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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's a Day of Reckoning of Sorts Thing

Dear America,

At the risk of sounding out of touch with myself -- if not reality itself -- allow me to opine; while the inevitable use of everything in my power to say -- and do -- anything to win the day, even if such calculating and thoughtful meanderings of my mind takes me to places deemed somewhat polarizing, I feel, rightly so, fully entitled. Only the disingenuous and insincere rue the day; but to triumph, overconfident and willing to put forth truth and a reality seemingly against the masses, every day no less --  while in such a manner that organically, naturally, aligns and represents the past positions and arguments of our founders -- then allow the ambitious me, G, to lead the way.   Nothing secretive to see here; I am an open, free enterprising, free spirited, freedom loving blog.

A wink to the PINK:  it was just a fun way to bring to your attention the thirteen words NOT to use when describing Hillary.   It would seem that an outfit called the "HRC Super Volunteers"  -- most likely a sorry lot wearing pant suits from 1972 -- have nothing better to do and have concluded sexism lives through what they call "sexist code words." So don't use them, okay.

At least, don't use these thirteen words when describing Hillary -- go ahead and use them when describing someone like, oh, I don't know, maybe Sarah Palin, or Mia Love, or Michelle Bachmann.  For who are we kidding --  they play for the other side -- right, Lefties? 

You know, I remember a time, long long time ago, when we could just play.  And when I say play -- I mean, live.  And to live and let live and vice versa.   

Nowadays, we have rules for everything; everything from nutritional guidelines, to business restrictions and regulations, words to use and not use, to limitations on the free exercise of religion, 

And how does it happen --

How does it happen that almost overnight, a sea of protesters comes out with fancy banners and rainbow flags and takes over a narrative that has absolutely nothing to do with the LGBT agenda?  As if the LGBT agenda trumps all others.  Really?

First, Bill Clinton signed into federal law the very same law as Indiana -- dating all the way back to 1993.   Second, nearly half of all states in America carry the same law on the books at this present time.  

What gives ..... besides the fact that Indiana wanted to cover the issues created by Obamacare, covering such things as abortion, and giving those with religious beliefs who believe abortion to be wrong, legal cover that aligns with federal law, as well as affirming the UNALIENABLE RIGHT of the "free exercise thereof" of  our religion [that being all religions, mind you, not just the Christians whom the ugly, loud majority of The Left seem to love to hate] ?

EVEN Barack Obama, as a State Senator for Illinois, signed the same law for the state of Illinois!

It's called the agenda rising.  

The agenda is no longer in the closet; and it's choosing to be punitive to all those who even appear to act against it.... the agenda.   Demagoguery rules the day. 

It's called the whittling away of America's foundation, being a nation proudly  living Under God.

And so, along those lines, READ THIS!   from The Federalist.com

It shares a link to Connecticut's state law that makes a clear distinction from Indiana's new statute -- one that leaves out  a key word -- "substantially" --  and simply declares basically any religious burden will do.... see for yourself.   

WOW Governor Dan Malloy -- you gonna change that?    You big fat polarizing, ignorantly-out of touch-with-your-own-laws, and yet highly overconfident hypocrite, consciously choosing to step into the fray in a rather offensive, calculating, disingenuous kind of way.   You must think there is a big win somewhere in the midst of taking sides with the anti-religious-liberty-bigots.   [It's not sexist when you swing both ways with any of the thirteen words btw.   But my sincere apologies -- I probably got carried away there  a wee bit...it's not fair to call him fat... that was totally uncalled-for.]

It's a wonder -- 

how did we get here --

how did we get here, to a place, where it now requires a law called the  RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT?

Just the idea of it is enough to make the head spin.

To call for a RESTORATION is to admit we have lost something already.

How can we be here -- at a day when a nation FOUNDED upon religious freedom must fight for our right to make it so, in the first and second place?

The entirety of the commentary of the times is something of a reckoning, of sorts.  Perhaps, maybe even a Day of .....reckoning.

You can take that any way you want.

Make it a Good Day, G

ps. i don't have any answers today.  just questions.  lots and lots of questions.   a sea of questions. and no answers.   swimming in circles.   

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