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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Being Deranged Like This Young Man Thing

Dear America,

"I am fairly certain 
given a cape 
and a nice tiara, 
I could 
save the world."

can't take any credit for that.
and even still, it didn't come with an author so I am stuck -- here -- in this place of having no idea who to give the credit to...

sure would like to, though, in this moment -- 
you know -- give credit where credit is due.

It's cool to get credit for something that is deemed worthy or good or constructive or positive -- and today, something just plain freakin' witty.

Sure, it's just a little blip of quip -- but in an instant, it characterizes the rush of judgement each one of us manages to muster in an anonymous comment, a soapbox moment, all the live long day while traveling -- masquerading really -- around the worldwide web,

We each have an answer to everything under the sun, and justifiably willing and able to add our two cents anytime, anywhere, to our hearts content -- and that goes double if in the end there is a possibility to save the world, right.  

It's called freedom of speech, baby.  It's more or less, a  yay me and fxxx you feedback, for those that do it under the cover of darkness; while in the public arena, it takes on a more conventional, appropriate, civilized mode of operandi, making way for the public servant to stand atop the box for the benefit of the whole.

And this girl has no problem with any of it.  Debate is a fine way to start the day.

And the loudest guestion today seems to be -- how do we save the world from the mentally ill?  How do we determine who, in fact, is mentally ill...and then, how do we keep those people far, far away from guns?  

From The Blaze, after the weekend's horrific rampage in Santa Barbara, we see the players seeking gun control amass an artillery capable of extinguishing a small island and begin their assault before most of us on the left coast have even opened our eyes.  And if you have the time, go here.

"[Senator Richard] Blumenthal said Congress must act to 'keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are severely troubled or deranged like this young man was, and provide resources'.”

Looking at this now -- all of a sudden it doesn't look so black and white, does it.

What defines "dangerous"  -- "severely troubled"  -- and  "deranged like this young man" ?

I think people are deranged for a whole host of reasons -- how do we know someone is too deranged to own a gun?  And besides, the police met with this "deranged like this young man" only a week or so ago and they came away with perfectly polite in every way.  No more than a spoonful of sugar needed to keep this kid on the straight and narrow.  No sirree Bob.    [BTW:  newsflash, the family knew something was wrong.  And I mean seriously, perfectly, wrongfully wrong.]

But wait.

Hold up.

Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.

Didn't this Elliot Rodger stab and kill three people -- his roommates -- before he set out to pull the trigger?  -- and this might just be a fine time to duly note, every single sick and twisted action being totally premeditated and documented on video and with a written manifesto [and to his credit -- it's a 141 pages worth].

Is Senator Blumenthal prepared to regulate the ownership of everything from everyday cutlery to chef knives, too?  And just because curiosity kills, too -- any thoughts, Blumey, on rat poison, by chance?

But what is up with ignoring half of the victims by steal blade?  It's almost as if that part of the rampage didn't even happen.

Now, if I had a choice, I would much rather go by sudden death with a bullet than a vicious attack piercing my skin over and over and over again by knife.  Can you just imagine that?  But surely, I digress.

Here's more from The Blaze post, from my very own Sen. Dianne Feinstein:

“We must ask ourselves if an individual whose family called police with concerns about mental health, who is receiving therapy and who has had several run-ins with police should be allowed to own multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition,” she said. “When anyone, no matter their mental health or history, can so easily obtain any gun they want and as many as they want — we must recognize there is a problem.
She didn't mention the knife attack either.


Wonder how that could be?

Because apparently, no one has ever been turned down to get a gun before.  

Yeah, everyone and anyone  -- "no matter their mental health or history, can so easily obtain any gun..."
Because  surely, there is no Black Market available whatsoever.
And taking a gun from a family member -- unheard of -- and next to impossible.
Oh, hell, we might as well outlaw all guns full stop.
Only the government should have them.

Oh that reminds me of this...

Yeah, it's just a book review; but let's first give credit where credit is due.

The book:   Police State USA by Cheryl K. Chumley, journalist for The Washington Times.  Let's just say...can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies.  You too?  Go here.

And now to the review, by Scott Greer, Associate Editor of The Daily Caller --  Is America Starting to Target Thought Crime?  [By the looks of Santa Barbara, not even close; but then, Elliot was the son of a progressive, Hollywood elitist...]

Which makes me suddenly wonder -- for at what point does a cape and a tiara become behavior deemed out of bounds, unsound, dangerous, deranged, and  even unruly -- perhaps calling for the fascist, police state to correct?  
For I consider myself to be one of the good guys, be it a doll, here in America -- even as others consider me "fxxxxg bonkers" at times.  Go figure.

And to each his own.

But seriously.   Greer reminds us right at the get-go how the First Lady of the United States recently requested to a bunch of high schoolers to "monitor their families for politically incorrect thoughts and behaviors."  oh really, Michelle?

Greer quotes Chumley about half way in, noting --

Harry Reid attacking the Koch brothers for the crime of giving money to conservative causes is just as bad. President Obama, Joe Biden and the entire cast of the White House, for slamming lawful gun owners for exercising their Second Amendment rights, and for trying to drum up emotional-fueled support to ram through gun control,” Chumley listed off. “The IRS targeting of tea party and patriotic non-profits and our nation’s highest law enforcement official, Eric Holder stonewalling on a special prosecutor appointment — does it get any more police state than that?

Based upon the crime in Santa Barbara -- more gun control laws have no merit unless we also include the handy dandy chef's knife with a free set of steak knives, butter knives not included.   And even still -- we KNEW this Elliot Rodger was mentally ill and yet we -- and when I say we, I mean to say, the authorities, his family, his dad -- did next to nothing to prevent the onslaught of terror at the fingertips of this  "deranged like this young man."  

This morning, I just find myself wishing I did have all the answers to save the world.  If I could snap my fingers and make it so -- with a tiara upon my head, of course (the cape, not being a must-have this season) -- I would.

There are no easy answers.  Only answers that will test our grit and intent.

But for kicks and giggles and a couple of pirouettes, allow me to take a stab at it just this once (he he)...  

Somewhere along the way, I believe we have lost our attention to detail.  While we have ruthlessly talked about this before...over and over and over again it would seem; what's one more time?

We assume the generations can make do and find their way and stay grounded and build character and the respect of knowing right from wrong almost on their own -- perhaps having been taken over with a little influence via the complete book of  youtube, facebook and twitter.

Over time, we have taken away the individual responsibility to understand and assimilate to the common good, for the common good, and more importantly,  the reasons why our founders made it so; recognizing that to have such freedoms abound in this country that it comes with a great price -- that being a duty to act, fully aligned with all that is virtuous and decent and civil, for ourselves and each other.   For our rights and privileges are not a given without such a duty to God and country going hand in hand.  End of story and put it in the can already, right Mr. Rodger's, assistant director to The Hunger Games?

We have to fight for this kind of country -- for the assumption that its a given these days is all but a fairy tale.  And yet the thing is  --  it's beginning to feel abundantly clear -- it is precisely those who are presently fighting for just this kind of country who are being viewed more and more as the opposition.


So there; it's a wrap.
Toot-a-loo until we meet again.

Make it a Good Day, G

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  1. ... and then there is the BMW as a weapon used to mow down two cyclists, could have been dozens more if the second victim had not gone through the windshield .... Why was this suspect allowed to drive with his known defective mental state? Why was the state not notified to flag his name for firearm purchases? The parents who spoiled him rather than correct him, 'smart' doctors who were afraid to make the diagnosis, and civil authorities aided and abetted this crime, yet will not be held responsible, and the press reveled at the ratings increase, thus setting the stage for the next .... and the next one .... freedom is not free, there is the obligated 'cost' of being responsible!