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Monday, April 13, 2015

It's a Day to Be Brave Thing

Dear America,

as I was sitting there, Sunday afternoon, catching the last couple of hours of the Masters Tournament, and watching another round of history in the making, gazing upon another young buck take the green jacket like it was just any given Sunday (...and don't even get me started at wondering who I've turned into...watching golf??    really,G??)  -- Quicken Loans teed off a humdinger of a 30-second spot:

Beginning with...

..."the American Dream is terrifying.  ..American history is the history of the scary things we have to do....   cross the ocean...walk on that moon...fly...none of these things make rational sense; only makes American sense....scary.   sure.    but it's no match for our colossal self-belief"

and ending with...

..."without scary, we don't get to be brave..."

And on that note,
picking the next president of the United States is a wee bit terrifying, too.

Now the sun, has just barely cracked the horizon.  Roughly, fourteen thousand hours from now,we get to vote again.   Clearly, it's going to be a long day.


So as we embark upon the 2016 Presidential Picking Season,  let us be reminded that without a little scary, we don't get to be brave --

"Oh Hill No."   We won't go.  

Somewhere between Clinton to the Second Power and Bushie to the Third, we might just find ourselves a president worthy to be called Forty-Five.   But in the meantime, the hours ahead will be terrifying indeed.

But this morning, let's revel --

for Jordan Spieth...who considers his autistic sister his inspiration....wow!

for Quicken Loans....for a little inspiration that feeds our soul -- and hopefully staying with us into our days ahead.   (And may they profit, too!)

Oh, and
because it's Our Time, right, Hillary-because-it's-your-time-Clinton?  [Question:  if it's our time now, what time does it make for you?   Or is that just a question of what difference, at this point, does it make?]

Here's to the coming fourteen thousand hours of mixed messages, forget-me-nots, double standards, hypocrisy,  sideshows, war games, blame games, gaffes and laughs, --  and that's just covering the media bias.

It's going to be a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day.

And the odds of it ending well?  It doesn't matter.  IF we did everything based on the odds of success,we wouldn't dare to do anything worthwhile, now would we?

We must play the whole course,... cross another ocean... walk on the moon... fly... climb a purple mountain from sea to shining sea and live in liberty and freedom for all...and eventually, we vote.

Make it a Good Day, G

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