, man?  And to think, this girl adored you so.

Oh sure, Colin is stepping in it because it's just the right thing to do, the thing to stand up for (besides cancer) -- we get it.   But oh, how sad, it's almost as if -- if you didn't know anything about him, anyway -- that Colin's experiences might add up to taking a stand while sitting down all the more understood. But no, not really, said the two white parents who raised him.    And yeah, perhaps I made that last part up -- because they said nothing of the sort, but what does it really matter these days......America -- there is no place on earth where the whole truth and nothing but the entire story is edited from reality like tomorrowland.  Here's a forward pass from one of my favorite places -- The Patriot Post.

I only wonder what Colin has to say to Dwyane Wade right about yesterday, or the day before, as two brothers from the hood shot and killed Dwyane's cousin, Nykea Aldridge while she was walking her three week old baby!!!!

Oh but this is just an everyday thing in ole Chicago.  (I hope you hit that -- you will not be disappointed... well, you will be more than disappointed.  It will sadden you to the middle of the earth and back again)

And flashpoint -- it's not about the police and it's not about the guns. ( See post summer G)

But here we are -- Kaepernick wants to make the story about white oppression and police brutality, while Wade wants to make it about gun control, #enoughisenough.

Yeah, this girl has had enough too but I have no voice, am I right -- cuz I'm just a dumbass white girl.


speaking of white girls,
get a load of HER first set of commercials.  yes, we're talking HILLARY with a capital H as in Hypocritical Bolshevik Balderdash -- oh, how does it go...

....something like this:

"(voice over) cuz all it takes is JUST ONE WRONG MOVE"  ...suddenly in big, block letters across the screen

it's like,
are you for real?

This is what you guys go with?

Yeah, all it takes is one wrong move -- and just how many has Hillary had already?

If I were the capital T right about now, I would seize the day on this little opening.
Carpe freekin Diem to me. 

 I would line up an entire commercial with HERs, one second saying One Wrong Move, the next lining it up with one of HER lies  wrong moves.  One by one, the sixty seconds would peck off each and every instance of HER making the wrong move -- from Benghazi (which, let's face it, adds up to more than just one, right...considering HER State Department was asked for greater security in the months leading up to the attack and  it was denied...Ambassador Stevens was doing a secret arms deal! without proper security forces! on an anniversary of September 11!  of all times/places/and things, and let's add HER lie to the grieving families -- you know the one -- where she blamed it on a video at the same time as telling the truth of the planned attack to Chelsea and others...)

And we're not even close to running out of ideas... how about that foundation, eh?  If it were involving any other family, they would all be in jail.

And how about that email server?  Not turning over ALL of HER emails, let alone in a timely fashion?  And then proceeding to lie about it over and over and over again.  And what about that cloth?  And now, they decide to hide HER State Department schedule until after the election?  Are you kidding me?   An American Thinker thinks out loud here.

One wrong move, leads to another wrong move, which leads to another wrong move and so on.  And who are we kidding, there isn't enough time in a commercial to say enough, whether it be in big bold caps or fine upper crust print.

Who honestly wants another wrong move from Hillary after this?  Seriously, really, who?

The next thing capital T needs to say to Hillary is 'you should fire that ad agency -- cuz you got screwed.    That was a huuuuge mistake.  huuuge.  and you are stupid.  very very stupid.  i can't believe I ever gave you a dime.'  

oh my, sometimes I just crack myself up

and on that silly note,
this day needs to come to a close.

And while this day turns out to be just about getting my feet wet, angling to get the juices flowing while reveling in the contrary and the extraordinary of this life as we know it, we have only just begun, again.
yay, for there is just so much to say...eventually

Make it a Good Day, G

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